Played 1000 Deathmatch Games Achievement

  • Played 1000 Deathmatch Games



    Multiplayer Award. Played in 1000 DeathMatch Games.


    Play 1000 Deathmatch games, either online or against bots. The quickest way to get this achievement, is to set up a match with the following settings:

    Mode: Team Killcount
    Map: Old Town
    Map Size: Small
    Bots: 15 (Dark Agent/10 on your team. Secret Agent/5 on the other team)
    Weapons: Custom (All Jackal)
    Points: 5

    The match will end in 25-35 seconds. Factoring in the load times, it will take 11-12 hours to complete 1000 games. It can be a mix of online and offline.

  • simple but takes awhile lol. setup old town level small variant put the max amount of botsand set them to dark agent. split teams and only shotguns takes about 20-30secs per match and just boost.
  • An even more convenient way of doing this is while watching tv or a movie. Once the match is set up to @1's settings, flip over to a hockey game or watch a program marathon. Each match will last approximately 30 seconds including load time. 30 seconds per game = 2 games per minute 2 games per minute = 120 games per hour 120 games an hour = 8.3 hours of matches. Have the controller in your hand and press start, start select every thirty seconds or so. By doing so, you will back out at the end of a match with select and start a new one by pressing start. Pressing start twice is essential as it will guarantee your timing without having the screen active, and will not make you accidentally back out to the main menu or pause mid match. As boring as it is, I flipped back to my xbox
  • Not hard at all. I got it down to one full game (lobby to lobby) in roughly 35 seconds--15 of which was the loading screen, so installing the game on your hard drive could save some time. My set up: Map: Urban Score Limit: 5 Time Limit: 3 (it actually doesn't matter what you put here) Set it so there's random spawn (no bases), and choose your favorite (powerful) weapons. Set it so the opposing team is all set on Dark agent and your team on Agent (or whatever the easiest setting is). Also switch some of the opposing team members are on your team. Then just hit start. You don't have to move or anything, and you'll provide the other team with one free kill. I got a good amount of reading done while doing this, and watched a lot of South Park.

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