Act Your Age, Joanna Achievement in Perfect Dark

  • Act Your Age, Joanna



    Destroy Carrington's wine collection.

  • How to unlock Act Your Age, Joanna

    On the 4th level (Carrington Villa) Carrington is being held hostage in the basement of his house. When you first enter the basement you will notice a lot of wine bottles scattered throughout. All you have to do to gain this achievement is destroy every last bottle.

    When all of the bottles are destroyed you will hear Carrington say: “act your age Joanna” and the achievement should unlock. (On a side note all of the bottles are in the basement and if enter the last room of the basement where Carrington is, the level will end and you will need to start again).

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  • On Mission 2: Carrington Villa, simply destroy every wine bottle in the basement wine cellar and the achievement will unlock after the last wine bottle is broken.
  • This won't work in co-op.

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