Completed Single Perfect Agent Achievement

  • Completed Single Perfect Agent



    Completed Single Player Game on Perfect Agent Difficulty Setting

    Perfect Agent is tough. You're going to need a lot of determination to finish the game on Perfect Agent. Refer to "Completed Single Dark Agent" for tips.

    There is a checkpoint in five of the missions on Perfect Agent difficulty. The location of the checkpoints are as follows:

    Datacore Demolition:
    Just after you blow the CPU core with the CamSpy and the cutscene ends, you'll pass the checkpoint.
    Subway Retrieval:
    Grab Zeigler's briefcase in the safehouse and you'll clear the checkpoint.
    Rooftops Escape:
    You'll pass the checkpoint upon reaching the final battle against Killian's Dropship at the docks.
    Mansion Infiltration:
    Upon reaching the deathmatch fight against Mai Hem you will be given a checkpoint.
    Outpost Rescue:
    Reach the final battle against Mai Hem to pass the checkpoint.

    Complete all 14 missions on Perfect Agent, (or a higher difficulty) in single player, to unlock this achievement.

  • Does anybody else consider this game to be rediculously hard on the higher difficulties?!
  • Maybe, but still it's easier than some "rediculously hard" games, such as GOW3 Coop-Arcade Campaing in Arcade. That's crazy!!!

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