- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10*
- Offline: 28 [400]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 25-40hrs*
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 main, 1 trials, lots of clean up
- Number of missable achievements: 0 - Level Select
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulties
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: "Grounded", "Coolest Clear"
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheat codes
- Extra equipment needed: None

*80-90% completion is considerably easier and faster than a full 100%, especially for the less experienced or patient players.

Peggle 2 is Popcap's most recent foray into the puzzle drama and tasks players with playing a pinball-like game where the goal is to reach high scores by hit green, purple, orange, and blue pegs and blocks with a ball that can be enhanced with the powers of the various masters in the game. Each master grants the ball a skill upon hitting a green peg, changing the dynamics of the ball, and the game as a whole, allowing for some added diversity, and the ability for the player to use a power-up that best fits their playstyle. To fit the general puzzle-genre, a majority of the achievements are easily obtained, with a few of the achievements being only obtainable by the best, or most persistent, of Peggle players, testing the skills of Novices and Pros alike.

The initial focus of your time in the world of Peggle 2 will be spend doing the basic levels found in each of the six section of the game, each with their own achievements for completing all of the ten levels in that section. Each section also introduces a new master, who will imbue the ball with a unique ability when it hits a green peg or block, changing the gameplay in different ways, and allowing players to adapt to different level layouts. During this time you will gain progress toward the peg/block destruction achievements: "Every day I'm Pegglin'", "Orange Crusher", and "I'd Hit That". You will need to go somewhat out of your way to complete achievements such as Baller, which requires you to complete a level with at least 12 balls left, which works with "Superior Shot", or earning 3 free balls in one shot, and "Stylin'", for getting 75,000 styleshot points in a shot. You will also need to completely clear a level of all pegs for "Ultra Extreme Fever" (which you will need to do a total of 60 times for "All the Cheevos!" anyway), and clear all pegs in a level, by hitting the last non-orange block after hitting the last orange peg for"Coolest Clear". During this time you can also work toward getting an ace score for "Ace'd!", although you only really need to focus on completing the levels at this point.

Again, you will have six completion achievements for completing all ten trials in each of the six sections of the game. Trials become accessible after completing the section they are found in (ex. Complete Peggle Institute to unlock the Peggle Institute trials). Trials require players to complete levels in certain ways, or to meet certain requirements such as reaching 150k score with one ball, or completing a level without the aim assist. While most of the secondary achievements are not unlockable in the trials (Coolest Clear in particular), you can still gain progress toward the peg destruction achievements, and also gain some very useful practice for the Secondary Objectives in the main missions.

Secondary Objectives/Clean Up:
To complete the Secondary Objectives - three per main level - you will basically need to do Ultra Extreme Fever (clear all pegs in a level) 60 times, reach a certain ace score 60 times, and meet a varying third secondary objective in each of the levels. The objectives can be completed over the course of several attempts, as long as you finish the entire objective in one run (ex. when asked to perform 5 of one skill shot in a level, all 5 must be done in the same attempt of the level), and even count as completed if you do not beat the level. While it is a good idea to do these while you play through the game, chances are you will want to just complete the levels the first time around, as many of the Secondary Objectives can require considerable extra work and time, however completion of all of the Secondary Objectives is required for the achievement which is perfectly labeled; "All the Cheevos!"

[XBA would like to thank Shiftie for this road map]

Peggle 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 28 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Completed every level in the Peggle Institute

    See "Peggle Master"

  • Completed every trial in the Peggle Institute

    In order to unlock all trials, you must first complete the main levels of that portion of the game (ie complete the Peggle Institute to unlock all of the Peggle Institute Trials)

