- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 18-25 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulties
- Glitched achievements: None

Step 1: Preparation
As with getting achievements out of any RPG, knowledge and preparation are key. This one is less intensive than most, as you really can't miss anything for good. However, you'll still want to read a bit before starting and have a few links bookmarked. First, read this thread with some beginner's tips - very useful when first starting. Now you'll want a walkthrough. I used this one. To double check the directions while inside dungeons, couple the worded walkthrough with these maps.

Step 2: Normal Playing to Dezo
For me, I found the game fairly tedious but not overly difficult until you get to Dezo, which is the step after earning the "Oh Dam" achievement. Play as you would any RPG until then, fighting all your random encounters and leveling up as usual. I personally was level 22 with Rolf at this point. (Don't worry about the level 30 achievement, you'll get that with Nei very early in the game.)

Step 3: Ostrich Tactics/Save-Reload Tricks
Now that you're on Dezo, you'll need to collect items from four final dungeons and face the game's two end-bosses. Now, this may seem odd but I didn't fight a single random encounter in this half of the game. Use the X-button trick to avoid battles and save every 30 seconds or so while navigating the dungeons. If you do get into a battle, you'll only lose a few seconds of your time reloading your last save.

Step 4: Dark Force and Mother Brain
When fighting Dark Force, especially at a low level, you can be wiped out if he gets off two consecutive attacks. The battle will also take forever if you are healing constantly. Well, with the ability to save anytime, you can do this very difficult battle without getting struck once. Save at the beginning and have everyone attack. If he attacks back with his lightning move, reload your save. If he just possesses someone, don't worry - they don't attack your party. Save at the beginning of your next round and repeat. Every so often your members will revert to normal and continue attacking.

Even at this low level, Mother Brain can be fought normally without manipulating saves. See the "Complete the Game" achievement for the legit strategy.

Be sure to grab the few miscellaneous achievements while you go, but basically you just need to beat the game. It will take a bit of time, even basically skipping the second half of it, but it really isn't all that difficult.

[x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this Road Map.]

Phantasy Star II Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Finish the game by defeating Mother Brain.

    For this I used a team of Rolf, Rudo, Anna and Amy. Make sure everyone has all the Nei equipment on. Use normal attacks with Rolf, Rudo and Anna. Have Amy use the Storm Gear. When your health gets low (about half) on any character, switch them to using their GiRes item. Aegis for Amy, Truth Sleeves for Rolf, Crescent Gear for Rudo and Amber Robe for Anna. Anna and Amy actually died for me, but keep pushing on with Rolf and Rudo. It's really not hard at all, even at level 22.

  • Defeat Dark Force.

    See "Complete The Game" for the strategy for the boss fight. You can either use that strategy here if you want a challenge, or use the method outlined in the Road Map. If you're only level 22 like I was, the RM method is likely the only one that will work. Mother Brain can be defeated normally at this level, but Dark Force is a different story.

  • Advance one of your party to Level 30.

    You will want to earn this achievement early in the game with Nei. Make sure she is level 30 before reaching the top of the Climatrol building. Without spoiling too much, you won't have her after this. You can also get this end-game if you're trying to defeat Dark Force with a normal strategy and not the one in the Road Map.

  • Watch the entire in-game credits roll.

    Just complete the game and watch the end credits roll. This can not be earned by watching the credits from the game's menu options.

  • Use a Hidapipe.

    You can first buy this item from Piata. It is a town that is out of the way, and has some of the best weapons before the second half of the game starts. Piata isn't part of the storyline so you have to go out of your way to get there.

    Teleport to Kueri, then exit the town and head for the shoreline to the west to find your Jet Scooter conveniently waiting for you (after finishing the Roron dungeon). Jump on board, then sail due west, and you should hit an island with some mountains on it. Sail around to the south of this island, then sail due west until you reach land. Park the scooter, then make your way across a series of bridges until you reach the final town, Piata!

    Then go to the item shop and buy a Hidapipe. Exit town, and use the Hidapipe for the achievement.

  • Use an Escapipe to escape a dungeon.

    Buy an Escapipe from the very first town's item shop. Then when you go to Shure, enter the dungeon and use the Escapipe.

  • Advance one of your party to Level 20.

    See "Level 30" for more information.

  • Oh Dam



    Open all four dams.

    Story related, impossible to miss.

  • Acquire the Laser Cannon.

    See "Hidapipe" for how to reach the town of Piata. This weapon costs 20,000 Meseta there. If you are short on funds, the monsters in the area around Piata drop a good deal of money. You will find yourself grinding to upgrade weapons like this often.

  • Advance one of your party to Level 10.

    See "Level 30" for more information.

  • Nido?



    Reach the Tower of Nido.

    Story related, impossible to miss.

  • Spend 1,200 Meseta on one item.

    As soon as you hit Arima, the Weapon shop sells a sword for 1,200 Meseta. If you don't buy that, there are numerous other items in the game you'll buy - namely with the "Oh Yeah!" achievement.

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