100 Territories Held Achievement

  • 100 Territories Held



    DeathMatch Award. Scored 100 Points in DeathMatch: Territorial Gains.


    Score 100 points in Deathmatch: Territorial Gains. The quickest way to get this achievement, is to set up a match with the following settings:

    Mode: Territorial Gains
    Map: Old Town
    Map Size: Bases 2+4 Open
    Bots: 15 (Dark Agent/14 on your team, 1 on the other)
    Time Limit: None
    Point Limit: 100

    When the game starts, sit back and allow your teammates to do all the work. It will take 15 minutes to get 100 points. It can be a mix of online and offline.

    *You must complete the match for your achievement progress to register.

  • For solo-boosting, here's what I did: Deathmatch: Territorial Gains Time: None Points: 100 Bots: 0 Go to each download point to "gain" them. Once all of them are yours, just sit back for a while as the points accumulate.
  • Thanks! Good deal. Got exhausted after trying to get 100 flags captured >
  • Works great, thanks for the tip ???????? The cool thing about games like this, is that you can invite a few freinds over to play xbox, and leave them to play and shoot the Shiz out of each other, and they don't even realise they are boosting your GS for you. Its great lol.
  • That was easy! Thanks EvilWays!!

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