Bullet Dodger Achievement

  • Bullet Dodger



    In the Street escape, complete the escape without killing any enemy snipers.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Street Escape appears directly after completing Big Oil Day 1. The escape itself is the easiest of the bunch. You’ll start out in a convenience store surrounded by cops outside and snipers on the roofs. Do not kill any of the snipers. Head toward the back of the store and lock pick through the doors you come to until you get to the alley way. An escape helicopter will arrive roughly 2 minutes into the escape. It arrives on the roof of the building you're in or the one behind it. You’ll have to make your way up the stairs of the appropriate building and get to the chopper. Sprint and use cover to let your armor recharge.

  • I need some teammates for this, as the friendly AI's kill the snipers. GT: Charity Diary
  • then don't but the AI on
  • Where is this mission???
  • If anyone is up for doing this my gt naughts, this has only appeared twice for me on big oil but the trouble is I'm always on a team of dicks with no mics and the first they do is shoot at the snipers
  • Boris the bullet dodger? Why do they call him the bullet dodger? Well because.. he dodges bullets Avi!
  • Need help with this and would help with anything as well. Message me on xbox and we can help eachother GT: DarkShadow ohh

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