    Long and Long - Use Bjorn's Super Guide to get 2 long shots, which you can get with one ball if you aim from the top left peg, to the middle right peg properly, as it will bounce to the bottom left peg and then possibly the bottom right peg (3 total bounces).
    The Skillz - [Video] Use Bjorn's Super Guide to aim the ball so it will bounce off of a peg, and into the bucket. Make sure to compensate for travel time of the ball, otherwise you'll miss the bucket!
    Duo-Slide - [Video] Use the Super Guide to bounce off of each of the pegs to do an extreme slide on the blocks. The Super Guide will turn fiery (flare) when properly positioned for an extreme slide.
    Ridiculoso - [Video] Slide from the bottom of the top right circle and the ball will continue into the left and then bottom right circles.
    Big Skillz - Same as the Skills, but without the Super Guide. The middle pegs are the easiest to bounce off of, but if you need practice, go back to The Skillz and watch how the ball bounces off of the pegs.
    Wall-off - Use the Super Guide to bounce a ball off of the wall (left or right side of the screen) and into a peg. Repeat the process three times.
    Five Oh - Clear all of the orange pegs. I will almost always recommend using Gnorman for this, but if you don't have him yet that's fine, because this one is relatively simple, especially if you get a double extreme slide on the two slope block lines.
    Ultraviolet - Build a combo with orange pegs, leaving a couple alone while you clear out the remaining purple pegs to increase your points. The trial will end once you break 500k points.
    Down Low - Don't link orange peg bounces over long distances, try and clear out small areas of orange pegs at a time, or long distance bounce to blue pegs. Avoid landing in the bucket, and waste your extra balls at the end of the round to avoid the spare ball bonus. Avoid the purple pegs, especially at higher multipliers.
    Target Practice - The middle two will generally combo if you hit the second from the top, otherwise, try and launch the ball when the bucket is beneath it so you have as many shots as you need.

  • Completed every level in Mountain Highs

    See "Peggle Master"

  • Completed every trial in Mountain Highs

    Ten- Pin - Aim for the green pegs first and use the two boulders to finish the rest
    Wreckoning - Arc the boulder so it rolls between the two blue peg arches, taking out all of the pegs in one shot.
    Orange Crush - I used Gnorman for this since his lightning chains pretty well in this level.
    Bowling Blind - [Video] Gnorman again; start by using the peg immediately left of the shooter to bounce straight down into a extreme slide to get the wall out of the way and to get a couple of extra balls. Once you have Gnorman's power up, aim for the orange clusters.
    Trollin' With Style - The easiest skill shots to get, especially on this trial, are the free ball skill shots, which require you to bounce the ball off a peg and into the bucket at the bottom of the screen. To do this, clear out the column of pegs directly below the ball shooter, and then starting banking balls of the either side of the walls that go down the middle of the screen as the bucket passes underneath to bounce the ball from the rectangular peg and into the bucket 5 times.
    10% of a Billion - [Video] Use the first two shots to hit as many orange pegs as possible to build up a combo, then start focusing on mixes of purple and orange, then when there's only one or two orange pegs left, take out any remaining clusters of purple pegs before finishing off the last orange peg. You will want a ton of extra balls, and to land in the 100,000 point bonus bucket at the end to ensure you get well over 1,000,000 points.
    Open Orange - The general trick for this is to use your first two balls to slide down the ramps in the middle of the level, and then clear out the sides. I would recommend using Gnorman, as he can wreak havoc with a good bounce.
    At Least it's an Ethos - Another trial where you need to stay below a certain score (175k), which is funny, since I consistently do better on these without trying, than I do on other levels. Although it doesn't make too much of a difference, I would recommend going with Bjorn as his ability is probably the least capable of score boosting, and also allows you to shoot around purple pegs.
    The Circular Condition - Aim for the left side of the outer ring to use the momentum of the rings to move the boulder toward the middle of the rings as it goes down the screen. Repeat the process three times and you should be done.
    The Gorge - As the tip suggested, I used Jeffrey to boulder through this level since his boulders are able to go straight down through the stronger blocks, while the Gnorman alternative has to go around them. With an ideal peg color setup, you will start off by shooting a green peg near the middle of the level, and use that boulder to clear out a cluster of green pegs on either end of the screen. Then clear out the other side, and any leftovers.

