Close Shave Achievement in Plants vs. Zombies

  • Close Shave



    Win any level after all 5 lawnmowers have been used


    How to unlock Close Shave

    As soon as you have 5 parts of the lawn in adventure mode, (i think its the 3rd wave) let the first zombie on each row walk to the end and activate the lawn mower. Once a lawnmower has been destroyed you should then start to build on that row to protect it. Dont worry about your plants being destoryed as the lawmower doesnt affect them.

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  • Best done at very beginning of adventure mode, let zombies get to the end to set off the lawn mowers and finish off the level, pretty easy in first few stages
  • Happened to get this one in adventure mode. I was so close to losing against the last wave and -zoom! all my lawnmowers took 'em out. I win.
  • got this on the first wallnut bowling level, just let the first couple of zombies trup the mowers and then finished the level normally
  • should be pretty easy in the very first level you get all 5 lawnmowers
  • got it in 2-5 whack a zombie
  • Go to VS. and with second pad do i :)
  • This one was one of the harder ones for me aside from the endless zombies. I wish I knew about the zombie bowling way would have made it so much easier
  • helped my wife boost this 1 in vs mode
  • the video made this easier than it sounds lol

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