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    Reach reputation level 100.


    Approximately 23,336,416 (23.3 million) XP is required for level 100.

    The more stars, the higher the payout. The White Stars on a job = the base payout for completing it. The Gold Stars on a job = the difficulty and are a multiplier for the payout.

    Investing in the Faster Learner skill (Mastermind tree) early on will help. Acing it and playing with others who have it aced will make it even better.

    The Ukrainian Job and the Night Club are both fairly quick jobs and have the highest potential payouts in terms of XP/minute.

    Rats Method

    The quickest way to boost XP is to find a non-Pro Rats job with as many stars as possible in Offline (you can get 100k XP on a maxed out Rats job but the one worth 40-50K is easier to find). During day 1, blow up the lab, on day 2 find the info (burned or not) and once day 3 starts, sprint to the bus, kill all the rats on board, and then sprint back to the escape chopper.

    Day 3 will take you roughly a minute. Once you have picked a card, instead of proceeding to the menu, pause the game, and restart the job. This will allow you to replay Day 3 only and get the big end of job payday as many times as you like. Using this method you can go from level 50 to 100 in roughly 25 hours.

  • Really hoping this is like Bounty in Red Dead where you can just rack it up over time, and not some sort of leveling system for online or for playing a billion single player games.
  • Its RPG leveling, basically. You play levels, you complete them, you get xp at the end. So....yeah, grinding.
  • @comment 1. Are you kidding me? This is payday! A ps exclusive titel that later on was brought on pc. Now Xbox players get there hands on... The reputation system is just earning lots of cash. This platina or 1000 G... Is actually very easy instead of the 1... Because there where much harder but possible challenges... And you have to spend 1000 000 000 instead of a silly million ...
  • Payday 2 : Level 100 Exploit, Fast Money, All weapons & Mods
  • This is one of them few games where its pretty fun to get these sort of long-term achievements....thankfully
  • how many xp is needed?
  • Can anyone help me with the level up exploit please. My gamertag is Smiling Atheist
  • I'm also looking for some people to coop with. Add me , my gt is Smiling Atheist.
  • I'm interested in doing lvl exploit. Message me. Gt: N7 Geek I'm usually online Mondays, Tuesdays, Thurs, and Saturdays.
  • Need a good group of guys to go through the game with 100%. GT: Gotham Rises *message me, my friends list is full*
  • @kid commenter #3 It was never an exclusive. It was released on PC two days after the PSN release lol. Also, how is that of any relevance?
  • If anyone wants to add me to get this done my gt is: The Ink Doll
  • Takes 25 hours doing the exploit, going from 50 to 100? Oh boy...
  • I don't know how deathmule was able to complete it in 37 seconds, I'm lucky if I can get it done in 50 seconds!
  • If you have the Bain update installed (from the Marketplace), you can't grind Rats Day 3 anymore. However, it's similarly fast to run through Pro Rats jobs on Overkill difficulty. Blow up the meth lab, find the info by blowing safes with shape charges, then kill everyone on the bus (ignoring the money cases). This is pretty much the method of choice online, and there are plenty of players willing to run Rats over and over.
  • damn, 25 hours
  • I have no idea how the fuck someone at 505 Games (the developers) figured we would spend god knows how much times grinding high leveled/very difficult heist-and-flee missions, just to get to lv.100 and only 50g's. For Lv. 100, it makes much more sense to be 100g's. Not cool 505 Games, not cool. ...Anyways, does ANYONE know a much simpler or easier way of grinding levels besides spam playing the last level on "Rats"? If you do, friend request me and show me. If you don't,then GTFO this last paragraph then! GT: TheGam1ngHunter
  • Idk if anyone still plays this game but i need help with alot achievements so if your willing to help msg me Gamertag: DSMCR Console xbox 360

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