Alive and Planting Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Alive and Planting



    Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity

    How to unlock Alive and Planting

    This will take the most time to complete. You will first need to unlock Survival Endless which is done by doing all the other survival challenges first. Once you do this you will need to last till wave 40.
    The video below shows someone getting to flag 76+ Just watch it carefully and follow the same principles and it hopefully should take too long to complete.

    YouTube - Plants vs Zombies Survival Endless Flag 76 and Beyond

    Just to note you need to die once you have 40+ flags for the achievement to unlock.
    Also If you dont want to use cob cannons, for whatever reason, you can try this setup. Just remember to use Spikerock for all the zombonis. Thanks to Brambledamble for this setup.

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  • I think you have to beat the survival challenges to open the endless mode in order to get this achievement
  • How many flags do you have to complete in order to get the achievement? I've gotten 42 so far, how many total?
  • I did 43 Flags and got it after the Zombies ate my brain xD
  • Did anyone get it in normal mode (40 in all games?) or does it only work if you survive the 40 waves in a single game?
  • so all i have to do is get all the trophies in survival mode to get the achivement?
  • OK, you have to go into the survival mode mini games, complete each one, the's not that many waves/flags to do in each one. Each survival mini game you pass, you unlock the next one. Once all are done, the endless survival mini game appears at the bottom of that list. Keep playing this until it says at the bottom at least 40 flags are completed. Let the zombies eat your brains so the game ends then the achievement will pop up. Just to clear up any confusion :D I found that this site below gives the best setup to use, I chose Build B, got to 43 flags then let myself die as it would have continued forever :P Thanks to FallEnd for creating this guide! :D
  • is the pool the only endless round????
  • Yes Doug, the Pool is the only available in endless round.
  • Thx body!! after 40 flags you have to let the zombies at your brains!!! then done!!
  • TNX for the Help XD
  • This achievement Urks me lol
  • could some one give me an achievement difficulty for this game over all?
  • I survived 40 Waves in co-op survival but i didn't receive the achievement.
  • I think its very hard!!!
  • This game is soooo addicting.... Trying this achievement now.. Thanks for the help...
  • I'm having a lot of trouble with this achievement...
  • @ 6, that is not true. If the 360 version is ANYTHING like the version for the computer, just beat survivals until you unlock Survival: Roof (Hard) and beat another one. Endless should then unlock.
  • Working this one now...tedious.
  • OK! I got a treat for those of you who are wondering how the hell am i going to get this achievement. F.Y.I. this video is for the PC but it worked for me, barely got me to 40 actually, lol.. So please dont say stupid things like.. But this is PC will it work for xbox 360.. Just do it and try.. it works, i lived to tell the story.. Go get your achievements guys! The stress is over..If you liked and/or it worked for you please if you get time, send me a msg on xbox saying thanks :-)
  • I always run out of sun around flag 30 and fight an uphill battle until my eventual demise. My record is 36.
  • This one is a pain...will need to work on making this one happen
  • havent managed to unlock this achievement yet ----- any pointers on how to survive 40 waves quickly and easily? :)
  • Anyone know if you can do this achievement in co-op?
  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • I enjoyed the game for about a week (which is a good time for me, because i play the **** out of a new game i get. I just dont have the patience for this achievement.
  • Wow that sounds very hard but i love the game so its no problem :3
  • I've got only to 32 flags, this achievement it's so annoying T_T
  • just put 4 cob cannons on the water followd by 2 tal nuts and then 6 gloom shrooms then put a row with fum shroom on the 4t lane from right. followed by wintermelon if you still need help add me to xbox then i will help you out. gt = T Shadow 010
  • Just got this one I thought I might carry on from 40 flags and I ended up dying just after flag 41 so I was fairly lucky the giga gargantua's and the catapult zombie is what you want to watch out for they kept on destroying my winter melons at the back so make sure you buy lots more of them and when the bungee zombies come make sure to use a cob cannon on the target just before they come down because the umbrella leafs waste precious garden space :)