  • Completed every level in Winter Blunderland

    See "Peggle Master"

  • Completed every trial in Winter Blunderland

    Coldbricker -[Video]Aim for the second rectangle from the top on the top left of the screen and the ball will once all the way down the screen, taking out all of the blocks and peg.
    Frostbite - Just tap without moving the cannon and you're done.
    Nice Ice, Baby - Bounce the balls off the green pegs to hit the top of the orange peg lines on either side of the level to combo the entire column.
    Kool Katch - Very simply use the ball to knock any one of the pegs into the bucket to get a Cool Catch como and complete the trial.
    Orange Ice - Clear all of the orange pegs yet again. As usual, I chose Gnorman due to his ability to clear out large clusters with relative ease.
    Derp Freeze - This level is identical to one of the main levels, with the added bonus of having an infinite ice buff. The main goal is to bounce off of the two bumpers on either side of the map as much as possible to deal as much havoc as possible with your first one or two balls so you don't need to worry about starting with only 5.
    A Million Snowflakes - Keep reloading the level until you see at least one green peg very close to the center bridge that connects the two circles. Once you find a level with it, launch the ball at it and watch the magic as hitting the green peg freezes the circle it's in, and the ball bounces to the opposite circle to immediately freeze that one as well.
    Low it Down - Yet another "stay below 175k" level, however this was considerably easier than the last for me, just be sure to avoid doing an extreme slide like I did and you should have a good cushion at the end of the level with whatever character you used (I wasn't paying attention and selected Gnorman).
    Buncha Orange - It's not a mystery who I chose here - Gnorman again. As Gnorman, you may want to considering taking out the blocks prior to going for the powerup pegs, but it doesn't matter too much either way.
    Cave o' Dreams - As Gnorman, start off by grabbing as many orange blocks/pegs as you can to stock up a multiplier, and once you hit the green block/peg, aim your shots in accordance with the bumpers to do maximum damage.

  • Completed every level in Gnorman's Gneighborhood

    See "Peggle Master"

  • Completed every trial in Gnorman's Gneighborhood

    Zap 'em! - You need to wait until the moving peg is above the orange pegs before hitting the peg so the lightning will jump from the peg you hit, to the orange pegs.
    Discharged - Aim for the top left block, nearer the bottom of the block, to bounce the ball back and forth across the screen and take out enough blocks/pegs
    Orange Glow - Perhaps the easiest "orange peg clear" trial yet, especially if you grab at least one of the power ups on the screen right off the bat.
    Maximum Overvolt - You have five overcharged balls to clear the orange pegs from the map, which thankfully isn't too tricky, especially if you get a lucky jump when your ball bounced off the central blocks (I didn't and still finished no problem).
    Colonel Discharge - The trick here is to bounce the first shot from either side of the top layer of pegs to get it to roll across the layer and get maximum shockage. This will also alleviate the issue I had my first try, where the ball just opened a massive hole in the middle of the level that my next two balls would bounce into and miss all of the orange pegs. Each ball needs to bounce around 10 times to get one of the two uber volt skill shots you need.
    Short Circuit - This one can be kind of tricky depending on how the game feels like responding to you, but your main goal is to bounce the ball off the top right corner of the top left ball in this circle. It should bounce around and then slide a bit on the inside of the circle. IF the bottom of the circle doesn't fall out AND lightning actually chains to the top right block, you should finish the level. Otherwise, keep retrying the same method.
    Gnome Style - I recommend clearing out the whole bottom-middle of the map to allow you to use the solid pegs at the top to get two easy bounces into the bucket a piece, otherwise, bouncing off of the moving pegs is far too unreliable in terms of going straight into the bucket, or another 20 pegs then the bucket.
    Orange Box - Best case scenario, you will have a green peg that is in the box around the block box in the middle of the screen so you can use that empty spot to bounce around the blocks and pegs with the charged shot, clearing most of the screen in one go.
    Low Amps - I found this to be by far the hardest low-score trial yet, if only because I constantly got ridiculous combos that I DIDN'T want. I used Gnorman to get around the yellow moving wall things with the shock ability.
    Machine Dream - Gnorman, once again, to cut through to 500k points for this level. Overall, this can either be really tricky, or really easy depending on the peg spawn locations, and how the ball bounces around. My first go, the ball would bounce straight to the bottom of the screen 75% of the time, while it bounced around a LOT on my second attempt.

