King of the Hill Achievement

  • King of the Hill



    In the Park escape, ensure that no law enforcement enters the park before the escape van arrives.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault, you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Park Escape appears directly after either Framing Frame Day 1 or Day 2. You will either start right beside the Park on a road or in a car park. If you spawn beside the Park, you will want to immediately move forward towards the intersection where all the cop cars are parked and push away the cops. Continue to hold out for 3-4 minutes until the escape van arrives. Do not go in or near the park or the cops will spawn there and void your achievement. If the achievement does not unlock when the escape has arrived, restart the mission.

    Note: It's easiest to get through day one sneaking and get your four paintings in the van. You can then trip the alarm by breaking the laser barrier and wait until you've got a police assault in progress.

  • What mission does this apply to? all the escape achievements come to think of it.
  • i suppose it's framing frame mission !!
  • I need some teammates for this one. GT: Charity Diary
  • This one is after the train depot on Framing frame and garage overpass are for the rats job not sure when street comes up have no idea about cafe tho really would like to know which one that is on.
  • Cafe is framing frame as well, Street is big oil.
  • Weird, I've played framing frame 5 times and can't get this to show up.
  • I just followed what most of the vids on youtube do. Stay out of the park and glue yourself to one of the outside corners. The cops will just walk around the park to get to you
  • Sometimes on this Escape, after Framing Frame Day 1, some of my paintings fall through the map and I can't get them.
  • if you are willing to help me with this achievement message me on skype at KyleGamer24

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