Plunder that Booty Achievement

  • Plunder that Booty



    Beat Pirates Story Mode.

    This achievement requires you to beat Story Mode on Easy (2v2), Medium (3v3) and Hard (4v4). You start on Easy and when you beat it you unlock Medium and once you beat that you unlock Hard.
    There is 3 fights on each difficulty (against the 3 teams that you aren't playing as) so 9 fights all together.
    I found that the best technique to use was to go balls to the wall. All out attack. You're A.I teammates handle themselves quite well and you're opponents often don't even take one down.
    Even on hard, its VERY easy.

    If you die, you can just retry the level. The hardest team to defeat by far is the Robots. This is mainly due to the fact that you can't see anything.

    Be sure to abuse the counter move ( when the ball is coming towards you) and try and dodge as many balls as you can with the .

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