- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 28/32 (960/1000)
- Online: 4/32 (40/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 100020+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2/3 seasons of career. 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None


Welcome to PDC World Darts Championship, the second title to the PDC franchise. Take your created character into all the PDC world championship tournements and slug it out on the oche with all the worlds greats! The only hard part of this game is the time eliment with the tournements, this is reflected in the difficulty rating, beating pro's is simple!

The game is fairly simple and the game play mechanics are easy to get a hang of. Fairly enjoyable, and once you have the hang of throwing you will soon be thrashing everyone in your path! A little tedious after a while but generally a very easy 1000.
Party Games:
You want to start off by picking off all the party game achievements which are all easy to get with a two player set up against yourself. They are all very quick and you should have all of these in no time at all.

Career mode:
Start by creating your character, you will have limited options, but you can make a decent character and then apply your own look with shirts, glasses, darts etc. Once you start your career, you can enter various tournements, and make your way up the order of merit table. The career achievements will be the longest part of this road to 1000, as each tournement will probably take a while, slugging through endless legs of darts.

Online Mode:
Only 4 dedicated achievements to get online, although some others are possible to get but you wont need to worry as most are dead simple. Get online and bag a win, whilst doing this the throw 50 and 100 darts online will come naturally.

Misc/Clean up
By now you should only have a few odd achievements to pick up. If by some chance you didn't manage to get them whilst playing through the career this is the place and time to do it.


[x360a would like to thank shootermcgavin2 for this Roadmap]

PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour Achievement Guide

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There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Beat an opponent's score of 140 or more in Knockout


    This game requires you to better your opponents score, simply have an opponent score 140 then beat it with your 3 darts.

  • Score 177 in Odd Man In


    In a game of Odd Man In, Simply beat your opponents score by throwing 177. Treble 20, Treble 20, Treble 19.

  • Score '36' after three darts in a game of Fives


    In this game whatever you score each turn is divided by 5, to score 36 just throw 180. (3x treble 20)

  • Knock an opponent out of a Killer party game in six-or-less darts



    In a game of killer, choose your number by hitting it with a dart. Hit this number 3 times on your next go to become the 'Killer'. Have your opponents miss his number with all 3 darts, on your next go hit your opponents number 3 times to win!
  • Throw 100 darts online

    Simply play an online match and throw 100 darts!

  • Enter a custom character into a tournament

    In career mode, create a character and enter him into a tournement!

  • Miss the targeted finishing double, three darts in a row in one turn


    Leave yourself on a double, then next turn simply miss it 3 times!
  • Throw 50 darts online

    Simply enter an online match and throw 50 darts!

  • Score over 100 in three darts


    This will come quickly and very easily, just score over 100 in one set of 3 darts!
  • Enter an online match

    Just enter an online match!

  • Score a treble 20


    This will come probably in your first throw, simply hit a treble 20!

  • Win a match


    Just win a match, any match will do!

  • Hit three consecutive numbers in three consecutive darts in one turn of US rules Cricket


    This requires you to hit a number followed by the number after followed by the number after that. For example; 1-2-3 or 6-7-8. 

  • Score 3 points with three darts as the bowler in UK rules Cricket


    See "Demon bowler US."

  • Hit three consecutive numbers in three consecutive darts in one turn of Around The Clock


    In around the clock you simply have to hit consecutive numbers, hit 1, 2 and 3 in one turn and your done!

  • Finish a game of Black & White with a score of 20 or more


    In black and white, you will make your way around the board in a clockwise direction hitting white numbers, where as your opponent will work in an anti clockwise direction hitting black numbers. each time you hit your intended target you score points, getting 20 is a breeze, just hit trebles and doubles!

  • Win all tournaments

    This will take some time, each tournement is very time consuming, It's easy to win each one, you just have to be patient!

  • Check out with a score of 170


    Score a maximun checkout of 170. Leave yourself 170 and take it out in 3 darts, treble 20, Treble 20, Bullseye!

  • Win three tournaments

    Win 3 tournements in career and the achievement is yours!

  • Score 180 on the practice board in three darts

    Choose practice, and select practice board, then score 180, beware the trebles are very small in practice mode, still very easy!

  • Rank number one in the Order Of Merit with a custom character


    Very time consuming, just make your way to the top of the order of merit, this will take 2 maybe 3 seasons to obtain!

  • Score exactly 501 in nine darts

    There is two ways to complete this, either a traditional 501 or 501 in a match where you have to start on a double. Either way very easy. Traditional method is 180, 180, 141 other way is 160, 180, 161.

  • Score 180 with assist off

    You can achieve this on the practice board of in a match, just make sure all assists are off. Its very easy even with no assists.

  • Beat every professional

    This requires you to beat all 16 licensed players at some point, weather its career or exhibition.

  • Whole



    Complete a game of Half-It without being halved


    In half-it, you are given a random number to hit, make sure you hit the number given at least once in 3 darts and at the end of the sequence, finishing on bullseye, you will win. Missing with all 3 darts means you half your score so be carful.

  • Hit the single, double and treble of the round's number in Shanghai.

    Enter a game of Shanghi and simply hit treble, double and single of required number in 3 darts!

  • Win your first tournament

    This pops as soon as you win your very first tournement!

  • Score 180 in three darts


    Easy peasy, just score 180, 3 treble 20's in one set of 3 darts!

  • Win an online match

    Enter an online match and win.

  • Beat a pro with the assist off

    Start an exhibition match, 1 leg of 301 and select a low ranking pro, then turn off all assists and win, really easy!

  • Score 9 points in three darts in a game of Twenty-One

    This game gives you points for hitting numbers 10 and 11. You get 1 point for a single, 2 points for a double and 3 points for a treble. To score 9 points simply hit 3 trebles in one go, making sure you hit trebles of both numbers. (1x treble 10 and 2x treble 11 or visa versa).

  • Check out with a double-1


    Simply leave yourself double 1 and take it out for this to pop!

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