- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 20 [200]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200 24-48 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 + Mission Replays
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Second controller or co-op friend
- Do cheats affect achievements: Yes [while cheats are active achievements are disabled]

Welcome to Perfect Dark, one of the highlights of the Nintendo 64 and the spiritual sequel to the highly successful Goldeneye. The game is quite long and on the higher difficulties can be very challenging. Perfect Agent difficulty will take time, patience, dedication and skill to complete. The multiplayer is packed full of features and was very advanced for its generation. The game also features a brilliant mode called 'Counter-Operative' where one player is Joanna and the other plays as the bad guys! All the achievements apart from a few should be pretty easy, even for a beginner.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Those new to Perfect Dark may want to start their campaign on Agent difficulty so they can break in the controls and such. I, however, recommend starting on Special Agent because this way Perfect Agent won’t seem quite so hard (of course you can always just go straight into Perfect Agent if your feeling brave or are familiar with the game)!

If you start on Agent/Special Agent, it would be a good idea to read through the "Crowning Glory" guide and pick up as many of the crowns as possible, also get the miscellaneous achievements like "Act Your Age, Joanna" and "Camera Shy". Some of the other miscellaneous achievements will come naturally.

After your first playthrough, you will then want to complete the game on Perfect Agent difficulty. Make sure you disable auto aim from the game settings before you start this playthrough as this is part of the requirements for "Crowning Glory".

Next, you should complete the fist mission on agent in co-op and Counter-Operative mode to obtain the "A Friend Indeed" and "...Who Needs Enemies?" achievements respectively. These are fairly easy and can be done with two controllers or over Live.

Then head to the combat simulator. From here, you will want to get "Golden Days" and "Versatile". Then start the challenges; most of these should cause little issue but as some as the names suggest, they can be quite challenging. Refer to "Prime Target" for more information.

Once you are confident you have used every weapon in the game, you will want to go to the firing range and get a bronze with all weapons to get the "Tools of the Trade" achievement and mop up the weapons specialist achievements you still require.

Finally, you will need to replay the levels to attain the final crowns This is where the majority of the time comes into the game. You will likely need to replay levels multiple times especially to get the crowns relating to overall time. Refer to "Crowning Glory" and this guide located HERE for more details.

Overall, Perfect Dark can be a difficult and time consuming first person shooter but it is certainly one of if not the best FPS of its generation and well worth playing.

[XBA would like to thank Caramel Cardinal and Wilmo X for this Roadmap]

Perfect Dark Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete dataDyne Central - Defection.


    Level Walkthrough – Objective by Objective (on agent)

    Objective 1 – Gain Access to the Laboratory.
    All you need to do is get down to the ground floor and find the elevator leading to the underground lab.

    Once the mission begins, jump down off the helipad and head down to the roof door. Shoot the guard here if he sees you, otherwise knock him out from behind. Head into the building, then as you reach the top of the ramp leading down; there'll be a guard right around the corner so get ready to shoot him. Head down to the next door and head down the stairs. You'll now be on the same floor as Cassandra's office. As soon as you enter the floor, call the elevator to your left and wait for it to appear. Jump in and head down to the ground floor.

    Once there, leave the elevator and go down the stairs. Go left and head through the door there. A few guards in the next smaller room will greet you, kill them then go right around the corner and part of the wall in front of you will open. Go in and activate the elevator on the right to finish the mission.

    Mission Complete and Achievement Unlocked! Well done!

  • Kill an enemy when dual-wielding


    Only small guns can be duel wielded

    • To dual wield a gun you need to pick up a second gun of the same type of the one your using.
    • Only specific gun pickups are duel wields (dropped by guard or placed in level).
    • Can be done on co-op

    The first dual weapons available are on the first 2 levels:

    • Level 1 - Two floors below Cassandra's floor lies a room with a helmeted guard. Kill him and he will drop his Double Falcon 2 (Silenced).
    • Level 2 – You need to reach a weapons cache a long ways from the starting point without getting caught. When you begin, quickly close the elevator doors and listen for a guard walking on the metal in front of the elevator. When he’s gone, quickly open the doors and run to the right hallway until you reach a metal door, do not go through. Wait for the yellow hover bot to come and open the secret door to the left of the metal door. Run in and turn right. Break the glass panels on the side with your fists and jump down. Here is the tough part. Peek through the right corner here and make sure there are no guards. Run down the hall and into a small room with a computer inside. Activate the computer and you will earn duel CMP150s.

