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There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Until I put on the mask.

  • Complete a heist after getting at least 50 turret kills on Hard or above.

  • Stun 4 law enforcers by destroying a Zapper's battery pack on Hard or above.

  • Have the EDGE, GRIT and RUSH buffs active at the same time.

  • Unlock all mods to a primary weapon.

  • Customize a mask.

  • Complete Road Rage without the truck having stopped until the end on Overkill.

  • Complete Road Rage without letting a single civilian flee, die or be traded on Hard or above.

  • Steal the painting by Shanda Latrell in Under the Surphaze on Very Hard or above.

  • Complete Under The Surphaze having stolen all art from the 7 exhibitions on Very Hard or above.

  • Complete No Rest For The Wicked without letting a dye pack explode on Very Hard or above.

  • Complete No Rest For The Wicked having opened all deposit boxes.

  • On 99 Boxes secure both hi-tech devices at their maximum value on Very Hard or above.

  • Complete 99 Boxes having secured the maximum amount of bags on Hard or above.

  • On Gold and Sharke empty the vault of its valuables and secure all the loot on Hard or above.

  • Complete Gold and Sharke in stealth without accessing the HR computer.

  • Complete Dirty Ice having secured all cleaned jewelry bags on Overkill.

  • Complete Dirty Ice within 120 seconds of spawning.

  • Complete Rock The Cradle without having the VIP invitation in stealth on Hard or above.

  • Complete Rock The Cradle after surviving 4 full assaults on Very Hard or above.

  • Complete Touch The Sky in stealth without killing a single guard on Overkill.

  • Complete Touch The Sky with 4 active human shields on Hard or above.

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Payday 3 Achievements FAQ

  • How many Payday 3 achievements are there?
    There are 22 achievements to unlock in Payday 3 worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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