- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 43/43 (1000)
- Online: 0/43 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ hours (30+ hours for 950)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: No campaign (Each job at least once, total of 1000+ replays to get necessary XP)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Possibly, see below for details
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

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Achievement Trading / Co-op Thread
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Payday 2 Skill Calculator

Welcome to Payday 2, the sequel to Payday: The Heist released in 2011 on PSN and PC. Payday 2 brings vast improvements from the first game to the combat, stealth mechanics, and weapons. The game introduces Crime.net which is the games core mode, a dynamic database which generates jobs in progress around the world, and offline jobs appearing in random with various difficulties for you to choose from. The new Skill-tree system is introduced as well as an enhanced cash/XP reward system.

Given the nature of the game, although the guide below explains how to unlock every achievement, each time a level loads in this game, you will find that many things have a randomness to their spawn and will be in different places. This includes everything from security cameras to objectives and sub-objectives. This does not affect the achievements in any way, but simply alters the way you might have to play in small directions. As long as you are not playing a Pro Job, you can always restart the level and get a different spawn.

Glitchy Achievements?
Although earning the full 1000 offline by yourself should be "technically" possible, it will prove extremely difficult (some would argue impossible). Several achievements are simply designed to be played with 2-4 human players. The game is designed as an online based co-operative game. There are currently 4 "glitchy" achievements; "Let's do Th...", "Painting Yourself Into a Corner", "The First Line", and "They see me Baggin', They Hatin'". While not technically glitched, they are host only or host dependent. The last one is very difficult to do solo.

There are 4 different skills trees you can place points in: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, and Ghost. You are not limited to picking only one. You can put points in whichever combination of the trees you like. There are a few skills that it is recommended pretty much everyone get as they are VERY useful on just about every mission; Dominator (from Mastermind), Transporter (from Enforcer) and Fast Hands (from Ghost). These skills will allow you to intimidate and subdue non-special enemies, move faster while carrying bags and throw them further (if aced), and pack and interact with bags faster. They are all fairly low on their respective trees too, so you won't have to spend a lot of points on a tree you're not interested in to unlock them.

There are 10 unique jobs in the game; some include multiple days for an interconnected story experience for that job. There is a "Pro Job" version of each job which can not be restarted if failed. Not all jobs are unlocked from the start; some of them only start appearing as your reputation level rises. Likewise, the higher difficulties (with more XP and cash) are more likely to appear as you rank up. 

Below is a list of all the jobs, how long they last, when they are unlocked, and how many achievements are tied to each job.

  • Safehouse - Solo Tutorial - Unlocked from the start - 1 for 10
  • Ukrainian Job - 1 Day - Unlocked from the start - 1 for 30
  • Nightclub - 1 Day - Unlocked from the start - 1 for 10
  • Bank Heist - 1 Day - Unlocked from the start - No Achievements
  • Four Stores - 1 Day - Unlocked from the start - 1 for 20
  • Jewelry Store 1 Day - Unlocked from the start - 1 for 20
  • Watchdogs - 2 Days - Unlocked from the start - 2 for 20
  • Big Oil - 2 Days - Unlocked from level 20+ - 2 for 40
  • Firestarter - 3 Days - Unlocked from start - 3 for 100
  • Framing Frame - 3 Days - Unlocked from the start - 3 for 100
  • Rats - 3 Days - Unlocked from level 13+ - 3 for 60

There are 5 escape missions; each one has an achievement attached to it for playing the mission in a certain way. These missions show up in between days on certain jobs both in Crime.net and Crime.net Offline. They are random events; sometimes they occur, sometimes they do not. Your only choice is to keep playing the jobs tied to the corresponding escape missions to get them to appear. Some escape missions show up during multiple jobs.

Below is a list of the escape missions and the jobs they appear on.

  • Street escape - Big Oil - 40
  • Overpass escape - Rat Job - 30
  • Park escape - Framing Frame - 30
  • Cafe escape - Framing Frame - 20
  • Garage escape - Rat Job - 20

There are 6 achievements for a total of 160 tied to your reputation level. These are for reaching levels 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Level 100 takes around 23.3 million XP to reach. This will take a long time; thankfully there is an exploit you can use in Crime.net Offline with the Rats job to rank up very quickly. See "Most Wanted" for details.

Two achievements for 100 are tied to spending $1 million in total, and for having a balance of $1 million. Another two achievements for 30 are unlocked when you own 9 and 18 weapons at one time; these do not have to be unique weapons.

Several achievements will be unlocked when you are just starting off playing the game and through natural progression. Some of these things are completing your first job, putting on your mask, buying a weapon, equipping armor, equipping the final armor, modifying a weapon, modifying a mask, catching a loot bag, and most of the level based achievements.

Note: It is worth mentioning that because your save data for this game is solely stored to your HDD and not on any online server, you can use this to your advantage by copying your save to another device like a USB. This means you can now re-assign your skill points in any way you see fit in order to help with an achievement that requires specific skill sets without your original save being affected. However, this shouldn't really be necessary as several jobs have payouts large enough to make money not that big of an issue.

