No one Cared who I Was... Achievement

  • No one Cared who I Was...



    Until I put on the mask.


    This achievement will unlock during the tutorial in the safe house. To put on your mask, hold .

  • Once you have purchased this game, then you have my permission to get this achievement.
  • obviously
  • TDKR was a bad movie, just saying...
  • @3 - It will be very painful... for you.
  • Just stick on your mask...and now, a mild coincidence at 1:23
  • @3 Once you have taken that comment back, you have my permission to be brutally beaten for having an opinion. Then die.
  • @3 Behave.
  • @3 You're a big guy.
  • It would be sweet to get a team together to play this game, if you are interested, message me: mcNizza you need to have a mic but other than that anyone's welcome.
  • @8 for you
  • Trying to get a team for the game add me gt: The MLG Snipa
  • @3 someone was in aurora when they saw the movie.

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