    When you shoot your first enemy with duel weapons equipped the achievement will pop!

  • Destroy Carrington's wine collection.

    On the 4th level (Carrington Villa) Carrington is being held hostage in the basement of his house. When you first enter the basement you will notice a lot of wine bottles scattered throughout. All you have to do to gain this achievement is destroy every last bottle.

    When all of the bottles are destroyed you will hear Carrington say: “act your age Joanna” and the achievement should unlock. (On a side note all of the bottles are in the basement and if enter the last room of the basement where Carrington is, the level will end and you will need to start again).

  • Kill 128 enemies using secondary fire mode.


    Secondary functions on the guns are activated by pressing , simply change to the secondary function of any of the guns you are using and start racking up the kills.

  • Destroy 5 security cameras.


    All you have to do is destroy 5 cameras by shooting them or blowing them up.

    There are quite a few cameras on mission 1.1 (perfect), the higher the difficulty you play the more cameras there will be. You will more than likely get this just playing through normally.

    NOTE: You must destroy 5 different cameras, it will only count each one once!

  • Kill 50 enemies using the laptop in sentry gun mode.


    All you have to do for this achievement is get a laptop gun and put it into sentry mode with where there are a few enemies. Kill 50 and the achievement is yours.


    • Sentry mode is the Laptop guns’ secondary function (will contribute to ‘Double 64’)
    • Laptop sentries have 50 bullets.
    • You can pick a sentry back up and re-place it.
    • You start with a Laptop gun on mission 7.
    • There is a secret Laptop gun on mission 1 (see secrets section)

    Multiplayer Solution
    In multiplayer, set-up a match where it is you against 8 peacesims and set all of the guns to laptop guns. The peacesims wont attack you unless you have a gun out and even then they just disarm you and run away.

    Now you need to find an area with a laptop gun you can camp in. Just set a turret down and pick up/equip another laptop gun to lure the peace sims in. They will get mown down by your turret racking up the kills. When your turret runs out, set another one with your equipped gun and pick up/equip another.

  • Complete any Solo Mission on Special Agent or harder using only your fists.

    This is going to be one of the hardest achievements for new Perfect Dark players or gaming novices because you have a health bar and it can be removed quite quickly in special agent.


    • Do it on Special Agent so there is less objectives
    • Avoid unnecessary fights - Try a stealthy approach
    • If you do have to fight use the disarm function, it disarms the enemy and hurts them.
    • When faced with multiple enemies go and disarm them first and then just run away. When you disarm them Joanna usually picks up their gun so they end up just chasing you. (watch out though because sometimes they have a backup pistol)
    • Memorise the levels when you play it through on agent and find an easy level with a short route
    • I would recommend doing this on Level 1, but levels 2,5 and 6 are also good for this (especially when trying stealthily)
    • A really easy method would be to do it on 'The Duel' just slap the 2 opponents for an easy win! (use the cover by the door when you can)
  • Get a Bronze rating or better with all 32 weapons in the Firing Range.

    To obtain this achievement you need to complete the firing range challenges for each of the 32 weapons available with at least a bronze medal.

    Some tips:

    • Bronze medals are simple to get so this should be fairly easy for all players.
    • To get a gun in the firing range you must have used it in single player.
    • There are 5 requirements for each challenge: Score limit, Time limit, Accuracy Number of Targets hit and Ammo available. See below for scoring:
    • Obviously it is best to aim for the centre of each target, but try and hit as many shots within the red boundary for a better chance of winning.

    Also for more in-depth look at the firing range check out these links:

    1. Perfect Dark Recon's Firing Range Guide
    2. X360A: Caramel Cardinal's Firing Range Guide
  • Complete a Combat Simulator game using each of the six Scenarios.