Note 2: Several updates have already been made to the PC version that should be making their way to consoles too. Some of the biggest things impacted are the Dominator skill, the way enemies react to cuffed people, and the payouts for jobs. Right now, the Dominator skill allows one person to subdue up to four enemies (This will be reduced to one post-update). Also, enemies currently ignore other enemies that are on their knees and handcuffed (They will react to them the same way they do a dead body after the update). Also after the update, the balance of payout between single day and multiple day jobs will be improved giving bigger payouts to longer jobs than what we have now.

All in all, Payday 2 is very fun game especially if you have friends to play it with. However, getting to level 100 can be a bit of a grind since there is not a lot of variety in the missions. Hopefully, they will give us some DLC with new missions soon to liven it up a bit. Bottom line - don't be afraid to have some fun trying different things with the game. There are multiple ways to approach every job, and that's where the real fun and re-playability of the game really comes in.

[x360a would like to thank Barad and troy0891 x360a for this Roadmap]

Payday 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • On day 1 of the Watchdogs job, don't let the cops shoot and destroy the escape vehicle.


    Select any Watchdogs job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline, preferably any easier job with 0-1 gold stars. Before the job starts, buy the Armored Van asset for $9,600; this will drastically improve the survivability of the escape vehicle. During this job, you will move all the drugs to a safe location, guard them until the loot truck arrives, then toss them all in the truck. Once you've done this, you will have to wait for the red escape van to arrive. It will show up at the end of the mission in the middle of the main road where all the cop cars are parked.

    In most cases, the van will arrive in-between police assaults. You shouldn't have as many cops to deal with and you won't have to defend the van so long as all players in the game run to the van as soon as it arrives. It's a good idea to start moving the team toward the roadway before the van gets there so you can escape faster and decrease the chances of the van being destroyed. However, if there are a lot of cops around, you will have to make sure to kill the majority of them before moving to the van so they won't target the van or take you down, but this is unlikely to be an issue.

  • On day 2 of the Watchdogs job, throw a loot bag into the sea, hoping fish move away as it gets near.


    This is likely to unlock naturally as you play the play the mission.

    You will have to complete day 1 of the Watchdogs job to play day 2 in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. At the start of the mission, sometimes you will see several drug bags in front of you in the docks; at other times, the bags will be on the other side of the map. Your spawn for this job is completely random.

    Either way, you will have to drop all the bags into the boat that arrives from the sea. While delivering the bags near the boat's drop off point, throw one of the bags into the sea for the achievement. The bag will then respawn back at its original spawn point so you can re-collect it.

  • On day 2 of the Firestarter job, complete the heist in stealth without hacking the computer.


    You will have to complete day 1 of the Firestarter job to play day 2 in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. The Dominator skill from the Mastermind skill tree and the ECM Override skill from way up on the Ghost skill tree are almost mandatory. Other skills such as Chameleon and Shinobi (also from the Ghost skill tree) will help and make the mission a little easier.

    At the start of the mission, after heading inside the FBI building from the right side, there will be several wire boxes scattered around the building. Two of these boxes will disable the alarm on the room you need to enter. You have to get very lucky and cut the two correct wires without getting caught. The wire boxes spawn in different locations inside the building every time you play it. If you cut the wrong wire, the alarm will go off, and you will have to restart the mission.

    NOTE: Be sure you close the alarm box when you're done. If a guard sees an open box, they will immediately call in the alarm. Also, you have to stand up to cut the wire inside.

    Currently, if you have the Dominator skill you can get a maximum of four guards to stand down and cuff themselves. Other guards will not react to the cuffed guards. THIS IS SCHEDULED TO CHANGE AFTER THE NEXT MAJOR UPDATE. Be very careful that cameras or other guards do not see you, or the guard you are dominating, as they will alert from it and immediately call it in.

    Once you've successfully cut both wires, find the entrance to the server room, lockpick the outside door, and use an ECM jammer to silently open the inner door. While doing this, stay alert on any passing guards. Finally, grab the server and bring it back to the van; again, be careful to avoid cameras and guards.

  • On day 3 of the Firestarter job, find the rare hockey poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.


    You will have to complete day 1 & 2 of the Firestarter job to play day 3 in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. This mission is a classic bank robbery but with less assets available. This achievement will be MUCH easier if you successfully stealth your way into the vault. First things first, you'll have to disable the power on the vault door from the room on the roof. You will probably want to disable the cameras too by taking out the guard in the security room. The bank manager and 3 guards will be on patrol. Try to get them singled out and dominate them but be careful they don't get spotted on camera (if you haven't disabled them yet). If you have the ECM override, you can use it to break into the room on the roof and into the security room to take out the guy monitoring the cameras. If you get the manager down, he will usually drop a keycard that can be used on one of those doors. Both can be drilled but of course that takes time and makes noise.

