Master of Morticulture Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Master of Morticulture



    Collect all 49 plants in the game

    How to unlock Master of Morticulture

    For this you will need to have all 49 plant. 40 are unlocked through the adventure mode while the other 9 are bought from Crazy Daves Shop. The Imitater counts as a plant. These 9 plants will cost you $98000.

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  • is this one glitched, or is there a special plant i need to get ? I have the entire plant almanac filled but i dont have the achievement for some reason
  • I got it now you need all Plants and all upgrades (got it after I purchased "Imitater")
  • Do not use the almanac to determine how close you are to completing this achievement. The best way is to start a survival game and then when it asks you to choose your plants you should have the first 5 rows completely filled. The bottom row will also be filled with all the upgrades you purchased, including the Imiatater as mentioned above by Daraku. There is a lot of money involved in the upgrades which might require farming your zen garden and some levels.
  • Also just flipping through the SHOP will show any that still require to be purchased.
  • Here's a list for those you're missing. the 49 plants are Day - peashooter -sunflower -cherry bomb -walnut - potato mine - squash -chomper -snow pea - repeater Night -puff-shrooms -sun-shroom -fume shroom -gravebusters -hypnoshrooms - scaredy shrooms -ice shrooms -doom shrooms Backyard Day -Lily pad - threepeater - tangle kelp -jalepeno - spikeweed -torchwood -tallnut Backyard - Night -seashroom -planturn -cactus -blovers -split pea -starfruit - (idk he name but it looks like a pumpkin) -magnetshroom Roof - cabbage pult -flower pot -kernel pult -coffee bean -garlic -umbrella leaf -marigold -melon pult Crazy Dave's Plants(upgraded) - gatling pea (from the repeater) - twin sunflowers (from sunflowers) -gloom shrooms (from
  • Crazy Dave's Plants(upgraded) - gatling pea (from the repeater) - twin sunflowers (from sunflowers) -gloom shrooms (from fume shrooms) -cattails(from lily pads) - winter melon (from melon pults) - gold magnet (from magnet shrooms) - spikerock (from spikeweeds) -cob cannon (from !TWO! kernel pults together in a straight line) -imitater (can imitate another plant) Double Post due to missing text.
  • this really helped thank you :)
  • thanks
  • Thank you ;)
  • Ha, I need another 5 plants I see! =) First I need to earn some money, but that will be easy with the Zen Garden!
  • im on level 3-3 im pretty stoked about collecting all the plants.

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