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    Completed Single Player Game on Dark Agent Difficulty Setting


    Dark Agent is no joke. It is not forgiving of mistakes, requires absolute precision and total concentration. The only way to beat the game on this difficulty, is to memorize the levels. It will take a great deal of skill, but knowing exactly what to do and how to go about it will see you on your way to conquering Perfect Dark. On that note, watch the videos, study them, commit the path and enemy placement to memory, then tackle the levels.

    Dark Agent details:
    *Enemy accuracy is increased
    *Damage (received) is increased
    *Armor pick-ups are gone

    There is one checkpoint on Dark Agent difficulty. It is in the following location:

    Datacore Demolition:
    Just after you blow the CPU core with the CamSpy and the cutscene ends, you'll pass the checkpoint.

    Mission guides/Videos and Notes:

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 00 - YouTube

    I recommend the Plasma Rifle, rather than the Shockwave. This is a training level, thus it is simple. The only real danger is the jetpack enemies at the end of the level. Personally, once the elevator stopped, I turned on the Plasma Rifles secondary function (invisibility) by pressing and ran to the exit, leaving the jetpack enemies behind.

    Difficulty- 1/10

    Nightclub | Stakeout (01) - YouTube

    Instead of killing the 3 guys at the start (one sitting, 2 standing), leave them and use the audioscope on the first enforcer. If you do not kill all three of the guys after using the audioscope, the mission will continue, instead of instantly failing. The nightclub is full of enemies, so take it easy. Engage enemies and then retreat, make them come to you (as shown in the video).

    Difficulty- 6/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 02 Part 1 - YouTube

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 02 Part 2 - YouTube

    The RCP-90's secondary function is great in the latter part of the level. In what will be a recurring theme, the first part of the level is not too tough, but the second part is insane. The train houses many enemies who are hard to see. The RCP-90's secondary function helps, as it highlights them in red.

    If you can't beat it with the RCP-90, learn where the enemies are (in the train section) and take the Plasma Rifle instead. Try to draw the enemy to the train door, as it makes them easier to hit. Just rapid fire through the door when you see them coming.

    Difficulty- 8/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 03 Part 1 - YouTube

    There are several snipers in this level who can (and will) one shot you. You need to be quick to take them out. When it comes to the boss fight, ignore the video. Focus all of your fire on one of the engines, using an SMG or the Plasma Rifle. If you run out of ammo, use your pistol. When you see the ship getting ready to shoot a missile at you, get behind one of the large cement blocks (with a corrugated iron roof) in its line of fire. The missile should hit it. Destroying the ship before it starts trying to burn you is the goal. If it does try however, bring out your Hawk.

    Difficulty- 7/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 04 - YouTube

    Getting into the mansion isn't too difficult when you learn the enemy placement. The boss fight on the other hand is quite painful.

    Choose the M60 when Chandra asks you which weapon you would like. Do not use it straight away! Instead, reload it, then put it away. You need to save it for Mai Hem's clones. The best place to go when the clones arrive, is behind the far left statue, on your side of the arena. The clones will not shoot at you unless they are beside you. When you have killed the clones, the statue you have been hiding behind will come to life. Move quick, or he will punch you. Collect all of the Super Dragons whilst the statues come after you. Kill the statues, then unload on Mai Hem with grenade rounds.

    Difficulty- 7/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 05 Part 1 - YouTube

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 05 Part 2 - YouTube

    Instead of running straight into the first vent, use your Locktopus on the console to your left. It will prevent the alarm from going off, so all the girl guards with magnums won't spawn.

    Difficulty- 5/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 06 Part 1 - YouTube

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 06 Part 2 - YouTube

    I like to use the Shockwave here, rather than the Jackal, as I have trouble seeing the enemies outside. Either will work though. Once you get onto the hovercraft, you should be fine, as Jack is a relatively good shot. Make sure to attach the rocket launcher to turret on the hovercraft.