    Whether you succeed in stealth-ing the mission or not, you'll need to set up the drill on the outer vault door, and then drill through the inner door. Once inside, instead of setting up the camera, immediately start working on the safety deposit boxes. If someone sets up the camera first, that's not a big deal, it's just a little in the way for some of the boxes. However, DO NOT START THE FIRE. The more people you have lock picking the safe deposit boxes, the faster this next part will go. Whether you have triggered an alarm or not will depend on how many of you are free to lockpick. Alternatively, if you have someone in your party with the saw, they can rip through the locks in no time at all. The saw will eat up lots of ammo though, so bring as much extra ammo as possible.

    NOTE: The poster must be picked up by the host! The achievement will unlock for the entire party.

  • On day 1 of the Rat job, blow up the lab.


    Select any Rats job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. At the start of the mission, you will make your way down the path toward the house. You will need to find at least two ingredients in order for this to work. You can find ingredients inside the back of truck; they are located either in the locked shed, in the basement, or in the washroom inside the house on the first floor.

    Once you have the ingredients, head upstairs inside the house where you will have to cook some methamphetamine. You will get instructions on where to put the chemicals; ignore the instruction and purposely put the wrong ingredient in first which will cause the lab to explode and light the room on fire. Exit as soon as you start the fire so you do not get downed from the explosion and flames. The achievement will unlock straight away.

  • On day 2 of the Rat job, bring additional meth bags to the trade, but steal your payment instead.


    There are couple of different methods you can use to get this achievement.; the one you want to use is going to depend a lot on whether you are doing this alone or with teammates and what your gear looks like. The easiest method is with teammates and silencers, so it will be covered first. Regardless of method used, C4, safe cracking, or at the very least, speedy drill perks will make the job easier. Also regardless of method used, if they burn the intel before you get to them, you'll need to restart the day.

    Method 1 - With teammates and silencers

    If you have silencers, equip them (the M308 is my favorite weapon because it is a one shot kill even silenced). You'll probably want to split into 2-3 groups depending on how many of you there are. We will assume 2 groups for the purposes of this guide. Leave the meth in the van. That's what makes this method easier.

    Group 1 will proceed into the building immediately in front of the van; we will call it Building 1. As long as you kill both of the guys at the bottom of the stairs before they can pull off a shot, no one else will be alerted yet (again, this only works if you're silenced). From there, head up the stairs, and take out all enemies you encounter. When you get to the room at the top, you're looking to see if there is any cash on the table. If yes, this is the room with the safe you need to crack. If no, proceed back down the stairs and through the door on the right to the next building (Building 2).

    While Group 1 is doing the above, Group 2 will be proceeding up toward the truck that the gang members are waiting at toward Building 3; this building is on the right as you proceed up the stairs towards the truck. Hang a right between the chain link fence, and the building entering through the door that faces the center area you came from. From here, you'll be doing the same thing Group 1 is; clearing the building and checking for cash on a table. However, your building has 2 rooms and not just 1 when you reach the top, so be sure you check clear and check both. NOTE: If you have 4 players, send 2 of them into this building to better cover both rooms.

    There is a ramp that connects Buildings 2 and 3 through the windows. You'll have to jump up on the window sill, and then crouch to get through. If the money and intel is in either building 2 or 3, you can toss the money from this ramp back towards the gang members truck and your escape. You can then pick it up on your way back to the van.

    Depending on the level of assault you're under by the time you are ready to leave, it may be better to drop from the ramp to the scaffolding and down to the stairs, OR go back down through Building 3. If you go through Building 3, be sure to take the stairs all the way to the bottom, and go through the door on your right. There will be another door on your left half a flight up from the one you want. If you take it by mistake, you'll end up going the long way and having a lot more enemies to kill.

    If you have been fast, silent, and lucky, you'll find the intel before they burn it. Grab it and your cash, then head on out. You will probably be in the middle of a police assault by the time you're ready to leave so be careful.

    Method 2 - No teammates

    Carry the meth up to the gang members truck and deliver it. Be careful not to run or toss the meth around a lot as they seem more likely to start shooting if you do. Once you've delivered all the meth, you will get a new objective marker letting you know where the intel and cash are. Head that way.

    Once you get to the room, you have to open fire and kill them before they open the safe. Crack the safe yourself (C4, lock picking, or drill), steal a bag of cash and head back down. You'll now have to steal your meth back and escape safely.

    Method 3 - Teammates but no silencers

    This method is a lot like the second one except that you can split into groups. One group that goes upstairs to handle the safe and the intel; the other will handle the gang members around the meth and starts carrying it all back to the van.

    While method 2 and 3 are easier to explain, they involve a lot more open conflict since you have to transport all the meth back to the van instead of just leaving it there in the first place.

  • On day 3 of the Rat job, get away with 7 bags without defusing any bombs.


    You will have to complete day 1 & 2 of the Rat job to play day 3 in Crime.net. This achievement is MUCH easier with 4 players, especially if you all have the Fast Hands skill under the Ghost skill tree. It is also highly recommended that all players have the Transporter skill under the Enforcer tree. Purchasing the Ace Pilot asset will reduce the amount of time you have to hold out and guard the loot before the loot helicopter arrives.