  • Completed every level in Gravely Grove

    See "Peggle Master"

  • Completed every trial in the Gravely Grove

    Dark World - [Video] There is a VERY easy method to this one, which requires you to clear out the middle section of the map and then just continue to launch balls directly into the bucket (straight down) as it goes by. Obviously, doing this after taking out some of the orange pegs will allow you to finish the lever faster this way.
    Deeper Shade - Focus on bouncing the balls into the bucket early on as you build up a multiplier, and then you can focus more on bouncing balls so they get the ghost bonus and give you a significant score boost, and thus at least one free life.
    Leap of Life - You need to bounce the ball off of either orange peg in such a way that it leaps across the screen to hit the other peg. You'll need to aim at the top corner of the peg that is closest to the cannon (either peg works, but the right one seemed to work more often for me).
    Armor Mysterious - I found the easiest route to take on this level is to clear out the blue shielded blocks with your Nightshade to allow you to break them in one hit as opposed to two, so you can get to the orange pegs underneath the shield wall earlier.
    Orange Shroud - As Gnorman (duh) you will probably want to use one power up on either side of the screen, one to thin out the columns on the right, and the other to destroy all of the shielded pegs on the left. From there, it's all about lucky bouncing to clear whatever's left .
    Underground - I ended up using Jeffrey for this due to my complete inability to get less than 200k with Bjorn or Gnorman. Jeffrey got it on the first attempt since I was able to quickly grab both greens and clear most of the screen before a multiplier was built up.
    A Paler Green - I ended up doing this on my first shot as Gnorman, most likely because a majority of the orange pegs spawn around the middle of the map, which I took out with a slide and then cleaned up with the Uber-Volt. The remaining pegs were picked off 1 to 2 at a time after that.
    Touchy Ghosts - In order to get the Ghost Touch Style Shot you need to have the ball pass through 18 or more blue pegs in a single shot. To do so on this trial, your best bet is to aim at the orange pegs at the bottom of the screen (the ones in directly below the cannon seemed to have the best bounce) and have the ball bounce around just enough to get the shot without destroying all of the orange pegs.
    Orange Party - Using Gnorman, as per usual, this can be pretty easy if you open up a hole in the top two circles that is a couple blocks wide prior to getting the Uber-Volt, and then hope you get some lucky bounces.
    Rose Garden -This one is very easy as Gnorman as there are quite a few green blocks, and his Uber-Volt destroys shielded blocks/pegs in one hit. Your bouncing luck should only separate you between barely getting 750k and crushing the score.

  • Completed every Celestial Realm level

    In order to complete each of the six sections of the game, you will need to clear all of the orange pegs in each of the 10 levels in that section. Doing so will unlock the next section, a new skin for the master of your current section, the trials for your current section, and sometimes one or two other things. During these levels you will also have secondary objectives that you will need to complete for "All the Cheevos!".