  • at #6 thanks for heads up on the guide. Very usefull, made it look easy thanks again.
  • just got it, finally...
  • FLAGS COMPLETED 65, on my 1st attempt. I followed the video on youtube, as found on the link provided below:! Set up your yard as shown, and use your cob cannons on a regular basis. Replace your weak pumpkins and upgraded spikes regularly. You DON'T need the money magnet, because you move your cursor around so much, you'll pick up the money anyway. Good luck!
  • 47 flags and i just gave up too much hard work keeping on top of it all...
  • I've completely 7/10 Survival challenges and I just can't do it! It's so annoying how I only have one achievement left and I'm struggling with it lol...
  • you have to get 40 flags in total and you have to die once you get more or 40 flags
  • Awesome! Thanks for the explanation Craphex!
  • HAd the hardest time with this one. Tried to get it so many times and failed but I'm glad I got it. Also thanks for clearing up that you had to die my heart sank when I thought I didnt get it.
  • Can this be done is Co-Op?
  • just go on you tube there is a good guide and you could go on for ever
  • Guess ill be at this one for a while, still have the fog lvl (hard) to finish, might try the youtube thing though
  • Its easyer then it sounds
  • Overall, this game enraged me :/
  • @42 I agree. But still fun.
  • why is it the gloomy shrooms awake in the day. when I tried it they are asleep and even the ice
  • @ #44 You have to give coffee bean to awake it. shrooms sleep at days
  • Couldn't have done it without Brambledamble's guide in the roadmap. The best solution for me was to have the imitator set on a second Ice-shroom, and to leave it a few seconds to use them with the coffee-beans (always set in pumpkins) to catch a few more upcoming zombies with them...
  • This is annoying... I tried following guides online and made it to 36, but everything worked together to destroy me. I think I'm going to have to give this game a rest for a while, because it's too frustrating.
  • I think the real key is to build up your funds early, here is what my lawn looked like mid way though the first 2 waves. 1 or 2 cattails is more than enough to handle the first waves from there I was able to get to 9990 sun after a few waves and have all my essential plants down. around 14-16 waves in from wave 20 on out my set up looked like this with the occasional subing in and out of umbrella plants with sunflowers and melons this set
  • this set up got me to wave 51 before I got tired and gave in. (remember you have to let them into the house after at least the 40th wave to get the achievement) Good luck!! let me know if you have any questions
  • @ #48 SweetnSaxyBoy Thanks Worked first try
  • I can only make it to wave 11
  • @SweetnSaxyBoy Yo awesome set-ups Got it first try. Thanks.
  • Struggling with this one. Have all the other achievements though
  • Go to YouTube they have many Succesful guides that are there
  • *** Just so everyone knows, this is NOT possible in co-op ******
  • ty #55 i was wondering if it was or not.
  • i took about a year or more break from this game.. with this as my only cheev left.. now i see why lol its addicting and time just passes by trying this.. hopefully soon ill get this cheev.. all these guides.. the picture guide for this on here didnt work too well tho.. the video guide with the cob cannons maybe? Anybody have a preferred method that works? thanks.
  • I hope to complete this one soon.
  • Been trying to get this one for awhile, I get into the 30's but never the magic 40 :(
  • This isn't in one sitting is it?
  • Use the picture one and continually lay down the spikes. You will hardly have to replace anything else that method. Throw in a jalapeno for good measure when needed.
  • I really hate that most guides are saying you need cobcannons. THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE ARSE! I'm using a cobless setup and its been so much easier than any other attempt. Start with 3 columns of sunflowers then gradually replace them as you need to. I ended up with this setup by the end: Cobless Setup 2 By Draco
  • Got on the first attempt, use this video. Just remember to use cobcannon and cherrybomb + her duplicate ALL the time and you will be fine.
  • Essa foi uma das mais difĂ­ceis, consegui depois de perder quase todos os cortadores de grama, a briga foi feia.

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