    Once the mission starts, all players should make their way down the freeway to the bus. If you take the sidewalk on the left, you can pretty much just sprint your way there. Kill everyone on the bus and then open all the money cases BUT DO NOT PICK UP ANY OF THE MONEY. Have each player pick two cases and position themselves to get ready to loot two money bags each. One player counts down from 3, then everyone loots a bag, throws it outside (through a window or door) then straight away loot the second bag and sprint through the door outside. Don't bother throwing the second bag as the bus will explode resulting in failure. If successful, you will have recovered 8 bags, one more than what is needed for the achievement. It is likely that one or more of you will be downed while trying to escape. Don't worry, just pick each other up and get moving again.

    You'll have to wait for the loot helicopter to arrive so you can toss the loot onto it. Go ahead and start moving the bags about halfway back to the spawn point and on the left side outside of the barriers. Be careful not to toss any bags into the water. Once the pickup helicopter arrives, throw all the bags into it. Do not miss, this is why the transporter skill is helpful in being able to throw bags further. Achievement will unlock once everyone escapes.

    Alternatively, throw 4 bags onto the loot helicopter, and carry the other 4 (one each) back to the escape vehicle. When you escape, you'll get credit for any bags being carried.

  • On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.


    Note: This achievement only unlocks for the host. The spawn for the paintings, guards, cameras, security room, and roof windows is random every time you play the mission. However, there will always be one guard stationary behind a desk in the lobby, four guards that are roaming, and one guard in the security room watching the cameras. There will also always be a motion detecting laser barrier between 2 of the rooms, it will vary between which two rooms.

    The only "mandatory" skill for this is Dominator (aced is best) under the Mastermind tree. There are a few other skills that can be very helpful. The Inside Man (aced) perk will unlock the keycard asset needed to get into the Security Room. Highly upgraded ECM jammers will allow you to simply override the door. Without them, you'll be left putting a drill on the door or breaking all of the cameras after clearing out all four roaming guards and the stationary guard at the desk in the lobby. Fast Hands and Transporter are also useful.

    Taking the cameras out early will make it easier to intimidate the roaming guards without getting caught. However, if a guard sees a broken camera, they will immediately freak out and call it in blowing the achievement.

    This can be done solo in Crime.net Offline or with teammates. Either way, the strategy is basically the same. You can only dominate four guards; any additional guards will have to be killed, and you will have to be sure to answer their pagers.

    There are multiple points of possible entry. You can enter through the bathroom on the right next to the spiral staircase. Advantage: You can lure patrolling guards into the bathroom by triggering the hand dryers, just crouch and walk underneath them to turn them on. Guards in the hall right outside will come in and you can dominate or kill them in private out the view of other guards or cameras. You can also go up the stairs to the roof and drop down inside one of the rooms. If you go up onto the roof, be careful you don't get spotted through the glass ceilings. If your Dominator skill is aced you can subdue enemies through the glass ceilings. However, this can be a little touchy and is not 100% guaranteed to work every time.

    Once you've got all the guards and cameras taken care of, all you need to do is find all the paintings and get them to the vehicle. Again, be careful you don't break the laser barrier when you're running through looking for paintings. The achievement will unlock as soon as you escape.

  • On day 2 of the Framing Frame job, trade 9 paintings.


    You will first have to steal 9 paintings in Day 1 of the Framing Frame job. The amount of paintings that spawn on this job is random each time the level loads. It can be anything between 6 and 9, though 7-8 is most common. If you do not have enough paintings, just restart the level. In Crime.net Offline all you have to do is hit  and select "restart game" to restart that day. If playing online, so long as you are still undetected, you can go up to the roof, and jump down through the glass. As long as you don't land on anything before you hit the ground, you should get downed, and the AI won't do anything about it. The Paintings that can be stolen will have a red sticker on them. This is easiest to do stealthily. See "Painting Yourself into a Corner" for tips on how to sneak through Day 1.

    Day 2 is simple. At the start of the day, you’ll have to carry all 9 paintings to a table in the abandoned train in front of you. Once all paintings are there, a helicopter pickup will arrive above the train; you’ll have to pick up and throw the paintings up through the hole onto roof of the train where the helicopter will take them and drop a money bag for each painting. This is the trade. The achievement will unlock as soon as you trade your 9th painting.

  • On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, send the gold by zip-line without ever tripping the alarm.


    You will have to complete day 1 and day 2 of the Framing Frame job to play day 3 in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. This is a fully stealth mission; it is recommended to do this mission with at least 2 players due to the random spawn point of the vault. You will also need the Dominator skill. A silenced weapon and the cleaner skill can be useful too. Depending on where the vault spawns and how far away it is from the office, you may or may not be able to do this on your own; this is why at least 2 players is ideal. Once the mission starts, you’ll notice a large sack attached to a zip wire in front of you; this is where you’ll be dropping off the gold at the end of the mission.

    Head downstairs, pick the door lock and head down. There are five roaming guards. You'll be able to get 4 of them to handcuff themselves, and then you need to kill the 5th and answer his pager. Now, find and break the cameras so that the alarm isn’t tripped while you search for the devices. Once you've found them, set them up back upstairs where the mission started, and now look for the vault. It spawns behind one of three different bookcases.

