You Shall not Pass! Achievement

  • You Shall not Pass!



    In the Overpass escape, don't let the cops set foot on the bridge before you can escape.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Overpass Escape appears directly after either Rat Job Day 1 or Day 2. You will either start on the underpass beneath the bridge or on one end of the overpass itself. Either way, you’ll want to take out all the in front of you.

    Spawning on the underpass is by far the easiest. If you just stay down there, the cops will all spawn in front of you, or they'll come down the stairs behind you. Either way, they won't get on the overpass.

    If you end up spawning on the overpass, you can still get this achievement. It will just be a bit more difficult as you'll have to actively cover both directions. Teammates makes this much easier. If you were successful, the achievement will unlock for the whole party as soon as the escape vehicle arrives.

  • My group and I were under the Overpass the entire time and we did not get this when the escape arrived.
  • I got this escape after Frame Job day 2.
  • Anyone willing to help with all escape achievements please send me a message TREX1979 & we will do them together
  • Glad I got it on accident :P
  • I need someone to do it with, if you don't have the achievement I will be glad to help PicachuBOND007

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