-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 48 [990] (Some will be easier online)
-Online: 2 [10] (An Online Connection is required for the game though)
-Approximate Amount of Time to 1000: 40 - 60 Hours
-Missable Achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

The sequel to the surprise hit Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is finally here and it's even more crazy than the first game! Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 now has a ton of single player content in addition to Garden Ops and multiplayer; so prepare to do various missions for several goofy characters on both the Plants' side and the Zombies'!

Step 1: Backyard Battleground
Backyard Battelground serves as the game's hub, it is a small open world where Plants and Zombies are constantly at war. Here you will find several missions for both the Plants and the Zombies that you must complete to unlock several achievements. There are a couple achievements for things just in the Backyard Battlegrounds map including collectible gnomes.

Step 2: Garden Ops
Garden Ops is the game's version of a Horde mode; in it you will fight off 10 waves of enemies that get increasingly difficult, several bosses will spawn throughout the match. There are various achievements associated with this game mode including beating it on the highest difficulty. Garden Ops is the easiest way to work on the achievements for killing 5000 plants and 5000 zombies.

Step 3: Multiplayer
Unlike the first game, there are not many multiplayer only achievements in Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. "Prance vs Samba" is the only achievement that you must do in multiplayer; however, all of the goat related achievements will be easier to do in multiplayer as there will be more Roses turning zombies into goats.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is a much easier completion than its predecessor. The "Time to Go Outside" achievement will take quite a bit of time to unlock, meaning that the game will not be a fast completion. Luckily Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is an incredibly fun game, that will keep you hooked even past the completion!

[XBA would like to thank Darth Grif55 for this Roadmap]

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 63 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Promote a single character 5 times.

    To promote a character you must get them to level 10. You get XP for doing almost everything in the game, but it still takes a bit of time to get a character all of the way to level 10. Once a character is level 10, you can promote them by going to the Stat Room on their respective time and there will be an area to promote characters.

    You can get XP multipliers by doing the various quests on the Daily Quest board in the hub world, this will definitely help ranking your character up.

    I would suggest picking both a plant and a zombie that you really like playing/are good with and sticking with them for everything you do in the game. This will help you get the achievement as fast as possible.

  • Spend your first star.

    You will get stars by completing missions on the Daily Quests board. The stars will unlock various things across the Backyard Battlegrounds map, including treasure chests and items to decorate the bases with. All you have to do is spend a star on one of these items.

    The easiest item to buy with a star is in the plants' base, it is near the entrance to the stats room and is covered by rubble.

  • Vanquish 5000 Zombies.

    This achievement tracks over all game modes. You will get a good amount of these kills by working towards all of the other achievements in the game, but, if you haven't gotten this by the time you have unlocked the rest of the achievements, just play Garden Ops until you get to 5000 kills. Good players can rack up 100 kills per Garden Ops match.

  • Vanquish 5000 Plants.

    This achievement tracks over all game modes. You will get a good amount of these kills by working towards all of the other achievements in the game, but, if you haven't gotten this by the time you have unlocked the rest of the achievements, just play Garden Ops until you get to 5000 kills. Good players can rack up 100 kills per Garden Ops match.

  • Complete an Ops game on CRRRRRAAAZY Difficulty.

    CRRRRRAAAZY difficulty is the hardest difficulty you can select for the Ops modes. Though it may sound difficult, it actually isn't if you're playing with a full team of people. I'd highly suggest that atleast one person is a Sunflower or a zombie Scientist so that everyone can be regularly healed. Stick near your team mates and this should be a piece of cake....or maybe a piece of braaaaiiinssss.

  • Complete 100 waves in Ops.

    There are about 10 waves in a full Ops match, so all you have to do is play 10 full games of the Ops modes. However, some of the Backyard Battleground missions have Ops waves in them that will count towards this achievement. So, if you play those beforehand, you'll already have some progress on this achievement.

  • Defeat 3 Super Boss Waves in Ops.

    During Ops matches, there will be several Boss waves; sometimes these Boss waves will become a Super Boss wave. A Super Boss wave happens when the Slot Machine has three of the same type of boss, you will know when it happens because a cutscene will play showing that boss. Sadly, there is no set way to make a Super Boss wave happen and it is entirely up to luck so you will have to play Ops mode until the achievement unlocks.

  • Reach the boss wave using the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground.

    The Flag of Power is the giant flag located on a hill in the center of the map. You can see from both the Plants' and the Zombies' bases. Go up to it and raise it, this will start a mini-war with waves of enemies attacking you. Make sure you plant potted minions and shoot reinforcement to help you, you'll need the help.

    While the achievement says you need to reach the boss wave, you actually have to beat it to unlock the achievement. The boss wave will start after a couple waves of normal enemies.

    I would suggest doing this with a friend, it will be much easier that way.

  • Complete 10 Epic Quests.

    This may be the most annoying achievement in the game as it will take a long time to unlock. 

    Epic Quests are the missions on the Quest Board with a lightning bolt next to them; as of now, the board only updates every two days so it will take at least 20 days to get this achievement if you can get every Epic Quest when the quest is available.