    Transport the coke from the roof top to the spot outside the vault, and then one player should stand ready at the vault while the other heads up to the office to open it and disarm the lasers. The lasers are only disabled for a few seconds. If your volume is up, you will hear 3 quick beeps before they reactivate. The player in the vault has to bag up and toss out all the gold while the other player takes care of re-disabling the lasers. If you have the fast hands skill, you can safely pack and toss 3-4 bags each time. Once all bags of gold are out, bring them back to the sack outside, upstairs to the start of the mission; if the alarm never went off then the achievement will unlock once the mission is over.

    It is better to be patient in the vault than in a hurry. You are not gonna get caught here. There's no hurry. However, if you or a bag touch the lasers, it's over. ECM jammers have NO effect on the lasers and their alarm. Take your time, not chances.

    See the video below if you have to do this solo.

  • Reach reputation level 25.


    See "Most Wanted" for tips on making money and XP.

  • Reach reputation level 75.


    See "Most Wanted" for tips on making money and XP.

  • Catch a bag mid-air.


    This can be done with any type of bag carrying anything (money, jewellery, drugs etc.) Once you're carrying a bag, aim slightly forward-upwards (not directly up), and throw the bag with , then quickly run towards the falling bag. Catch it as it drops on you with , and pick the bag up with . This may take a few attempts as you have to catch the bag at the exact moment the prompt appears. This will be easier to do when you are not getting shot at, so try to do it on a mission you have successfully stealthed. This can also be done by catching a bag tossed to you by another player.

  • On day 1 of the Big Oil job, enter the basement, open the ATM machines and take the loot.


    You will need to purchase the Portable Saw skill from Enforcer skill tree and then buy the Saw itself from the Inventory. Now, select any Big Oil job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline; once the mission starts, make your way to the house. There is a door you need to pick by the garage to the back of the house. Once through, you will see several ATM machines. Saw through each of them, and loot the cash for the achievement. This will unlock for the whole party if playing online.

  • On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the first engine being correct.


    You will have to complete day 1 of the Big Oil job to play day 2 in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. There are five roaming guards and a small number of cameras. You can get four guards to submit; the 5th guard will have to be killed and his pager answered. Once the guards are down, you need to find the server room. Fully upgraded ECM Jammers will make this easier since the server room spawns randomly behind 1 of 3 security doors. While you're waiting on the override to open the door to the basement, look around for clipboards. They will contain clues to help you figure out which engine is the right engine. It is probably a good idea to either avoid or break the cameras (only break them if you've already taken all 5 guards out of the picture).

    It is recommended to do this mission stealthily so you can avoid any further police force and concentrate more on figuring out the correct engine. If you are unsuccessful at sneaking your way through you can still succeed on the day, you will have to run back upstairs frequently to turn the lights back on and then you will be under heavy assault. Once you enter the basement, pay close attention to the points below which will help you choose the correct engine; the correct engine changes every time you play the job. Also, note that the clues are random spawns too. They may be down in the basement, they may be up in the house, and you may only find 2 instead of all 4.

    • One clipboard will have the name of the gas written on it.
    • Another indicates how many hoses will be connected to the large blue tank written on it - "# x H" in the bottom left of the clipboard. The number signifies the number of hoses that will lead to the top of the larger tank. ex. 2 x H means there will be 2 hoses, 3 x H = 3, 1 x H =1.
    • In the entry area at the bottom of the stairs is a big white board, it says which propellant has which bottle color. Now you can identify the bottle color of the engine you are looking for. You should be looking for the small bottles in the engine. They can either be blue, green, or orange. (You may want to bag and drop all the wrong colored ones to make it easier to run around and compare the right colored ones with the other clues)
    • One of the PCs has the PSI displayed in the top right corner. The display will shut off after a while!!! You need to use the PSI to calculate the bar value. Take the PSI value, divide it by 10 and multiple it by 0,7. For example: 5812PSI /10 *0,7 = 406 bar. Now look for an engine with that bar value (there is a dial attached to each engine that shows how many bar it has.)

    Once you pick the engine you think is the correct one, bag it, and bring it back to the airstrip. Wait for the helicopter to pick the engine up, and throw it in once it arrives. It will take roughly three minutes until you hear back whether it was the correct engine or not; until then the alarm will go off no matter what meaning you'll have to hold out. The achievement will unlock after it has been confirmed that you picked the right engine through the radio

  • In the Jewelry store job, steal and secure 4 bags without the escape car leaving the first time.


    Select any Jewelry job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline, preferably any easy 1-2 star job available. This is easiest done with four players with the Fast Hands and Transporter skills, so everyone can carry a bag each and have this done within one minute. Once the mission starts, everyone puts on their mask and goes into the store. Tell the civilians to get on the ground and grab the Jewelry then run back to the van.

  • In the Ukranian job, complete the heist within 35 seconds.