  • Completed every Celestial Realm trial

    Classic Helix - This one is VERY easy as Berg since a single hit with the ice power up will freeze the entire (or 95% of) the helix, leaving you with a few stragglers on either side to clean up and you're golden.
    Maestro Bounce - For this rather unique trial you will need to utilize the / or / to move your aim slightly as you aim at the central bumper to hit the orange pegs concealed beyond a wall. Chances are the ball will bounce enough to where it will hit the lower balls while you aim at the group in the middle of the screen, but if not, do the same for their bumpers as you did for the main one.
    No Free Lunch - This level is a perfect example of why Gnorman is awesome, so make sure you get at least one green box near the top to start out with a bang, as Gnorman's Uber-Volt will chain effectively through the boxes as the ball bounces around, and if you get clusters of orange boxes like I did, this trial will be over in no time.
    Rubber Needle - This can be entirely up to luck, or incredibly difficult (especially if you're easily frustrated), however I was able to take out the orange peg on my second shot by firing the instant the nearest bumper had the aiming line passes the middle of the bumper (so the line is in the left side of the bumper), by the time the ball reaches the bumpers it will barely squeeze through the opening at the top, and should be good at the bottom as well. Due to the angle, bouncing off the walls seems far more difficult than going through the center (which is the intended route).
    Seven in Style - Seven Style Shots!? Luckily, the circles aren't moving this time, so you can use Bjorn's guide ability to easily bank shots off of the outer side of the largest circle on either side of the screen so they land in the bucket. Keep an eye on where you're aiming as you will need to do at least one shot without the guide.
    Orange Overflow - This time around I used Jeffrey, starting out by launching a ball down whichever side had a green peg, then launching a boulder down the other side, then grabbing the next green peg and launching a boulder down the middle, favoring whichever side of the middle had more orange blocks. After that the screen will be about 50% clear, with a hopefully only a few orange blocks/pegs left.
    Shooting in the Dark - I once again recommend Jeffrey as you will have no aiming line when you shoot, and Jeffrey's boulder can act as a bull in a china shop pretty much. One hopefully helpful tip is that if you aim just below the farthest left or right you can go with the cannon (just before the cannon is off the top of the screen) and launch a regular ball from there, you can slide down the whole top wall of blocks, and usually a lower tier wall of blocks in one go. The aiming can be a bit tricky to reach, but generally even being a bit inaccurate will take out a good chunk of blocks.
    Huge Honking Shot Score - [Video] This one is definitely tricky, but I would recommend using Gnorman as usual and hopefully you get a good location for the powerup (which will spawn in one of the inner circles). What you want when you load up the level is : a bunch of shielded orange blocks on the outermost ring (at least 5, but the more the merrier), the powerup on top of the inner block ring, and patience. You want to break a hole through the outermost ring that is three blocks wide, and you also want to weaken the shielded orange blocks in this ring in case you can't get the powerup. You will use the hole you broke into the ring to shoot a ball into it once the hole is at either 10-11 o'clock, or 1-2 o'clock, allowing the ball to get just the right angle to spin around the inner part of the ring for a couple of extreme slides, and hopefully at least one orange attack (which is why you weaken the orange blocks first). You can add to this by opening a hole in the top of the inner ring as well, which I managed to hop into after a full circle of the outer ring, bringing me to 700k in one ball. There are a lot of things that need to go right in this trial, so don't lose focus.
    The Precipice - I think this is most heavily reliant on the spawn of the green blocks, and your ability to get the ball into the bucket on the first shot at least. Once you have the Uber-Volt (Boulder is also a good choice), you should be able to get enough points with the subsequent shots where you don't have to worry too much about landing in the bucket.
    No Love - The most important thing to do is spawn a map that has as few orange blocks/pegs below the center shiny circle thing as possible, especially the bottom two slots, which I'm not entirely sure are hittable when the rest of the level is almost completely cleared out. You may even want to consider using Bjorn as his super guide will work, despite the lack of aimer otherwise.

  • Opt-in



    Completed 30 Optional Objectives

    See "All the Cheevos!"

  • Completed 60 Optional Objectives

    See "All the Cheevos!"

  • Completed 90 Optional Objectives

    See "All the Cheevos!"

  • Completed 120 Optional Objectives

    See "All the Cheevos!"

  • Completed 150 Optional Objectives

    See "All the Cheevos!"

  • Completed 180 Optional Objectives

    As you complete the primary levels of the game (the non-trial levels), you can pull up the menu to find a list of three secondary objectives that must be completed for these achievements. The all have the requirement of clearing all of the pegs, beating a certain ACE Score, and the third objective varies for each level, and can include things such as doing a certain number of a particular skill shot, completing the level without the help of your master (use a different master, or avoid the green pegs), complete the section with a certain master (these appear in the last section of the game), among other objectives.

    The objectives can be completed over however many attempts you need to make, however objectives that require you to, say do 5 of the same skill shot, must be performed in a single attempt of the level. Objectives also unlock even if you don't beat the level, allowing you to focus more on a single objective than on the level itself, such as focusing on setting up the level to allow for a huge stylish combo for big points, instead of using the balls available to clear out the orange pegs.

