Completed Co-Op Perfect Agent Achievement

  • Completed Co-Op Perfect Agent



    Completed Co-Op Game On Perfect Agent Difficulty Setting


    Refer to "Completed Single Secret Agent" for more information on the Perfect Agent difficulty. This can be done locally or online. Complete all 14 missions in co-op, on Perfect Agent (or a higher difficulty) to unlock this achievement.

  • This I need someone very good to play with anyone want to play with me gt: xX GeArZz
  • I'm stuck halfway through Co-op on Secret because all of my friends either don't have it or have no idea what they're doing. I'd like to just jump up to Perfect and get both achievements at once. This offer will likely still be open even 6 months from now. GT - koolkong94
  • I need this but I find the achievements to be glitchy for coop since I've done one of these achievements on coop yet it never unlocked but willing to try again gamer tag is dreadlord9200

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