    The only way to complete this job in the specified time is to have C4 unlocked. You’ll need to be at least level 36 to unlock the skill under the technician skill tree. Having the Sprinter skill from the first level of the Ghost tree can help too. You can start putting on your mask during the black load screen after Bain is done talking. Run inside the store to the back, and pick one safe to blow with your C4 to grab. There is not enough time to blow both. If the Tiara is there, grab it and run back to the van to end the job. The Tiara spawns in either safe randomly, so if you don’t find the Tiara in the first safe,  blow up, then just restart the job until you get it.

    Note: This achievement is buggy. The most common explanation is that you must be host of the game to unlock the achievement. Other players have only unlocked the achievement when they're are the player to grab the Tiara from the safe, while some players have been able to unlock the achievement even if they are not the host or didn't grab the Tiara. The best way to guarantee this achievement is to find a Ukrainian job in Crime.net Offline and do this yourself.

  • In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in a safe.


    Select any Four Store job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline, preferably any easy 1-2 star job available. The gold bar is a random spawn. If it's there, it will be in one of the safes located in the stores. Once the mission starts, put on your mask, and look for safes. They're usually behind counters but can also appear in back rooms. Safes take 3 minutes to drill though without any skills, can be cracked in 45 seconds with safe cracking, or C4'd in 10-30 seconds depending on how much C4 is needed. The achievement will unlock for the whole party as soon as the safe opens.

  • In the Nightclub job, put a bag filled with money on the poker table.


    Select any Nightclub job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. This job is easier with teammate as you'll have several bags of cash to transport out and will be under attack. The longer you can remain undetected, the easier this heist will be. Buying the asset "Bad Music" will reduce the number of civilians in the club reducing the odds of them seeing something and calling in.

    Once inside, you need to get to the back left corner of the building to find the managers office. The door needs a keycard (which can be obtained from the corpse of one of the many guards), or upgraded ECM jammer if you want in quietly. It can also be opened with a drill or some C4.

    When you get the door open, head upstairs, and get in the safe (drill, C4 or cracking). Grab the money, head downstairs, and go through the kitchen towards the back. You will encounter a poker table in a room just off the Kitchen area; throw your bag at the table. As soon as the bag touched the table (even it doesn't land on it), the achievement will pop.

  • In the Mallcrasher job, destroy all windows in the mall.


    Start any Mallcrasher job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline. The only objective for this mission is to cause $50,000 worth of damage within the Mall; you will have accomplished this well before you have destroyed all the windows in the Mall. You can easily do this by yourself on an easier rating; if you tie up some hostages early it will keep the cops off your back a little longer.

    You need to break out all the glass at the front of the building outside when you start: all the windows on the doors, the small rectangular glass on top of the door frames, the glass on all window shops, the glass windows near the celling all around the building as well as the glass roof of the Mall. The achievement will unlock as soon as you have destroyed all the windows in mall. Melee whatever is low enough and save your ammo for the windows that are out of reach.

    You do not need to shoot the glass railing on the second floor. Make sure you cover both the ground and second floor thoroughly for any hidden glass or windows you might have missed.

    The most commonly missed windows are around the ATM on the first floor and above the entrance when you first approach the mall. There is an overhang outside the front door that is made of glass and can be meleed. 

  • On day 1 of the Firestarter job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.


    Select any Firestarter job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline, preferably any easy 1-2 star job available. It is recommended to this this with 3-4 players as there are many bags to deliver to the van.

    The number of weapons that spawns is random; there are usually 6-10. There are 4 hangers the weapons might be in. Again, which one is random. Sneak down the hill from your starting location and onto the roof of the building immediately in front of you. You can look down the left and right side to see where more cars and people are. That will tell you which side of the airstrip you will find the hanger you're looking for.

    Once you get into the hanger, you will find two trucks parked inside. You need to get them open. You can use a saw, C4, or stick a drill on them. You will also find several black cases laying around on tables, crates, and/or the floor. If there is an upstairs in your hanger, be sure you check it for additional cases. You'll need to open the cases and bag up the weapons. Toss them in the back corner closest to the van. Once you have them all in the corner, run around the outside; you can pick them up through the wall and start transporting them to the vehicle.

    Tip: If you're playing with teammates, have one person transport the weapons and the other person stay in the hanger. The AI will stay in the hanger too, and that's where all the enemies will focus their attacks allowing the transporter to carry weapons in peace.

    You will have to steal all of them and deliver them back to the van up the hill. Bain will tell you that you've cleaned the place out when you put the last bag of weapons in the van. If he doesn't say anything, then you've missed a case or a bag somewhere. The achievement will unlock for the party once you've delivered the last weapon.

  • In the Park escape, ensure that no law enforcement enters the park before the escape van arrives.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault, you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Park Escape appears directly after either Framing Frame Day 1 or Day 2. You will either start right beside the Park on a road or in a car park. If you spawn beside the Park, you will want to immediately move forward towards the intersection where all the cop cars are parked and push away the cops. Continue to hold out for 3-4 minutes until the escape van arrives. Do not go in or near the park or the cops will spawn there and void your achievement. If the achievement does not unlock when the escape has arrived, restart the mission.

