- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 21 [845]
- Online: 4 [155]
- Approximate amount of time to 905: 45+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [2 recommended]
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: Yes ["Tournament Qualifier", "Gotham Hero", "Gotham TV Sports Fan"]
- Extra equipment needed: A second controller is recommended.

NOTE: Gotham TV and the tournaments have stopped running, so if you don't have the related achievements already you can only obtain a maximum of 905 from this game

This game is probably one of the harder games out there for getting the full 1000 achievement points on, however a majority can be done without too much time and effort. There are currently no known glitched or missable achievements however the tournaments that are run are usually country dependant, i.e only players from certain countries can enter them. Since this is the case then this achievement may be unobtainable for some as there may be no tournaments ran in their country.

Step 1 - Career mode:
The first thing you'll want to do is career mode. I recommend starting on silver because at the beginning, you only have basic cars which are extremely difficult to use to complete the game with on the harder difficulty levels.

At the start, I also recommend buying the Ariel Atom. While progressing through the game you'll earn a considerable amount of credits, it is recommended that you save these until you can afford one of the games top cars such as the Ferrari F50GT or the McLaren F1, this should give you the advantage later in the game.

Step 2 - Career mode on platinum:
After your fist play through, you'll want to do the game again on platinum. This could take a very long time depending on your skill and requires a lot of determination. Most of the races are fairly easy but the hotlap's, time trials and cone challenges are not. For hot laps and time trials, you will need to learn the fastest route through every corner and keep pushing until you beat the time (if you can't do some of them, changing to a car of a lower class increases the amount of time you have to do the lap and as such may be easier). For cone challenges, you'll need to know the location of every set of cones and to know how to slide the car so you never lose your combo in between the sets of cones.

Step 3 - Online:
Due to the fact that this game is rarely played online anymore, it will probably require you to boost the online achievements with a group of players. To find some, go visit the forums. While some of you are boosting in online career mode, the rest of you should be watching them race on Gotham TV as well.

Next you need to qualify for a tournament. Tournaments are still ran weekly however it is not known how much longer that this will be the case. Also, different countries have different tournaments so depending on your country this may be unobtainable altogether. Furthermore, tournaments still require a lot of skill to qualify for them. It is recommended that the day before the tournament qualification ends is when you should try to qualify, as this will ensure that you don’t get kicked out of the qualification zone. Also make sure that you turn up for your allotted time slot because even if you qualify, you’ll miss out on the achievement.

Finally, the achievements that require you to do events in modes such as cat & mouse and cone capture are easiest when boosted with friends online. However these four can also be done offline using a second controller in necessary.

Step 4 - Finishing up:
By now you should have enough credits to buy all the cars needed for the Lamborghini, Ferrari and Exotic car club achievements. If not the last race in career mode on gold gets you a lot of credits and can be done repeatedly until you earn enough for them. Next you should go for the "Race Against the Clock" achievement. All you have to do is set a lap time on every track. Once you have set a lap time (even if you crashed mid way around and it wasn’t good) there is no need to do another faster one.

Also you may be missing the style racer achievement. The description of this can be confusing. When it says "kudos for every maneuver" it means in a single race and this can be quite hard to do. There are several methods of getting it and a quick search on a popular search engine will reveal some in depth guides for this achievement (Note: you don't need kudos for cone gate as this is obviously not obtainable when in a regular race).

Finally you should wrap up any other achievements you have left, see the achievement guide for more details.

At this point, you should have all achievements in the game. If you can't seem to find any tournament being run for your country, just keep checking back regularly. If there isn't one after a few weeks when you've been checking every day, then there's a good chance there won't be anymore and the achievement will become unobtainable.

[XBA would like to thank Caramel Cardinal for this Roadmap]

PGR 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Rank 10.

    This is awarded after the play gains 1,000 kudos points. These points are awarded for any stylish or dangerous moves performed such as drifting or going on two wheels for a while. This should be easy to get as hard turns and drifting can be achieved easily.

  • Rank 5



    Rank 5.

    This is a lot harder. You need a total of 160,000 points to get this. Throughout your career there will be certain scenarios which require you to go through cone gates to receive kudos points. If you perform at a platinum level you will be getting around 20,000 kudos points a game. If you’re not good enough for platinum, just go for the target area for a silver medal. Once you have done that scenario, do it again a few more times. Try beating your previous record. Not only will this get you more kudos points but will give you practise for a platinum run through.

  • Rank 1



    Rank 1.

    475,000 kudos points are required for this. That’s at least 2 play throughs on career mode. A good place to gain at least 10,000 kudos points on silver medal alone is the Nurburgring scenarios. The short race on that track has plenty of twists and turns to rack up some kudos points. However, just doing this can be painfully dull so I would advise going for it only if you have great patience. Again, if you’re a platinum player, this will come so much faster than any easier setting.

  • Arcade Player.