    The Epic Quests are randomly selected quests that are a bit harder than the normal quests, you will have to play the game with the sole intention of getting these quests until you've completed them.

  • Max out your XP Multiplier on the quest board.

    In the bases for both the Plants and Zombies, there is a board that contains a bunch of different quests that will change every couple of days. If you complete these quests, they will give you XP boosts. All you have to do is complete enough of these quests until get to 2x XP; be aware that you will lose .25 XP everyday so make sure to do at least two quests a day.

  • Vanquish 50 Plants with the Z-Mech's Robo Stomp.

    The Z-Mech is one of the regular Imp's special moves; he will call in a giant mech that he will control to fight the Plants. The Z-Mech will have its own set of special moves, the Robo Stomp is one of these. I would suggest playing a couple matches of Ops as the Imp and trying to focus on getting kills with the Robo Stomp move.

  • Stun 50 Z-Mechs using Citron's EMPeach.

    The EMPeach is one of Citrons moves. The Z-Mechs is one of the Imp's special moves, it is a giant robot that the Imp will run around in.

    While you can try to get this achievement during the regular course of gameplay, the quickest way to get it is to create a Private Match where you only fight Imps. Use the EMPeach whenever it's available on any Z-Mechs you see, you should get this achievement after a couple games.

  • As Super Brainz, vanquish 25 Plants with Heroic Fists, and 25 Plants with the Heroic Beam.

    The Heroic Fist is Super Brainz's normal attack, when used he punches plants. The Heroic Beam is his ranged attacked, you will need to aim like you do with the rest of the characters to use it.

    Just play a couple games of Ops as Super Brainz and make sure you use both attacks; if you're good enough, you might be able to unlock this achievement in one Ops match.

  • Vanquish 25 Plants with the Scurvy Scattershot, and 25 Plants with the Spyglass Shot.

    The Scurvy Scattershot and Spyglass Shot are from the default Pirate Zombie's gun. The Scurvy Scattershot is what he shoots when you hipfire (don't aim), the Spyglass Shot fires when you aim the gun using the aim button.

    You can get this in a couple games of Ops if you mainly get kills using the Pirate's gun.

  • Promote a character for the first time.

    You can promote a character after the character reaches level 10. Once the character is level 10, you will be able to promote them by going into the Stats room in their respective base. Your character will have a mini statue that will have an exclamation point above it if its ready to be promoted, just walk over to it and press the  button. 

    Once your promote a character, their rank will be dropped down to 0 so you can rank them up again. You will need to do this with one character for "Time to Go Outside".

  • Earn a S-Rank in the Crazy Target Range.

    The Target Range is located in the sewers underneath the flag pole in the middle of the map. It is behind a door with a gnome on it, you will need 5 stars to unlock it though.

    You will need to beat the course in under 22 seconds to get an S-Rank. I would suggest using the orange to get this achievement since his main weapon makes it easy to hit multiple targets in a short amount of time.

  • Gesture immediately after vanquishing a player.

    A gesture is a little thing your character does if you press left or right on the D-Pad. For this achievement all you have to do is do a gesture right after killing another player; if you're somehow really bad at the competitive multiplayer, you can do this on a friend in Backyard Battleground.

  • Visit a friend's Backyard Battleground, or have a friend visit your Backyard Battleground.

    You can invite people to your Backyard Battleground or be invited to someone. All you have to do is have someone on your friends list with the game and then do one of those two things.

  • Vanquish a friend in their Backyard Battleground.

    Join a friend's Backyard Battleground session, switch to the opposite team as your friend and then kill them. Pretty simple.

  • Apply a weapon skin to a Zombie's weapon.

    You will get weapon skins randomly in card packs, you're most likely to get them in packs that only contain Zombie related items. Once you unlock a weapon skin, go over to that character in the character select screen and press  to customize. Now put on the weapon skin.

  • Vanquish an opponent using a Potted Plant or Zombot Turret

    Plant a plant or zombot that will fight enemies, once they kill an enemy you will get the achievement. This is one of the easiest achievements in the game.

  • In solo ops, swap to another character.

    Solo ops is the single player version of the Ops modes, you will be assisted by three AI controlled companions in it. Once you spawn the AI characters, press the D-Pad up or down to switch to them; once you've switched to one character, the achievement will pop.

  • Play a private match with your own custom rules.

    In either one of the bases go over to the Multiplayer portal, select 'Private Match' and select one of the 'Crazy' settings. Once the match begins you will get the achievement.


  • As Rose, Goatify 100 Zombies.

    Goatify is one of Rose's special moves, when used it turns Zombies into Goats. There's really know easy way to get this achievement, you just have to play as Rose and use the Goatify move whenever possible.

  • As Kernel Corn, vanquish 25 Zombies with the Shuck Shot.

    The Shuck Shot is one of Kernel Corn's moves. All you have to do is kill 25 Zombies with the move, it doesn't have to be all at once. Any easy way to get kills with this move is to have a group of Zombies surround you and then fire the move at the ground, it should kill all of the Zombies surrounding you.

  • Enter the Zombie Stats room as a Plant.

    Citron and the Peashooter are the best for this achievement as they are the fastest Plants and can dodge Zombies easily. You will need a couple Zombies following you so that the doors will open.

