Lord of War Achievement in Payday 2

  • Lord of War



    On day 1 of the Firestarter job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.

  • How to unlock Lord of War

    Select any Firestarter job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline, preferably any easy 1-2 star job available. It is recommended to this this with 3-4 players as there are many bags to deliver to the van.

    The number of weapons that spawns is random; there are usually 6-10. There are 4 hangers the weapons might be in. Again, which one is random. Sneak down the hill from your starting location and onto the roof of the building immediately in front of you. You can look down the left and right side to see where more cars and people are. That will tell you which side of the airstrip you will find the hanger you're looking for.

    Once you get into the hanger, you will find two trucks parked inside. You need to get them open. You can use a saw, C4, or stick a drill on them. You will also find several black cases laying around on tables, crates, and/or the floor. If there is an upstairs in your hanger, be sure you check it for additional cases. You'll need to open the cases and bag up the weapons. Toss them in the back corner closest to the van. Once you have them all in the corner, run around the outside; you can pick them up through the wall and start transporting them to the vehicle.

    Tip: If you're playing with teammates, have one person transport the weapons and the other person stay in the hanger. The AI will stay in the hanger too, and that's where all the enemies will focus their attacks allowing the transporter to carry weapons in peace.

    You will have to steal all of them and deliver them back to the van up the hill. Bain will tell you that you've cleaned the place out when you put the last bag of weapons in the van. If he doesn't say anything, then you've missed a case or a bag somewhere. The achievement will unlock for the party once you've delivered the last weapon.

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  • Usually 7-8 weapon cases. You'll know when you have them all anyway as the guy will say something like ''Okay, there's nothing else left here.''. Although I believe the cheevo unlocks on the last delivery anyway.

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