    Trinity (Infiltration)
    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 07 - YouTube

    Follow the video precisely. Should be a walk in the park.

    Difficulty- 2/10

    Trinity (Escape)
    Trinity | Escape (08) - YouTube

    You need to be quick when making your way to the evacuation point at the end. If your dropship gets shot down, it is mission over. Be wary of your allies walking into your fire, as if you kill them, it is mission failed.

    Difficulty- 6/10


    Perfect Dark Zero - Jungle Storm - YouTube

    This is by far the toughest mission in the game. When following the video, ignore the part where he gets the grenades. Instead, kill the guy near the ladder, turn on invisibility (secondary function on Plasma Rifle) and climb the ladder. The guy above should be unaware of your presence. No one will follow you from below.

    When you reach the Jetpack, get in it and simply fly to the exit. See the video below for the path to take in the Jetpack.

    PDZ Jungle Glitch Dark Agent - YouTube

    Difficulty- 10/10

    Temple | Surveillance (10) - YouTube

    First part will become very easy with practice. After opening the scientists cell, instead of entering cover (like in the video) exit through the doorway and start shooting. You waste too much time if you wait in cover. The end with the Phantoms is very difficult. I failed many times. Best way I've found to kill them, is to set off the flood water, then head for the end of the basin. Try to kill all of them at one end, so you can focus on one point of attack.
    Difficulty- 6/10


    Outpost | Rescue (11) - YouTube

    When the second drop ship arrives, enter the stairway ahead (instead of going back and waiting), stand on the stairs and unload on the ship. You should be able to destroy it before it deploys the troops, saving you a lot of hassle.

    Take out the driver when in the hovercraft battle. Stand/crouch behind a pillar and shoot at Mai Hem every 5-10 seconds. With luck, she won't fire back at you.
    Difficulty- 9/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 12 Part 1 - YouTube

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 12 Part 2 - YouTube

    I would actually recommend a speedrun of the level, however, there are no videos that show it in action, so it may be easier to follow the above. It's the polar opposite of a speedrun; you're going to provoke the enemy then run back and pick them off. Be patient, that's about the only advice I can offer.

    If you are interested in trying it the arguably easier way (speedrun), then you'll need to bring along the Plasma Rifle. Use the cloak at various stages to run past enemies. When you get to the bridge, you're going to want to take the path below it (across the beam). The hardest part is at the end, after killing the spider bots. If you can make it up the first set of stairs and around the corner, you are home.

    Difficulty- 5/10

    Perfect Dark Zero Dark Agent Walkthrough: Mission 13 - YouTube

    This is a very short level, as it is purely a boss fight. You cannot fall off the level, so roll as often as you like to avoid Zhang Li's fire.

    Difficulty- 1/10

    Complete all 14 missions on Dark Agent, in single player, to unlock this achievement.

  • Does anybody else consider this game to be rediculously hard on the higher difficulties?!
  • No doubt; Paltry achievement points anyhting in the campaign too. I know that on subsequent playthroughs you can use stockpiled weapons, so that should make it a little easier. I just finished the nightclub level on perfect agent with the plasma gun (secondary attack makes you invisible so I just ran through to the end of the level cloaked). How do you unlock play on dark agent? Do you have to finish the game on perfect?
  • Yes! which is like many other games
  • Ugh, if this game is anything like the first Perfect Dark on higher difficulties, I'm gonna suck ass! I bought it last night, so I'm going to give it a try now.
  • Not a chance, bad game, not even close to the N64 version.
  • Finally got this, i hated friendly AI in this game because they always walk in front of you when you're shooting, i failed many missions because they'd walk in front of my plasma barrage also they never cover so they end up taking a full magazine to the face. And enemy AI is so annoying, they have perfect vision in a jungle full of obstructions in fact i think they have like a sixth sense because in some missions i was so far away and they could pinpoint my location easily(most of the time without me firing a gun) Now i just need all the multiplayer achievements

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