-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 12 (200 )
-Online: 0 (0 )
-Approximate amount of time to 200 : 8-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 10 (A Stray Cat and A Winner is You will unlock as you play, but you need to watch out for the others)
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

This game is relatively straightforward. As long as you play attention to the guide, you won't have any trouble getting the full 200 .

This game is somewhat of an RPG. Like most RPGs, you gain experience by killing enemies, level up with a cap at level fifteen, and upgrade your weapons and attacks. Unlike most RPGs, you don't actually distribute points to shape your character's development.

One important thing that you can do as you go along is make sure that you kill your enemies with special attacks. Each weapon has a certain number of damage slots - the number of slots increases as your weapon upgrades - and a new slot is filled each time you actually strike the final blow with a special attack. If you focus on doing that early in the game, it makes your life much easier.

Step #1: Playthrough up to the final boss battle
Begin a new game. During the tutorial battle against your first robots, I recommend getting Nine Lives by getting an enemy as close as possible to death and then slowly finish them off with T. Kemper's attack. From that point, play through, following the flow of the game. Keep an eye on the collectibles checklist and make sure to grab them as you go. Once you open up additional areas, you can move back and forth between them as you wish, so you can backtrack as much as you want until you start the final boss battle. Don't skip any fights and make sure that you save before each one, so you can reload if any of your characters die.

If you've played through thoroughly, you should have all the achievements except A Winner is You, Pack Rat, Silent, But Deadly, Immortal, and Clean Sweep by the time you get to the last boss battle.

Step #2: First boss battle
Fight the final boss the same way that you've fought the entire game, making sure that your characters don't die. Use the healing items if you have to. If you've been good about keeping your weapons upgraded and you're good at the special attacks, the Silent God isn't actually all that challenging. Once you trigger the final cutscene, wait until all four remaining achievements other than Silent, But Deadly have unlocked and then reload your save. The game won't save until the end of the cutscene, so you have a minute or two before you have to reload.

Step #3: Second boss battle
Your save will reload right before the boss battle. Fight him again, but focus on the Silent, But Deadly technique detailed in the guide. You'll almost certainly lose a character or even two, but as long as you don't use a healing item, you'll unlock the achievement.

Congratulations! You've finished the game and added 200 to your gamerscore.


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Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1 Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Have T. Kemper join the player as a support character.

    This achievement is story-based. In the very first section of the game, you'll be directed towards T. Kemper in a yard on the left side of the street. Simply interact with him until he joins your party.
  • Do a 3-member Team-Up Attack.

    Wait untill all three characters have charged up their special attack ( Attack) then on any character trigger the special attack by pressing and scroll over to the attack with x3 on the logo to trigger the Team-Up Attack. Importantly, your attack meter will reset even if you use a item, so make sure that you're in a position where you can wait long enough for all the attacks to charge up. Its very helpful if you're good at blocking.
  • Successfully complete the first episode.

    Beat the game. (The whole game is the first episode)

  • Kill an enemy using T. Kemper's basic attack.

    Get an enemy down to one hit-point then use T. Kempers attack. This attack normally only deals one damage. If you are having trouble, an easy way to do get this during the tutorial battle because you can not die during this battle. So, you can reduce the enemy's hitpoints and use T.Kempers attack more then once without the risk of being killed while waiting for the attack to recharge.
    You can also try to use T. Kemper as often as possible during the course of the game. If he scores a "Critical Hit", it will deal 999 points of damage, which is enough to kill most of the enemies in a single blow, so you may get lucky.
  • Find and collect all of the hidden collectibles scattered around the game.


    This includes:
    12x Concept Art
    5x Music Records (1 that unlocks after completing the game)

    • Concept Art 1 Location - Desperation Street - Cul-De-Sac - In your neighbours mailbox.
    • Concept Art 2 Location - Desperation Street - Cul-De-Sac - Mailbox on the opposite side of the road to 1205
    • Music Record 1 Location - Desperation Street - Cul-De-Sac - Unlocks When you first approach T.Kemper.
    • Concept Art 3 Location - Desperation Street - The Orange Tree - Mailbox in front of 1121 Desperation St.
    • Concept Art 4 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - The photo above the window.
    • Concept Art 5 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - The bed side lamp
    • Music Record 3 Location - Anne-Claire's Room - Behind Anne-Claire on the shelf.
    • Concept Art 6 Location - Hobo Alley - Cheswick & Grove - The wanted poser on Witch-B-Gone.
    • Concept Art 7 Location - Hobo Alley - West Chesnut Park - Rubbish Pile (Behind three animate trash enemies from the dustman mission)
    • Concept Art 8 Location - Hobo Alley - Grove Bend - Poster on the pub's window.
    • Concept Art 9 Location - Hobo Alley - The Sh*thole - Picture next to the entrance.
    • Music Record 2 Location - Hobo Alley - The Sh*thole - Meat Grinder in the robot room.
    • Concept Art 10 Location - Pelican Bay - Tollbooth - Ice cream sign just north of flying pricks darts mini-game.
    • Concept Art 11 Location - Pelican Bay - Midway - Red Poster to the left of where the floor is striped red and black.
    • Music Record 4 Location - Pelican Bay - Midway - Unlocks when you've solved the "Entertain Us" fortune (The second fortune in the Mistress Mysterious Case).
    • Concept Art 12 Location - Pelican Bay - Permonade - The Heavy Anchor in the middle.
    • Music Record 5 Location - Unlocks when you complete the game.