    Note: It's easiest to get through day one sneaking and get your four paintings in the van. You can then trip the alarm by breaking the laser barrier and wait until you've got a police assault in progress.

  • In the Overpass escape, don't let the cops set foot on the bridge before you can escape.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Overpass Escape appears directly after either Rat Job Day 1 or Day 2. You will either start on the underpass beneath the bridge or on one end of the overpass itself. Either way, you’ll want to take out all the in front of you.

    Spawning on the underpass is by far the easiest. If you just stay down there, the cops will all spawn in front of you, or they'll come down the stairs behind you. Either way, they won't get on the overpass.

    If you end up spawning on the overpass, you can still get this achievement. It will just be a bit more difficult as you'll have to actively cover both directions. Teammates makes this much easier. If you were successful, the achievement will unlock for the whole party as soon as the escape vehicle arrives.

  • In the Cafe escape, secure all loot and escape within 30 seconds of the escape van arriving.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Cafe Escape appears directly after Framing Frame Day 1. It is easiest to do this with 4 human players but can be done with less. It is also easiest to do this with the minimum four paintings required to complete day 1.

    Once the escape starts, you will need to move all the paintings to one of the 3 different alleys the escape van might come to. Simply hold out on that road until the van arrives. If the van appears at one of the other locations, everyone in the game will have to die in order to restart the escape and try again until the van shows up at the location you are camping.

  • In the Street escape, complete the escape without killing any enemy snipers.


    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    The Street Escape appears directly after completing Big Oil Day 1. The escape itself is the easiest of the bunch. You’ll start out in a convenience store surrounded by cops outside and snipers on the roofs. Do not kill any of the snipers. Head toward the back of the store and lock pick through the doors you come to until you get to the alley way. An escape helicopter will arrive roughly 2 minutes into the escape. It arrives on the roof of the building you're in or the one behind it. You’ll have to make your way up the stairs of the appropriate building and get to the chopper. Sprint and use cover to let your armor recharge.

  • On the Garage escape, get away with 8 bags.


    Note: This achievement only unlocks for the host.

    All escapes have a degree of randomness regarding which one happens and whether they occur at all. If you finish the prior day without a police assault you will not get an escape. Escapes seem to be more likely to appear on at least a 2 star difficulty.

    You will want to have aced the Transporter skill and the Fast Hands skill. The Garage Escape appears directly after either Rats Day 1 or Day 2. If it appears after day 1, you will have to restart the Rats job completely as this will only work if the escape appears after day 2. This escape achievement is the hardest of the bunch because you MUST cook at least 6 bags of meth on Day 1 which takes at least 30 minutes. Having good teammates will make it much easier.

    On day 1, you will have to cook at least 6 bags of meth but cooking 7 will make day 2 easier. On day 2, leave the meth in the van and rush through the buildings looking for cash on the table. See "Caribbean Pirate" for more information. Now you will have to find the intel and grab 1-2 bags of cash depending on how much meth you cooked on Day 1. For every bag of meth you brought over the 3 required, there will be one stack of money. You are given more time to complete the Garage Escape for having more bags.

    Once you actually get the garage escape, the fastest method for getting the loot to the vehicle is to throw it from your starting point onto the next level above you. If the stairwell is ahead and to your left, throw the bags up and to the right. They will land on the next level near the next stair well. You need to pick, saw, or C4 the doors at the bottom and top of this stairwell. Next, transport the bags to the top and to the van that is right outside the top door.

  • In the safe house, find the hidden basement.


    From the Main menu, select Safe House. As you play the tutorial, you will unlock this achievement.

  • Spend 10 skill points in each skill tree.


    There are 4 skill trees in the Skills menu; Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, and Ghost. You need to have at least 10 in each tree at the same time. The skill point spent for unlocking each skill tree counts as one of the points spent.

  • Equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.


    To unlock the Improved Combined Tactical Vest, you must first purchase the Iron Man skill under the Enforcer skill tree. To reach this skill tier, you will need at least 40 skill points which includes unlocking the Enforcer skill tree. Go into your Inventory, into the Armor tab, and equip the unlocked Improved Combined Tactical Vest for the achievement.

  • Gain $1.000.000 in total spendable cash.


    You need to have a balance of $1 million spendable cash at one time for this achievement. Do not confuse this with the offshore account as that is not spendable cash. This will likely unlock with normal game play. See "Most Wanted" for more details on how to make cash quickly.

  • Complete your first job.


    Choose any Job in either Crime.net or Crime.net Offline and complete the job by escaping. If you join a game midway through the job in Crime.net, this will still unlock for you if you as long as you beat the job.

  • Spend $1.000.000 in total cash.


    You need to spend a total of $1 million. This can be spent however you want, on weapons, weapon modifications, masks, mask customizations and skills.

  • Reach reputation level 5.


    See "Most Wanted" for tips on making money and XP.

  • Reach reputation level 10.


    See "Most Wanted" for tips on making money and XP.

  • Reach reputation level 50.


    See "Most Wanted" for tips on making money and XP.

