Home Lawn Security Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Home Lawn Security



    Complete adventure mode

  • How to unlock Home Lawn Security

    This is done by playing through the adventure mode. There are 5 zones each with 10 parts; 

    1. Is in the garden during the day
    2. Is in the garden during the night
    3. Is in the pool area during the day
    4. Is in the pool area during the night and fog
    5. Is on the roof, with wave 10 being against the boss

    These are all pretty straight forward to complete. Just choose the plants depending on what zombies are appearing and then you should have no problem in completing this mode. It can be done with 2 players playing through adventure mode.

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  • Just beat the boss on the roof at level 5-10
  • Loved this game and really enjoyed the end-game content. I stuck around to watch it all. I liked that there was an ach. for finishing the adventure! I have played through several times now but I know I will still be playing this game a year from now.
  • I
  • Anyone know how long it takes to complete adventure mode?
  • kinda hard, but I will do it. This is the hardest because of using the controller vs using mouse or tap ala android!

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