1000 Sniper Kills Achievement

  • 1000 Sniper Kills



    Expert Kill Award. Achieved 1000 Kills with a Sniper Rifle over all multiplayer games played.


    Achieve 1000 kills with a Sniper Rifle. The quickest way to get this achievement, is to set up a match with the following settings:

    *Note, this method requires a second controller.

    Mode: Team Killcount
    Map:Old Town
    Map Size: Small
    Weapons: Custom (First 4 slots Multi-Mines, fifth slot Combat Shield, last slot the Jackal)
    Bot Count: 14 (Agent/Bully)
    Bot Teams: Humans vs Bots
    Time Limit: 10
    Points Limit: None

    When the match begins, use your second controller, grab a combat shield and head for the same location as described in the "1000 Headshot Kills" guide. Crouch down with your combat shield facing the doorway. This is where you will stay for the rest of the match. Your second controller will not take any damage, but will attract the enemies into the corridor, making them easy to shoot. With your controller, head into the room with the table. There are three doors. The Jackal spawns in the first to your right. Once you have the Jackal, go stand next to the table and aim towards your partner. Shoot the bots in the head. If you run out of ammo, go back to the Jackal's spawn and get some more. You will get 12 bullets each time, so be precise with your shots. Occasionally a bot may punch you, so be careful. On a good run, you can get 80 sniper kills in 10 minutes. 1000 sniper kills will take around two hours. It can be a mix of online and offline. Teamkills count.

    *You must complete the match for your achievement progress to register.

  • last PDZ achievement unlocked - then traded in the game 10 minutes later, i hope they redo the graphics for the original like they did Halo Anniversary because that's worth buying
  • I found the method in this video slightly easier as I didn't need to move to get ammo and also found in the above method the 2nd controller fell down the hole, or I would get blown up by mines!! The only drawback to this one is the bots are more glitchy so takes a little more aiming to get a kill. I averaged around 80 kills per 10 min game. I put flash in the starting weapon slot, armour in the rest apart from the Jackal in the last slot. http://youtu.be/tujVJG_0Hjg
  • Finally got it.
  • Do this one in the desert, like for the other cheevos you can do there, put your second controller guy on that rock where no bots can get to him, and stand on the spawn spot picking up ammo and snipe ring them off the hill, if any bots get too close to your 2nd guy, just sniper them out. I set both players up then I gave a controller to a mate or 2 and said "I bet you can't get 100 head shots without missing" they always do as the bots are on bully, they feel good when they do it, and I feel good because I didn't have to grind those 100 sniper kills :) Add me for all boosting gt: SICK0 ZER0 gt: MONKEY DEEK 2 xbox 360's 2 gamertags 1 xbox one

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