  • Explore the world to find all the robots, and defeat them all in combat.

    The map will show you how many robot parts are available in each section of the game. Once you've obtained all of the parts, this achievement will unlock. Some of the robots are out in the open, but many are hidden in containers, chests, and even dead sea gulls. The trick to seeing the hidden ones is to watch for objects that are twitching, jumping, or moving. If you activate these objects, the robots will jump out.
  • Only use counterattacks, health items, or distraction items to win one battle.

    Do not use any attacking moves during a battle. Just keep blocking the attacks. If you time the block perfectly you will peform a counterattack. You could also use distraction items such as Oranges or Mime Traps to win the fight. This is fairly easy to do in the initial battles with the robots because their close attack is very predictable. Simply hit the block button as the robot first begins to thrust forward and you'll generally score a "Counter-attack". 
  • Fight, and destroy the final Boss without using any healing items.

    Self-explanatory. Just make sure you block as many of the attacks as you can to reduce the amount of damage you take during the fight.

    How to kill Silent God without using HEALTH items.

    Fill up your HOT TODDYs (8x320 damage), EXPLOSIVE CLOWN NOSEs (4x160 damage) and DYNAMITEs (2x1260 damage). You'll need one final ingredient; all 5 DOUBLE MILD WEAK SAUCEs to reduce his attacks to almost nothing.
    You'll also need some (or all) of your Support Characters ready to keep the battle flowing. (This is not vital as they will charge-up during the battle.)

    • Use up ALL of your explosive items. This will bring him down to around 38500HP.
    • His first move is always INCREASE ATTACK, so use your first DMWS to reduce it. (He doesn't seem to ever do INCREASE ATTACK again for some reason.) Make sure you use the item AFTER he has done the INCREASE ATTACK, otherwise your DMWS will be canceled out.
    • Attack with normal attacks, remembering to keep an eye on the PINK status icon above his strength bar and blocking any attacks he squeezes in. (Each attack will do around 600 damage.)
    • (I tried using 3x Team-Up move, which does 3500+ damage to him, but you need to be good with your blocking as you'll be waiting ages between attacks.)
    • When you see the PINK status icon disappear from his strength bar, just get one of your party to use another DMWS to decrease his attacks.
    • At about 38000HP he falls to his waist and at 24000HP he's down to just his head! This is where the FUN begins. (You should still have over 300HP for every character. If not, don't worry. You can lose a character and still get the Achievement.)
    • From 24000HP onwards, you need to be good with your BLOCK when he charges you. The timing is pretty precise; he will lift a tentacle, then just as you see it move down, hit a TRIGGER button to COUNTER-ATTACK. You'll probably be down to your last DMWS and once it goes, your timing is crucial. (You cannot COUNTER-ATTACK his other move, you can only block it.)
    • Keep pummelling and COUNTER-ATTACKing away until he's finally defeated! (Give yourself a pat on the back!)

    The real trick to this strategy is to try and keep the battle flowing as much as possible. If you're attacking him, he can't attack you! So, try to join the Support attacks with your Normal ones to minimise his opportunities. It took me three attempts to get the Achievement and at the end Tycho still had 300+HP, the other two had 400+HP.

  • Play and win the game without allowing a character to die during combat.

    This achievement is easier than it sounds because you can save before every battle. If one of your characters dies during combat, just reload your save game and try again
  • Find and use every item in the game at least once.

    Self-explanatory. Use all the items in the game, you will not find the last item until the last level.

  • Kill enough enemies in the game to get the XP necessary to get all party members to Level 15.

    Get all three characters to level 15, you will get this during the course of the game and while trying to get "Clean Sweep"

  • Find and kill every possible enemy in the game.

    The enemies are easy to spot in the panels - just make sure you don't skip any fights, so you kill all of them.

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