    Style Shots (This list can also be found via the how to play or help sections of the in-game menu):

    Long Shot: Hit a non-blue peg, travel 1/3 the width of the screen and hit another non-blue peg
    Double Long Shot: Get a Long Shot, then travel 1/3 the width of the screen and hit a third non-blue peg
    Super Long Shot: Hit a non-blue peg, travel across 2/3 of the screen and hit another non-blue peg
    Free Ball Skillz: Bounce the ball off of one peg and into the bucket
    Mad Skillz: Have 5 balls in a row fall in the bucket after hitting at least one peg
    Crazy Mad Skillz: Have 10 balls in a row fall into the bucket after hitting at least one peg
    Extreme Slide: Hit 12 consecutive pegs in a slide
    Off the wall: Bounce off the wall, travel 1/5 of the width of the screen and hit a non-blue peg
    Kick the Bucket: Bounce the ball off the bucket to hit the final orange peg for Fever.
    Lucky Bounce: Bounce the ball off the bucket, then catch it again.
    Orange Attack: Hit a large percentage of remaining orange pegs in a shot.
    Cool Clear: Hit the final orange peg for Fever, then hit all remaining pegs to clear the level

    Double Power Style Shot: Hit both power (green) pegs in the same shot
    Wrecking Ball: Get 15 or more pegs with Jeffrey's Bowlder
    Spare Pickup: Get the Bowlder into the bucket.
    Frostbite: Chain seven pegs with Berg's Deep Freeze
    Cool Catch: Catch a peg that is sliding from Deep Freeze, in the bucket
    Major Discharge: Trigger 10 Uber Volts discharges in one shot
    Charge Caught: Catch an Uber volt shot in the bucket
    Ghost Touch: Hit 18 ghostly blue pegs with a Nightshade Shot
    Possessed: Catch a Nightshade ball in the bucket.

  • Baller



    Won a level with at least 12 balls left

    In order to stock up on balls, you will need to rack up points to get the extra balls (up to 150k points with a single ball gives you three balls). You will also want to aim for the bucket at the bottom to reuse your balls.

  • Earned 3 free balls on one shot

    To get three balls in one shot you will need to rack up a minimum of 125,000 points, which can be done by utilizing various style shots, such as Long Shot and Extreme Slide.

  • Got 75,000 styleshot points in a shot

  • Won a level with the cool clear style shot

    In order to do this, you must clear the last orange peg and then the last blue/purple/green peg in the same move. Perhaps the best master choice for this is Bjorn, using his Super Guide to bounce off of the orange peg to hit the other peg last.

    Note that this WILL NOT unlock in trials.

  • Hit 10000 blue pegs

    See "I'd Hit That"

  • Hit 5000 orange pegs

    See "I'd Hit That"

  • Hit 300 green pegs

    These achievements are cumulative and require you to simply hit the set number of pegs or blocks with the ball. You can gain progressive via the primary levels, or the trials and despite how daunting they may sound, they can actually come quite fast. Farming is far from necessary, as most of these should be done around the time you finish the main levels, and all three should be done before you finish the trials, not including any additional attempts you will need to complete secondary objectives in the main levels.

  • Cleared all orange pegs in a level

    This achievement is unmissable, and will pop once you complete the very first level in the game. You will also need to do this on every main level in the game, so if for whatever reason it doesn't unlock on the first level, it should on the second (or third, fourth, etc.). Once you hit the last orange peg, a level will end, so if you're planning to also fully clear all of the pegs in a level, save one orange peg/block for last.

  • Ace'd!



    Beat your first ace score

    Each level has an ace score that you must surpass by accumulating enough points during the level. To see what the ace score is, you can hit the button to open up the menu where you will find the optional objectives, including the Ace Score. The general rule of thumb is start a level by taking out a good chunk of the orange pegs to increase your multiplier, then perform style shots (such as long shots and extreme slides - Look at All the Cheevos! for a full style shot list), and hit purple pegs/blocks to rapidly increase your score.

  • Cleared all pegs in a level

    This achievement is required for a good chunk of the achievements, as you will need to clear all of the pegs, on all of the levels, to complete all of the secondary objectives for All the Cheevos! In order to do this, you will need to clear every peg on the map aside from at least one orange peg/block, which much be saved for last. Once you hit the last orange peg, the level will end, giving you one final chance to bounce the ball off of that peg to clear any remaining pegs of any other color.

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