Versus vs Versus Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Versus vs Versus



    Go on a 5 game winning streak in VS. mode

  • How to unlock Versus vs Versus

    Load up Versus mode with a 2nd controller. Then pause the game with the 2nd controller and click Concede Match. Repeat 5 times in a row. You must click Play again, when the game is finished, otherwise it will reset back to 0.

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  • If you can't beat your opponent just grab a second Pad and do it alone. ;)
  • Just play alone... Just log two accounts on your console and play 5 times with plants (you have shoot only 3 zombies)
  • I just did it using two controllers and it didnt give me the achievo. Ideas ?
  • Lmao, such losers. Everybody does this with a 2nd controller. ..I did it like that, too. :(
  • everyone, just go into VS mode with 2 controllers and do this: 1.) select the sides for each controller 2.) on the controller youre using to boost pause after it says PLANT! 3.) select Concede Match and select yes 4.) repeat 4 more times and you have the achievement :D
  • lol I did it against my cousin... to bad he caught on after game 5... now he beats me almost every time lol.

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