    The six scenarios are basically the game types. Here is a detailed guide on the six game types:

    1. Combat (Deathmatch)
      This is the standard 'kill each other' mode. The aim of this mode is to get more kills than everyone else or the opposing team.
    2. Hold the Briefcase
      This game mode requires the players to get the randomly placed briefcase and hold it for the longest. The person who holds it longest at the end is the winner. Players need to kill the briefcase holder to pick it up.
    3. Hacker Central
      Players must find the Data Uplink and hack into the terminal to score points. Both items are randomly placed and marked on the map. If a player is killed with the uplink it moves to another random place.
    4. Pop a Cap (Kill the VIP)
      The aim of this free-for-all scenario is to kill the target. The target is picked at random and all players must fight to kill them. Whoever kills the target will get two points and someone else will become the target. The target gets 1 point for every minute of survival.
    5. Capture the Case (Capture the Flag)
      Each team has a case. The objective is to get the other teams case and return it to your own while keeping your own safe.
    6. King of the Hill (Zones)
      Players fight to capture sections of the map (zones). When a member of a team is in it they capture it and start scoring points. The other team will need to kill the players in the zones and neutralize them to capture and start scoring points themselves.

    All you need to do is complete a match for each one.

  • Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity, Complex or Temple using Classic Weapons.

    All you need to do is finish a match in any game mode on one of the classic Goldeneye maps with 'Classic' Goldeneye weapons. The weapons are listed below:

    The Classic Levels:

    • Felicity (Goldeneye: Facility)
    • Complex (Goldeneye: Complex)
    • Temple (Goldeneye: Temple)

    The Classic Weapons:

    • PP9I (aka: PP7)
    • CC13 (aka: DD44 Dostovei)
    • KLO1313 (aka: KLOBB)
    • KF7 Special (aka: KF7 Soviet)
    • ZZG 9mm (aka: ZMG 9mm)
    • DMC (aka: D5K Deutsh)
    • AR53 (aka: AR33 Assault Rifle)
    • RC-P45 (aka: RC-P90)

    Make sure to use a set with the word 'Classic' in front of it.

  • Complete every Challenge up to and including 29, the 10th Prime number.

    This is probably one of the hardest achievements to get in the game. A lot of the earlier challenges are easy but some of the later ones are pretty hard and you will find yourself up against DarkSims a few times!


    1. Learn the levels beforehand, getting to know where all the good items spawn or where shields may be can be a life saver.
    2. While it may be easier for some people using more players, doing so will add more simulants.
    3. Use laptop gun sentrys where available (especially on defence challenges)
    4. Below is a list of the challeges. The challenges are set out like so:

      Scenario *Allies v Simulants (No. Simulants 1P) on Level [Difficulty]
    • 1 - Combat v Meatsims (1) on Skedar [Easy]
    • 2 - Combat v Meatsims (1) on Area 52 [Easy]
    • 3 - Combat v Meatsims (1) on Pipes [Easy]
    • 4 - King of the Hill v Meat & Easysims (1) on Skedar [Easy]
    • 5 - Combat v Meat & Easysims (1) on Complex [Easy]
    • 6 - Hold the Briefcase v Meat & Easysims (4) on Area 52 [Easy]
    • 7 - King of the Hill v Easysims (1) on Warehouse [Easy]
    • 8 - Capture the Case v Easysims (1) on Skedar [Easy]
    • 9 - Combat v Normalsims (1) on Ravine [Easy]
    • 10 - Capture the Case v Easysims (1) on Temple [Easy]
    • 11 - King of the Hill v Normalsims (1) on Complex [Medium]
    • 12 - Combat v Hardsims (1) on Skedar [Medium]
    • 13 - Combat v Normalsims (1) on G5Building [Easy]
    • 14 - Capture the Case v Normal & Easysims (2) on Area 52 [Easy]
    • 15 - Hold the Briefcase v Normal & Meatsims (2) on Grid [Easy]
    • 16 - Combat v Perfectsims (1) on Felicity [Medium/Hard]
    • 17 - King of the Hill v PerfectSims (1) on Temple [Medium]
    • 18 - King of the Hill v Perfect & Mediumsims (2) on Villa [Hard]
    • 19 - Combat v Hard & Normalsims (2) on G5 Building [Hard]
    • 20 - Combat *Normalsims v Hardsims on Sewers [Medium]
    • 21 - Hacker Central v Hardsims (1) on Grid [Hard]
    • 22 - Hold the Briefcase v Perfect & Normalsims (2) on Base [Hard]
    • 23 - Combat v Hardsims (2) on Complex [Medium/Hard]
    • 24 - Capture the Case v Easysims (4) on Fortress [Medium]
    • 25 - Combat v Hardsims (1) on Ravine [Medium]
    • 26 - King of the Hill v Perfect & Hardsims (2) on Ruins [Hard]
    • 27 - Hacker Central v Perfectsims (1) on Sewers [Hard]
    • 28 - Capture the Case v Darksims (2) on Villa [V.Hard]
    • 29 - Combat v Darksims (2) on G5 Building [V.Hard]