    When you are in the garage looking for a car to drive in, go to the option ‘look around’ and this lets you walk around your garage. If you do this you will notice two arcade machines in the corner. One is for geometry wars evolved and the other for geometry wars. Play on one then quit it. This will send you back to the starting screen for PGR3. Simply go back into your garage and play on the machine you didn’t play before. Quit that and you should get the achievement.

  • Track Builder.

    Making a track is good fun and it’s also very quick. A very quick way to do this is when you get to the editing screen, just press for a random track. Press done and save it. Repeat this 9 times and voila! You have an achievement.

  • Photographer.

    In every race you do, you have a chance to take a picture. To do this press start and go to the option ‘take photo’. This will take you to a new screen. Move the camera angle how you want then save the photo. Do this in every city (London, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo & Nurburgring). It doesn’t matter how you save the photo just as long as you save at least once in every city.

  • Ferrari Owners Club.

    For this you need a lot of money and you need to have progressed far into career mode so you could have unlocked all cars. This is a list of the ones you need:

    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale - 425 bhp
    Ferrari 575M Maranello - 515 bhp
    Ferrari Enzo - 650 bhp
    Ferrari F355 GTS - 375 bhp
    Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta - 375 bhp
    Ferrari F40 - 478 bhp
    Ferrari F430 - 490 bhp
    Ferrari F50 - 513 bhp
    Ferrari F50 GT - 750 bhp
    Ferrari GTO Evoluzione - 650 bhp
    Ferrari Testarosssa - 390 bhp

    In order to unlock the achievement, you will need all of these cars in your garage at the same time. Don’t worry about space. You will be given a new garage when you run out of space. The last garage can hold almost all of these cars so you can keep your current favourites in another garage.

  • Lamborghini Owners Club.

    Exactly the same as the Ferrari Owners Club. After gaining all of the Ferrari cars, sell the ones you don’t want. This will free up space in your garages and it will give you some extra cash. Remember, if you run out of cash, do a few career scenarios on the silver or gold setting. This will soon raise your bank balance. This is a list of the cars you need:

    Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary - 455 bhp
    Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 - 550 bhp
    Lamborghini Diablo GT - 567 bhp
    Lamborghini Gallardo - 500 bhp
    Lamborghini Miura P400 S - 370 bhp
    Lamborghini Murcielago - 580 bhp
    Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT - N/A bhp
    Lamborghini Countach LP500 QV - 455 bhp

    Again, you needn’t really worry about space in your garages. If you do start to struggle for space (this will only happen if you are a real hoarder) then sell some of the old cars you haven’t used in a while. You need to have all of these cars in your garage at the same time for the achievement to unlock. Note: The cars don’t have to be all in one garage, they can be spread through all of them.

  • Exotic Car Club.

    This achievement is slightly easier on the bank balance as there are less cars to buy. This is a list of the cars you need:

    Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo - 898 bhp
    Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 - 401 bhp
    Ford GT - 550 bhp
    McLaren F1 LM - 680 bhp
    RUF CTR Yellow Bird - 469 bhp
    Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 - 450 bhp
    TVR Cerbera Speed 12 - 800 bhp

    You should only get this when you have a comfortable bank balance as the McLaren F1 LM is the second dearest car in the market at $1,250,000.

  • Steel Champion.


    This requires that you complete every event with at least a steel trophy. Seeing as though that’s the lowest trophy you will get this easily. Just make sure all events have at least one trophy.

  • Bronze Champion.


    This is also very easy. The kudos race requirements are low and the CPU players are easy to beat. Just use any car you are comfortable with and rack up your bank balance for some of the super cars that will become available to you later on.

  • Silver Champion.


    This is slightly harder than bronze. At this stage you can certainly feel the difference. If you are a veteran driving gamer then this will come easy to you. Simply do all events with at least a silver medal.

  • Gold Champion.


    This is where it gets considerably tougher. You will notice most requirements for races are doubled (kudos races) or halved (hot lap races). If you have already played all the tracks in every city then this shouldn’t be too hard. Again, if you’re a seasoned driving gamer, this won’t be too hard.

  • Platinum Champion.

    This really separates the men from the boys. Got what it takes? Use the best cars only (Ferrari F50 GT and McLaren F1 LM). It can be extremely hard in places so you need to keep your cool. Play nasty by swerving in front of your rivals or making them spin on the grass. With enough practise you will get this. When you do this achievement you will definitely have enough kudos to be rank 1 so there will be no need to visit single player career mode again.
    Note: If you do platinum on the first run through, you will be awarded all other Champion achievements as they are stackable.

  • Style Racer Badge


    Badges are only given when playing career mode. The badges required for this achievement are there for the online career mode. You can do them in any event.

