Smarty Branches Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Smarty Branches



    Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet

    How to unlock Smarty Branches

    You will have to grow the tree of wisdom to 100 feet. Once you have completed adventure mode, the tree of wisdom is bought from crazy dave for $10,000. where it will then be located in the Zen Garden. You will then need to feed it tree of wisdom food. Each packet you feed it will raise its height by 1ft. Therefore you will need to purchase 100 packets. You start of with 5 so you will need to have $237,500 to purchase 95 more packets.

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  • How do I do it
  • its easy once you unlock the Zen garden you will have to go to the shop and keep pressing lb until you see the Tree of wisdom upgrade
  • After you unlock the Tree of Wisdom, continue buying bags of tree food from the SHOP (you get five free, but they are $2,500 ea. after that).
  • how many do i need to get it to 100ft
  • Once you get to 50 feet, a little number will show on the bottom, and will go up by one foot every time you feed it, so I'm guessing 100.
  • I didn´t get it and now it´s at 167 feet!!
  • Ok,want easy cash and plants? First you must have beaten the game and unlocked all mini games until the "Last Stand" mini game. follow video instructions. and as you play and kill off zombies, they will drop random plants for your zen garden, and you get a ton of cash from all your marigolds. after youve collected about 10+ plants. water them, give them plant food and upgrade them from sprouts to ??. Sell all the aquatic and mushroom plants (unless you have the habitats for them (30K each habitat)). then you save, go back to dashboard, disconnect from xbox live (Do this at any time you want). then go to console settings, Date and time, then forward the clock 1 day+. then go back into PvZ,go to zen garden water and upgrade your plants again, repea
  • repeat date and time change, go back to PvZ and water and upgrade your plants 1 last time. theyll drop 2 diamonds each upon last and final upgrade and then you can sell each plant for 8K each. getting the 237.5K cash for all the tree food and another 10K for tree can be pricey,but this is a surefire way to get the money you need. Nick.
  • I'm on 92 feet without cheating so far :) I found the easiest way to make money is to play mini games. Every now and then you'll get a gift when you kill a zombie. By the end of the game you could have up to 10 plants for your Zen Garden! Water them once and fertilize them, come back the next day and do the same so you can sell them for 8000 a time.
  • I hate that you can't get any more wisdom after the stupid thing is 100 feet tall.
  • If you break down and by the mushroom and water places (for 30k each) those plants sell for 10k each. It's an extra 2k and you get more space. :)
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  • How can you make a lot of money in the zen garden for this achievement?
  • Wow I didn't even need to farm for money to get everything I need. I sold all water/night plants and grow day plants till they give 2 diamonds ($1k) and sell them for $8k. Just keep on playing mini games/survival to unlock others and plants just keep on coming.
  • If you really wanted to, you could bring it up to 500/1000 feet for the Dance and Pinata cheats respectively. But that's a lot of tree food.
  • If you play Survival you should get plenty of Zen garden plants. Grow these to full size then sell them for plenty of cash.

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