  • Reach reputation level 100.


    Approximately 23,336,416 (23.3 million) XP is required for level 100.

    The more stars, the higher the payout. The White Stars on a job = the base payout for completing it. The Gold Stars on a job = the difficulty and are a multiplier for the payout.

    Investing in the Faster Learner skill (Mastermind tree) early on will help. Acing it and playing with others who have it aced will make it even better.

    The Ukrainian Job and the Night Club are both fairly quick jobs and have the highest potential payouts in terms of XP/minute.

    Rats Method

    The quickest way to boost XP is to find a non-Pro Rats job with as many stars as possible in Crime.net Offline (you can get 100k XP on a maxed out Rats job but the one worth 40-50K is easier to find). During day 1, blow up the lab, on day 2 find the info (burned or not) and once day 3 starts, sprint to the bus, kill all the rats on board, and then sprint back to the escape chopper.

    Day 3 will take you roughly a minute. Once you have picked a card, instead of proceeding to the menu, pause the game, and restart the job. This will allow you to replay Day 3 only and get the big end of job payday as many times as you like. Using this method you can go from level 50 to 100 in roughly 25 hours.

  • Own 9 weapons.


    See "Weapon Collector" for more details.

  • Own 18 weapons.


    To buy weapons, go into the Inventory from the Main Menu. There are a total of 26 weapons in the game, 13 Primary and 13 Secondary. You do not have to own 18 unique weapons, you can buy several of the same weapon and still unlock the achievement. The AMCAR Rifle and Chimano 88 pistol both cost $12,000 each. If you buy the Improved Crafting skill under the Technician tree, then this will make weapons even cheaper; the AMCAR rifle will now cost $10,800. You will be able to unlock more powerful weapons as you progress through reputation levels.

    Primary Weapons

    Starting rifle - AMCAR Rifle - $10,800
    Rep 4 - AK Rifle - $43,200
    Rep 4 - Car-4 Rifle - $48,000
    Rep 8 - UAR Rifle - $94,500
    Rep 8 - Reinfeld 880 Shotgun - $94,500
    Rep 16 - JP36 Rifle - $203,400
    Rep 16 - AK. 762 Rifle - $203,400
    Rep 26 - M308 Rifle - $349,200
    Rep 26 - Izhma 12g Shotgun - $349,200
    Rep 33 - AK5 Rifle - $454,500
    Rep 39 - AMR-16 Rifle - $547,200
    Rep 39 - Mosconi 12g Shotgun - $547,200
    Enforcer - OVE9000 SAW - $10,800, Requires Portable Saw Skill

    Secondary Weapons

    Starting pistol - Chimano 88 Pistol - $10,800
    Rep 2 - Crosskill Pistol - $20,700
    Rep 2 - Mark 10 Submachinegun - $20,700
    Rep 6 - Bronco .44 Revolver - $68,400
    Rep 6 - Bernetti 9 Pistol - $68,400
    Rep 13 - Locomotive 12g Shotgun - $162,000
    Rep 13 - Compact-5 Submachinegun - $162,000
    Rep 19 - Para Submachinegun - $246,600
    Rep 19 - CMP Submachinegun - $246,600
    Rep 29 - Krinkov Submachinegun - $394,200
    Rep 29 - STRYK 18c Pistol - $394,200
    Rep 36 - Kobus 90 Submachinegun - $501,300
    Rep 36 - Deagle Pistol - $501,300

  • Until I put on the mask.


    This achievement will unlock during the tutorial in the safe house. To put on your mask, hold .

  • Modify a mask for the first time.


    To be able modify a mask, you must have a blank mask, a material, a pattern, and colors. All of these are obtained during paydays when you pick a card.

    This can be done from your safe house or from the menu. From the menu, select "Inventory" and use your bumpers to page over to "Mask." Highlight and select one of the Empty Mask Slots, then select a mask from your Mask Stash. Once you've purchased the mask, press  to customize it.

    Note: If you have the pre-order Lootbag DLC, it includes the Skull mask, so you only have to unlock a material, pattern and color in the game.

  • Modify a weapon for the first time.


    To be able to modify a weapon, you must first unlock a weapon mod from the cards you choose from after a completed job. The weapon mods you unlock through the cards are completely random; this means you might unlock a weapon mod for a weapon you don’t even own. Once a mod has been unlocked for a weapon, that weapon will have an exclamation symbol on it when you're on the buy a weapon screen. Simply choose a weapon you want to customize that has a mod unlocked by pressing  to modify weapon; you must then buy the mod you unlocked.

    Note: If you have the Lootbag DLC, this includes the red dot sight for all rifles & shoguns, meaning you only have to buy the attachment in the game.

  • Buy a weapon for the first time.

    From the Main Menu, go into the Inventory. Use  and  to switch between gear. Buy any Primary or Secondary weapon through an empty weapons slot for this achievement.

  • Equip an armor for the first time.


    The first armor you unlock is the Lightweight Ballistic Vest at level 12. This can be equipped from the Inventory menu or by changing your Loadout on the mission briefing screen.

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