Explodonator Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Explodonator



    Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!


    How to unlock Explodonator

    I found that the easiest way to do this was to have Cherry Bombs attached and wait till a huge wave of zombies appeared. Then place this is the middle of a large group, Hopefully ten zombies will be in this. If not just try again. Shouldnt take too long to do. 
    If you havent managed to get this in your playthrough of Adventure mode you can do it in versus mode. Make sure you have enough cash for a cherry bomb, and the person who is controlling the zombies has enough to call in 10 zombies. Then call in 10 zombies an plant the cherry in the middle.

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  • I got this one on the mini game of big trouble little zombie (or something like that), there the zombies are really small, some waves have the football players, put on of these down early in the level and got it
  • Got this one just playing adventure mode.
  • same here
  • If not during adventure mode surely you'll get it no problem during Survival. Especially when going for the 40 waves achievement.
  • As johnson3175 said I got it on the mini zombie game. Pile up the wall-nuts and then blast them with a cherry.
  • Easiest way to get this is just wait until you have the endless and get to about wave 30 you'll get it quite fast.

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