    There are a few in-depth guides kicking about on the internet:

    1. Perfect Dark Recon
    2. GameFAQs

    When you have completed all 29 of the Challenges your rightfully earned achievement should unlock!

  • Complete any mission in Co-operative Mode.


    All you have to do for this achievement is get friend on XBL or in offline splitscreen and complete any of the missions on any difficulty (all levels in a mission). I would recommend Carrington Villa on agent as there is only one level and it is quick.

  • Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode.


    All you have to do for this achievement is get friend on XBL or in offline splitscreen and complete any of the levels on any difficulty (all levels in a mission). I would recommend Carrington Villa on agent as there is only one level and it is quick.

    Also to speed up the process have the counter-operative go round killing all his own men so it’s quicker for Joanna, then swap round. (Or the counter-operative could just take a suicide pill for every guard he becomes.)

  • Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons.


    There are 10 dataDyne weapons in total:

    • CMP150 – Found on most dataDyne guards on the first few missions.
    • DY357 Magnum – Strong guards on Mission 3.2 have this gun.
    • Shotgun – Found on Cassandra’s bodyguards on Mission 1.3
    • K7 Avenger – In the training area on Mission 1.2.
    • Dragon – Guards in Area 51 have these.
    • Superdragon – Strong guards in Area 51 have these.
    • Rocket Launcher – Can be found on the first level on SA and higher.
    • Devastator – On the boxes on the helipad in Mission 4.

    Check out this guide for exact locations.

  • Kill at least one enemy with each of the Carrington Institute weapons.


    There are 8 Carrington Institute weapons in total:

    • Falcon 2 – Starting gun on Mission 1.2
    • Falcon 2 (Silencer) – Starting gun on Mission 1.1
    • Falcon 2 (Scope) – Starting gun on Mission 1.3
    • Laptop Gun – Found on Mission 1.1 (Secret Area on SA) or start with on Mission 6.1
    • AR34 Assault Rifle – Starting gun on Mission 7
    • Sniper Rifle – Starting gun on the Mission 2
    • Laser – Start with on Mission 7
    • Crossbow - Start with on Mission 5.1 (must use secondary function)

    Check out this guide for exact locations.

  • Kill at least one enemy with each of the Maian weapons.


    There are 3 Maian weapons in total:

    • Phoenix – There is one hidden in Mission 4.2 and Mission 9
    • Callisto NTG – Disarm a Maian in Mission 8 or start with one on Mission 9
    • Farsight XR-20 – In Mission 6.2 on Special Agent or higher

    Check out this guide for exact locations.

  • Agent



    Complete the Solo Missions on Agent

    Complete the single player story on Agent difficulty (Easy) [see "Perfect Agent"]

  • Complete the Solo Missions on Special Agent.

    Complete the single player story on Special Agent difficulty (Normal) [see "Perfect Agent"]

  • Complete the Solo Missions on Perfect Agent.

    Complete the single player story on Perfect Agent difficulty (Hard)

    Perfect Dark’s Single player campaign consists of 17 levels. They start off pretty easy but get hard towards the end. If you played through on easier difficulties first you will notice that there are new objectives, much fewer shields and different weapon pickups, as well as the substantial increase in AI accuracy.

    There are no checkpoints on Perfect Dark’s levels, nor do you have COD/Halo style health regeneration, meaning you have to do the whole level with your health meter. Stealth and duck and cover is a major part of the gameplay here, you will find yourself popping in and out of cover repeatedly taking a shot or two each time.

