Crash of the Titan Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Crash of the Titan



    Defeat your first Gargantuar


    How to unlock Crash of the Titan

    Will unlock this while you play through adventure mode. You will first encounter a Gargantuar on the Roof levels. If you are struggling to defeat a Gargantuar then try and have the chilli and cherry bomb as you will need to hit it twice to kill it.

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  • You get this automatically during the adventure mode. Having a squash and a Chili Pepper or Cherry Bomb are quick ways to defeat this guy without worrying about whether your Corn Launchers are going to get lucky butter throws. Just be careful of the little guy on it's back. That is why I like the Chili as my secondary because it takes the row of zombies out including the little guy (after he has been thrown). Chompers won't work on the Gargantuar either and putting expensive plants in his way just wastes sunshine. A delaying tactic (for the roof) is to place a line of pots so it has to stop and smash every one while the Squash, Chili and/or Cherry seed packets reset.
  • I got this when the gargantuar got killed by the lawn mower lol
  • Which level do you encounter it in
  • This can also be finished much earlier on the co-op wallnut bowling, as you also encounter them there and will be playing that level for the other achievement.
  • ya that's where i got the achievement as well when i was playing co-op wallnut bowling with a 2nd controller. i wasn't even paying attention.

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