    25m power slide: Do this on a very long corner. Break like usual but with the left analogue stick, lean into the break but not too much and you’ll be getting a nice power slide. With a little practise this will be very easy.
    10x Combo: Simply do 10 stylish manoeuvres in quick succession. This is easiest to do on a Nurburgring track as all the corners are tight and close together.
    25k Online Kudos: This cannot be done on the ‘Playtime’ mode. All that is needed is 25,000 kudos points. This will take a few races but it’s not hard at all.
    1k Kudos in a race: Almost impossible not to achieve. Just do the race as you usually would and make sure to drift around any corners you see.
    Kudos for every manoeuvre: This can be relatively tough to get. Every time you turn a corner or go up a small hill make sure to get some kudos point. Do this by power sliding or going so fast up the hill you get some air kudos.

  • Pro Racer Badge

    This can be achieved very easily if you have one of the two super cars: Ferrari F50 GT or the McLaren F1 LM. Go to the options on the main menu and set the transmission to manual. Now select a speed challenge event in the career mode. Select hard core and simply cross the finish line with the required time. It can take a few tries but it’s worth 60G. As its manual you will need to change gears yourself. Press to go up a gear when the speed-o-meter gets to the top.

  • Gotham TV Sports Fan

    After any race you do, you are given the option to save your reply. Just do this once. Call it whatever you like then forget about it. After the race, go to the main menu and select Gotham TV. You should be able to watch recent matches’ people have played. Once you start watching one, abandon the event and repeat a further 9 times. After you have done this, press your Xbox guide button and press for the dashboard. When you get back to the dashboard, loads PGR3 back up again. The achievement should unlock then.

  • Gotham Hero

    People usually get confused as to where to do this. It cannot be achieved in playtime. It has to be done in the multiplayer career mode. Random matches in the career mode are recorded. Just before entering the match, the bottom of the loading screen will have “This race is being recorded by Gotham TV”. That’s the point where you should happily come in whatever place you feel like in the race as you will get 30G for it. Make sure to finish the race to the end though.

  • Race Against the Clock

    There are 37 tracks in total in PGR3. For this achievement you need to set a lap time for each one of them. You don’t need to beat anybody’s lap time for this, you just need to race one lap then quit the track for the next one. It can be a long dull process but it’s extremely easy for 50G.

  • Online Professional.

    This is another achievement which requires that you go to multiplayer career mode. You need to earn the following badges:

    50 online races: This can take a while. You do not need to win the races. You just need to finish 50 online races.
    Start Last/Finish 1st: If you find yourself starting at the back of the grid at the start, play to win. Alternatively, you can get your mates to wait while you win the race in order to get this.
    3-event win streak: This can be challenging if you’re up against some good players. To avoid getting annoyed, playing with friends would be the best option. Ask them to wait whilst you win 3 races in a row.
    Clean race: Play it very safe. Do not hit anything. Do not ruin your kudos bonus by clipping the side of a wall. Do not power slide. Just race, slowly. You may lose but you will earn this badge. It can be quite hard as people might try to make you swerve so again, do this with friends.
    Win each scenario: Now this will take a while. Complete every online career event. This can be done easily with a few friends but is time consuming. Just play as you would if you were playing single player career mode.

DLC: Game Title Update

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • Qualify for a tournament and play in the first elimination round.

    Two words here: Skill required. There are set dates for tournaments throughout the year and weeks before the tournament starts their qualifying rounds. This is where you are given a track and you have to beat a designated time. It’s a lot like hot lop but much harder. If you manage to finish the lap before the time runs out. Make a note of the tournament and simply play in it. It doesn’t matter if you do badly in the first stages, just as long as you play. Note: PGR3 is a very old game and since the 4th one is out tournaments may have stopped. If this is the case then this cannot be achieved.

  • Win a Cat & Mouse Event as the player in the E class vehicle

    Cat and mouse is essentially just a game of 3v3. 2 cats and 1 mouse. The mouse is an E class car whilst the cats are A class cars. It’s the job of the mice to get to the end nice and quickly. It’s the job of the cats to stop the other teams mouse from finishing the race first. It can be tough if you’re playing skilled players. Get some mates and just let each other win. If you think that is too much of a cheat just play smart. You must win as the mouse to get this achievement.

  • Win a Cat & Mouse Event as a player in a non E class vehicle.

    Being an A class car and stopping an E class car is easy and fun. You should get no real trouble in stopping the opponent’s mouse. Just make sure your mouse crosses the finish line first and you’ll get this achievement.

  • Win a Cone Capture Event

    Get a mate and go around a familiar track. To capture a cone you just need to ride over it. You will know if you have captured if as it will turn a different colour. If you can’t seem to win just ask him nicely if he’ll take a fall for the next one.

  • Be on the winning team of a Team Cone Capture Event

    Exactly the same as Cone Capture Champion except there are two teams of 1. If your friend keeps beating you, just ask to win. Take the majority of the cones before the time runs out and you have yourself another achievement.

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