Viva the Violet Achievement in Peggle 2

  • Viva the Violet



    Complete all Hallelujah Hollow trials

    How to unlock Viva the Violet

    Simply complete all ten trials within the Hallelujah Hollow. The first trial is unlocked after completing level five on the normal levels, and all trials will be unlocked once you complete the final level.

    The trials are fairly simple and all have different objectives like the base game, from clearing orange pegs, high score, low score and single shot scores. Unlike the levels, you are forced to clear these with Windy as your Peggle Master.

    The two trials most likely to cause you difficulties are numbers 6 and 8. These involve scoring 750k on the board, and scoring 150k in a single shot. For both of these trials, using the purple pegs is a must. For both of these trials, try to clear out all pegs with the exception of a slide whislt avoiding the purple pegs. When you just have your slide left, activate the purples and hope it puts the new purple pegs on your slide route. Then when you shoot the slide, you should score enough to pass both trials easily.

    Below are videos of Trial 6 and Trial 8 to give you a visual aid, courtesy of DigitalNinjaLee:

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