They see me Baggin', They Hatin' Achievement

  • They see me Baggin', They Hatin'



    On the Garage escape, get away with 8 bags.


    Note: This achievement only unlocks for the host.

    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    You will want to have aced the Transporter skill and the Fast Hands skill. The Garage Escape appears directly after either Rats Day 1 or Day 2. If it appears after day 1, you will have to restart the Rats job completely as this will only work if the escape appears after day 2. This escape achievement is the hardest of the bunch because you MUST cook at least 6 bags of meth on Day 1 which takes at least 30 minutes. Having good teammates will make it much easier.

    On day 1, you will have to cook at least 6 bags of meth but cooking 7 will make day 2 easier. On day 2, leave the meth in the van and rush through the buildings looking for cash on the table. See "Caribbean Pirate" for more information. Now you will have to find the intel and grab 1-2 bags of cash depending on how much meth you cooked on Day 1. For every bag of meth you brought over the 3 required, there will be one stack of money. You are given more time to complete the Garage Escape for having more bags.

    Once you actually get the garage escape, the fastest method for getting the loot to the vehicle is to throw it from your starting point onto the next level above you. If the stairwell is ahead and to your left, throw the bags up and to the right. They will land on the next level near the next stair well. You need to pick, saw, or C4 the doors at the bottom and top of this stairwell. Next, transport the bags to the top and to the van that is right outside the top door.