    Tips for Perfect Agent:

    • Always aim for the head. While enemies die with a few shots, headshots are an instant kill (if an enemy doesn’t have a shield) and will help to preserve ammo.
    • Always look for a shield, if you find one in previous playthroughs on Agent check to see if it is there on Perfect Agent (there are very few though)
    • Look at this guide for secret weapon locations to pick them up on your playthrough. They can come in very handy
    • Take your time, don’t attempt to play like COD or Halo, this is a different style of play and you do not have regenerating health either!
    • Game guide 1: Perfect Dark Recon
    • Game guide 2: Perfect Dark IGN Guide

    Completing the story on any difficulty may not unlock the lower difficulty achievements. Another user has played through on Special Agent and did not get the achievement for Agent

  • Earn all the Leaderboard Crowns.

    The crown system is new and unique to Perfect Dark XBLA, there are a set number of crowns to unlock, much like in-game achievements and you have to complete a hidden objective to unlock each one. In the Perfect menu > Help & Options > Awards, you can check which ones you have unlocked

    If a weapon is listed and you cannot find it, it may be hidden. Check out this guide for hidden weapons information.

    Single Player Levels
    1. No Help Needed dataDyne: Defection, 15 kills with auto aim disabled [PA]
    2. Close Proximity dataDyne: Research, Get 3 or more kills with the hidden Proximity Mine [A]
    3. Good Enough For Clint dataDyne: Extraction, 8 headshots with the hidden magnum [A]
    4. Way Of The Assassin Carrington Villa, No Scope Headshot 5 enemies with the hidden sniper rifle [PA]
    5. Quickly Does It Chicago, Complete all three objectives in rapid sucession of each other [A]
    6. Bow To The Audience G5 Building, 8 kills with the hidden crossbow (secondary function)[A]
    7. Rapid Radar Shut Down Area 51: Infiltration, Blow up the radar in less than 60 seconds [SA]
    8. Master Of Disguise Area 51: Rescue, obtain and wear the lab coat in under 1:30 [SA]
    9. Easy Rider Area 51: Escape, Leave the base via Hoverbike in under 30 seconds [A]
    10. I Want To Be Sedated Airbase, Use the Drug spy on 6 people in less than 30 seconds [SA]
    11. Presidential Predication Air Force One, Complete objective 3 first then finish the level quickly (co-op) [A]
    12. Magnum P.D. Crash Site, Use Trent's golden magnum to kill the clone [A]
    13. Tick Tick...Boom Pelagic II, Kill 4 enemies with 1 N-Grenade [A]
    14. Can't Touch This Deep Sea, Beat objective 1 without taking damage [PA]
    15. Run And Gun Carrington Institute, complete objectives 1 & 2 in less than 1:30 then finish (co-op) [A]
    16. Against All Odds... Attack Ship, Kill the big Skedar (dual maulers) on the bridge with the slayer in 8 mins [PA]
    17. RockedSkedar Ruins, complete the first objective within 30 seconds [PA]

    Special Assignment Levels
    18. Invisibility Factor Mr Blonde's Revenge, Do not use the Cloaking Device [SA]
    19. Magnum Forced Maian SOS, use the Psychosis gun on the dual gold magnum guy then let him kill 5 enemies [PA]
    20. Three Kings WAR, beat the level in 1:40 killing each king with a charged up mauler headshot [PA]
    21. Perfect Head The Duel, Headshot all 3 enemies within 25 seconds [PA]

    22. Ninja For melee kills in combat simulator
    23. The Name's Dark...Perfect Dark. Complete all 21 levels on Perfect Agent with auto-aim off [PA]
    24. Bronze Complete all 21 levels on Agent in 0:48:00 total
    25. Silver Complete all 21 levels on Secret Agent 1:09:00 total
    26. Gold Complete all 21 levels on Perfect Agent 1:35:00 total

    27. Gamer Picture 1 Get all 4 Multiplayer awards in one match
    28. Gamer Picture 2 Get 201% Overall on the leaderboard (complete)
    29. Avatar Award 1 Any Level, Kill any enemy with a headshot
    30. Avatar Award 2 Complete any Special Assignment on any difficulty
    31. Perfect Dark Theme Get at least 1 kill with all 32 weapons in any mode

    For a more in-depth guide visit: Echtzeit's Crown Guide
    Also see: NS JimMenaMan's Crown Video Guides

    When you have collected your 31st Crown you will be awarded your achievement!

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