  • Find all hidden Garden Gnomes.

    There are hidden Garden Gnomes spread across the Backyard Battlegrounds map, you will need to find them all. These videos should help you find the locations of all of the Gnomes.

  • Enter the Chamber of Gnomes.

    This achievement is a bit complicated as it requires collecting gnomes and doing a set of tasks. I suggest following these videos:

  • As a Plant, vanquish the Z7 Imp.

    The Z7 Imp is a Mass Effect inspired Imp, you will be able to get this achievement in both single player and competitive multiplayer. However, the easiest way to get this achievement is to progress through the campaign on the Plants's side as the Z7 Imp will be one of the bosses in Citron's set of missions.

    You can also set up a private multiplayer match with only Z7 Imps. Go to the Multiplayer Portal, go to team setup and select "Zombies: Z7 Invasion".

  • As a Goat, vanquish a Plant.

    If a Rose goatifys you, you will still be alive and will be playing as a Goat. Just press the right trigger to headbutt a Plant.

    While you can do this in the regular course of gameplay, the easiest way to do this would be to start a private match and change the settings so that the Plants's team is entirely composed of Roses. Just play the match like normal and you will have multiple opportunities to get a kill as a Goat.

  • As the Chomper, swallow a Goat.

    You will have to use the Chomper's burrowing move to swallow a Goat.

    This can be done in Rose's final story mission as there are a ton of Goats on that mission. You can also do this by playing a private match, changing settings so that your Plant team is all Roses (besides you) and wait until the Roses start turning Zombies into Goats.

  • Enter the Plant Stats room as a Zombie.

    You will get this achievement in one of the Zombie story missions. But if you want this achievement quickly, play as Captain Deadbeard and use his Parrot move. Now fly the Parrot into the Plants's stat room, which is the giant tree, and the achievement will unlock.



Secret achievements

  • Complete 'Boom the Tombs'

    This achievement will unlock after completing the first set of quests in the Plants storyline. You will get the quests from the Crazy Dave-bot. 

  • Complete 'Zero Bark Thirty'

    This achievement will unlock after completing all of Agent Corn's missions.

  • Complete 'Well That Escalated Quickly'

    This achievement will unlock after completing all of Agent Rose's missions.

  • Complete 'Showdown'

    This achievement will unlock after completing all of Agent Orange's missions.

  • Complete 'Pirate's Curse'

    You will get this achievement after completing the second set of Crazy Dave-bot's missions; his second set of missions will become available after completing the missions for Agents Rose, Corn and Orange.

  • Yuck!



    Complete 'Yuck!'.

    You will get this achievement after completing the first set of Zombie missions.

  • Complete 'The Bean Situation'.

    You will get this after completing all of Super Brainz's missions.

  • Complete 'Gold Rush'.

    This achievement will unlock after completing all of Deadbeard's missions.

  • Complete 'Steve-cation'.

    This achievement will unlock after completing all of the missions for the Imps' Mech.

  • Complete 'Goin' for a Trip'

    This achievement will unlock upon completing the last mission in the Zombie's story line.


  • Train with the Mysterious Fish.

    You will need 5 stars for this achievement, so get those first. Once you have the stars, go down to the Sewers and find a fish lying on the table (it will have an exclamation mark over its head). Go over to the fish, interact with it and the achievement should pop!

  • Customize your Backyard with an Epic Item.

    There are several Epic Items to be found in Backyard Battlegrounds. One of the easier ones can be found at the harbor, it will be near a boat that has been docked and it is underneath a pile of trash. To clear this pile of trash, you will need 5 stars; once you clear the trash, go back to your base and you will be able to plant a tree that will then unlock the achievement for you.

  • Enter Infinity as a Plant.

    Once you beat all of the missions in the Plants' story mode, you will unlock a new mode where you go to 'Infinity' to fight infinite waves of Gnomes. This achievement will unlock after you finish a match of that new mode.

  • Enter Infinity as a Zombie.

    This achievement is the Zombie version of "West Indian Lilac". See that achievement's guide for more info.

  • Defeat Yellow Gnome King

    You will have to beat wave 15 in Infinity mode to unlock this achievement. I would highly suggest finding friends to get this achievement with, Infinity mode is much harder than the normal Ops mode.

  • Defeat Blue Gnome King

    You will have to beat wave 5 in Infinity mode to unlock this achievement. This is doable by yourself, but it much easier with some friends.

  • Defeat Green Gnome King

    You will have to beat wave 10 in Infinity mode to unlock this achievement. This is doable by yourself, but this wave is when the mode starts getting hard so I'd suggest doing it with some friends.

  • Defeat Red Gnome King

    You will have to beat wave 20 in Infinity mode to unlock this achievement. I'd suggest finding some friends to play this mode with, team work will be essential here.

  • RGBY



    Vanquish Gnomus, the Gnome King!

    You will have to beat wave 25 in Infinity mode to get this achievement. Unless you have mastered Infinity mode, playing this in co-op will be essential. Remember to use team work!


DLC: Title Update

There are 12 achievements with a total of 250 points


Secret achievements

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