Master of Morticulture Achievement

  • Master of Morticulture



    Collect all 49 plants in the game

    For this you will need to have all 49 plant. 40 are unlocked through the adventure mode while the other 9 are bought from Crazy Daves Shop. The Imitater counts as a plant. These 9 plants will cost you $98000.

  • is this one glitched, or is there a special plant i need to get ? I have the entire plant almanac filled but i dont have the achievement for some reason
  • I got it now you need all Plants and all upgrades (got it after I purchased "Imitater")
  • Do not use the almanac to determine how close you are to completing this achievement. The best way is to start a survival game and then when it asks you to choose your plants you should have the first 5 rows completely filled. The bottom row will also be filled with all the upgrades you purchased, including the Imiatater as mentioned above by Daraku. There is a lot of money involved in the upgrades which might require farming your zen garden and some levels.
  • Also just flipping through the SHOP will show any that still require to be purchased.
  • Here's a list for those you're missing. the 49 plants are Day - peashooter -sunflower -cherry bomb -walnut - potato mine - squash -chomper -snow pea - repeater Night -puff-shrooms -sun-shroom -fume shroom -gravebusters -hypnoshrooms - scaredy shrooms -ice shrooms -doom shrooms Backyard Day -Lily pad - threepeater - tangle kelp -jalepeno - spikeweed -torchwood -tallnut Backyard - Night -seashroom -planturn -cactus -blovers -split pea -starfruit - (idk he name but it looks like a pumpkin) -magnetshroom Roof - cabbage pult -flower pot -kernel pult -coffee bean -garlic -umbrella leaf -marigold -melon pult Crazy Dave's Plants(upgraded) - gatling pea (from the repeater) - twin sunflowers (from sunflowers) -gloom shrooms (from
  • Crazy Dave's Plants(upgraded) - gatling pea (from the repeater) - twin sunflowers (from sunflowers) -gloom shrooms (from fume shrooms) -cattails(from lily pads) - winter melon (from melon pults) - gold magnet (from magnet shrooms) - spikerock (from spikeweeds) -cob cannon (from !TWO! kernel pults together in a straight line) -imitater (can imitate another plant) Double Post due to missing text.
  • this really helped thank you :)
  • thanks
  • Thank you ;)
  • Ha, I need another 5 plants I see! =) First I need to earn some money, but that will be easy with the Zen Garden!
  • im on level 3-3 im pretty stoked about collecting all the plants.

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