  • At two trips for you all and a 4 minute limit, you'll have to know the quick route and have some sort of plan for encountering enemies. Having a guy who's got the quicker lockpicking perk will surely help here!
  • Not so bad if you have one guy lockpicking the doors on the quicker route while the others are moving the bags to him, then repeating on the next door, etc.
  • What mission does this apply to?
  • The dev's can lick my hairy balls and die!!! .
  • At #3. Rats job. And Garage Escape must drop between Day 2 and 3 as it is impossible to cook 8 meth bags to get ready for the Escape to happen earlier. Another F you from the dev's...
  • It's not impossible, you are not meant to cook 8 backs of meth, cook 4 or 5 and steal the cash bags from the dealers, theres 2 in the top rooms of each of the buildings.
  • It's too bad this is a host-only achievement =( My friend and I just spent hours trying to get the Garage Escape to appear between Day 2 and Day 3, and when we finally did it, he was the only one who got the achievement, because he was host...
  • @7 it's really a piss-off that some cheevo's are host only and a bunch aren't...why would the devs do that, maybe a bug?
  • This Achievement is the biggest load of shit I have ever attempted getting, I cook 6 bags every time and either the game fucks me by giving me the garage escape before day 2 or it doesn't give me the garage escape at all. I have been trying for this achievement for the last week because its the last one I need to 100% this game and its seriously starting to piss me off, to make matters worst this achievement is host only, I would have had this achievement 10 times over if it wasn't, all my friends got the garage escape with no problem after day 2 but nope.....not me.
  • I need some teammates for this! GT: Charity Diary
  • Need a team! GT: KrustyKrabzKrew
  • Looking for people to do this, and other escape achievements. Basically the only ones I have left.
  • If anyone needs a team with this I am more then happy to help. I am also online right now. I also need the cafe escape if anyone wanted to do that gt Airborn23
  • FINALLY got this one. Fuck Overkill for making this a host only achievement, that is utter bullshit, and really unfair to the other players that helped. How we did it: Pick a low level Rats job (NO gold stars), cook 6 bags of meth. Only leave when you have at least 6. I think if you wait until the police raid is NOT in progress, then the escape won't trigger before day 2 On day 2, gave all 6 bags to the gang, got the info and took the 3 bags of money. Loaded up the money, then stole the meth back. Loaded all bags into the van, waited for the police. We shot it out with the cops for a while, until the snipers showed up. Only then did we get in the van. Make sure police raid (yellow letters up top) is in progress. Now the garage escape triggered. One of our team had shaped charges,
  • Now the garage escape triggered. One of our team had shaped charges, so he blew open the doors on the shortcut (2nd stairwell). We all had bag throw aced, so it took no time moving all 9 bags up to the van. Like I said, only the host got the cheevo. Other players got screwed. MAJOR FU from the devs
  • Lookin for crew for this and some other escape cheevos. Please be chill and help everyone, if you get it and leave, I will not be afraid to make sure people know ur a tool :D Message DarkFireReaper
  • Has Overkill patched or updated this recently? I did this with one other person, and we BOTH got the achievement. Two people is definitely enough for this achievement. I did Rats Day 1, and the Overpass escape solo, and ONLY during Day 2 did my friend join the game. We traded the meth, got the 3 bags of cash then stole our meth back, then left on the 4th assault wave to trigger then Garage escape. After completing the escape, we both got the achievement ! Not sure if my friend joining during Day 2 rather than playing from the start made a difference, but my experience proves it's not a host-only achievement.
  • I'm down for helpin and being helped I've tryed this one many times wit randoms n friends and have failed to get garage after second day but after reading some of the suggestions ill try agian I can help on other cheevos too gt puddpoundin I'm on everyday usually 12am to 7am westcoast
  • I need this one too. Add me - GT: Crakkity Jones
  • Looking to do this GT: iMrDictator
  • I am on currently & looking for a team to do this with. I have a match set up already as this is a host only match but I am willing to help the other group members get it after!! I have a general understanding of how to "spawn" the Garage Escape which we will try out. Please be willing to communicate & do trial & error. GT: MRriNICKulous This is the only annoying achievement I have left besides hitting level 75 & 100! :(
  • Ok... hopefully I can give a ray of hope to anyone who needs this chevo. Not sure if this is a 1 time fluke but I just got this between day 1 and 2 w/only 7 bags. it was a 1 gold star non pro job, lab blew up 1st time, 2nd try cooked all 7 and left during an assault wave, the garage escape popped and said "f*uck, lets just practice running the bags", last bag in and "holy s*hit it came up!!!" Hope this helps/happens for others... Good luck!! Toast
  • Reading the comments I have 2 other points 1. I was the host and the ONLY one of the 4 to get the chevo 2. We were done in less than 4min
  • could use a team to help me out with this one if anyone wants my GT is My M4n Jesus and it would be nice if you have a mic.
  • Ready when you are…..level 100 here…..message me and reference this cheev….. EsotericEnigmaZ
  • If anyone is willing to do this Achievement multiple times I will help each person in the group get it. Please only add me if you're determined to get this and are a high enough level to have all the skills to help us get through this quickly. My GT: The Ink Doll
  • Anyone willing to help with this? I'm level 66, have C4 and a headset. GT: CrimsonEd117 Hoping to do this soon.
  • This, cafe escape and street r only achievements I need for 100% I'm lvl 100 nd I will appreciate Help nd I will return the da favor 4 all who helped me Hmu plzz Gt: x MA55ACR3 x
  • Anyone willing to help with all escape achievements please send me a message TREX1979 & we will do them together
  • Anyone still on here looking to do this? We can help each other get this one & whatever else is needed. I only need this one myself. Have helped so many people get it but no one has helped me. :( I'm getting sick of low life losers who expect help but don't help others, it's very selfish!
  • Please add me if you want 2 try this! Im lvl 100 have the iron suit and good skills unlocked. GT: IIIIX J XIIII
  • this is the last achievement i need! I need someone who'll help me with it, in return ill help you get the achievement too GT: WightKid
  • Need help on this one, and willing to assist with this and other achievements. Gt ShamDman07
  • Need help with this and would help with anything as well. Message me on xbox and we can help eachother GT: DarkShadow ohh
  • I have seriously tried every suggestion that I’ve looked up. Cooking 5 bags of meth and stealing 3 bags of cash and cooking 6-7 bags of meth and stealing all the cash I can, I’ve gotten the overpass escape on day 1 and I have gotten no escape on day one. But no matter what I seem to do I can't get a freaking escape after day 2 of rats!! I am losing my mind over this damn achievement is my only option to buy the dlc to get it on the transport mission?
  • Ok guys so after reading on another forum that you could also get the garage escape after the night club mission I did some testing and any time I did the night club mission on normal offline the safes seemed to only have 1 bag of cash and 3 bags of coke. So then I play the night club with 3 yellow stars(overkill) offline got 3 bags of money in one safe and 5 bags of coke in the other. I killed a couple civilians at the start and left during an assault and first time got the garage escape. It took a couple of attempts to actually complete the escape but I did it with 30 seconds remaining. I would also suggest buying the loot drop truck, it makes getting the loot out way easier.
  • if you are willing to help me with this achievement message me on skype at KyleGamer24
  • definitely need help with this one, message me if you have a microphone. GT - OperatirveH U
  • I could use a general partner GT:powerlesschee.
  • need help on this gt: thatgosling96

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