Completed Single Agent Achievement

  • Completed Single Agent



    Completed Single Player Game on Agent Difficulty Setting


    Agent is the easiest difficulty in the game. Subsequently, the enemy AI and the damage dealt is significantly reduced, compared to the other difficulties. You also have less objectives to complete.

    I suggest you run through the game on Agent to gather all of the weapons. If you finish a level holding a weapon, it is added to your armory. You're then able to choose the weapons you wish to take into missions, which is essential when taking on the harder difficulties.

    There is a checkpoint in all but the last mission on Agent difficulty. The location of the checkpoints are as follows:

    Datacore Demolition:
    Just after you blow the CPU core with the CamSpy and the cutscene ends, you'll pass the checkpoint.
    Nightclub Stakeout:
    Right after scanning all the enforcers, a cutscene where Jack runs into a spot of trouble will play. You will be given a checkpoint when it finishes.
    Subway Retrieval:
    Grab Zeigler's briefcase in the safehouse and you'll clear the checkpoint.
    Rooftops Escape:
    You'll pass the checkpoint upon reaching the final battle against Killian's Dropship at the docks.
    Mansion Infiltration:
    Upon reaching the deathmatch fight against Mai Hem you will be given a checkpoint.
    Laboratory Rescue:
    Reach the huge containment area outside the prison beyond the labs to pass the checkpoint.
    River Extraction:
    Open the motor pool's gate to clear the checkpoint.
    Trinity Infiltration:
    Beat the Brothers at the start to pass the checkpoint. This checkpoint is pretty useless.
    Trinity Escape:
    Once you reach the top of the datacore on your way through the facility you will pass the checkpoint.
    Jungle Storm:
    Not long after you exit the village area, you'll hit the checkpoint just before the shallow lake.
    Temple Surveillance:
    Right after planting the tracking device on the energy source you'll be given the checkpoint.
    Outpost Rescue:
    Reach the final battle against Mai Hem to pass the checkpoint.
    Bridge Assault:
    After Jonathon unlocks the two large doors, you will meet up with Carrington. Once he is finished talking, you will hit a checkpoint.

    Complete all 14 missions on Agent, (or a higher difficulty) in single player, to unlock this achievement.


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