ZFF's 4 Evr Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • ZFF's 4 Evr



    Bowl a winner with a friend in Co-Op Wall-Nut Bowling

  • How to unlock ZFF's 4 Evr

    Once you complete adventure mode you will need to go play the Wall-Nut bowling mini game. After you complete this in the coop mode Wall-Nut bowling will become available. Just play through it with a friend or have the 2nd controller as a back up to store Wall-Nuts so you can switch over when you run out. Remember to bowl the Wall-Nut which kills the last zombie.

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  • i love this game!! i love fighting wid da zombies using my loving plants!!ahaha
  • I need someone to play this with so I can get the achievement D: no one I know has this game.
  • lol fail! it's not even online... I had my friend get the game & everything. hah
  • Yup. Wish it was playable with an online friend! Luckily my hubby is as addicted to this game as I am.
  • Lame achievement
  • It's very hard if you try it alone. Play this mode with a friend.
  • Got this with 2 controllers and fast reflexes. And Luck. Like Raptor said, very hard to try this by yourself, but it can be done.
  • I got this in one try using 2 controllers by myself. Maybe I got lucky, but I think the trick is to take advantage of the lawnmowers. I let the 2 bottom rows go about halfway between the first and last waves, concentrating then on the top 3 rows while there was a break in action on the bottom 2 rows until the final wave came... Then I protected the hell out of those bottom 2 rows and let the top 3 lawnmowers take care of business!
  • I've tried a couple times and i don't know if it's because i already finish adventure, but gargatuans come out too :S
  • This was a sinch got it 1st attempt with losing only one mower just by myself easy man :)
  • Got this by myself with 2 controllers, barely got it... just barely :)
  • This would be so easy, if I had a second controller...
  • Did it first time on my own, really not that tough.
  • I did it! It was tough doing it alone (two controllers), I had to give up all my lawnmowers, but in the end, the zombies were all in one lane and I got to machine-gun them with my remaining Wallnuts ^^

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