- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 11 [175 ]
- Online: 1 [25 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 200G: 3-4 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A

Welcome to the Pocketbike Racer Road Map! This game contains 12 achievements and is one of three promotional games that was produced by Burger King to promote their products to Xbox 360 players. This game in particular is a mini-bike simulation that takes place in several arenas with various types of game styles to test your wits and patience. The achievements are, for the most part, quick, easy, and straightforward. One achievement takes up to an hour or two and one achievement may be frustrating to obtain, for some. Other than those two, you should have little to no trouble unlocking every achievement in this game.

Abbreviated Single Player Walkthrough:
There are 4 types of game types, and each one has 3 difficulties. First place is easily attained in the 50cc class.

In Standard races, just abuse your weapons and pick up every power up along the way to get first place at the end of the race series.

In Battle Royale, laps are of no concern. Race the track backwards and attack incoming traffic to quickly obtain points for first place.

In Cone Trial, laps are of no concern as well. Race the track backwards to score as quickly as possible.

Hardcore Racing may or may not be difficult for you as it is pure racing with no assistance. Score high early in the series and you should have no issues winning by points.

In Ultimate Time Trial, you must complete each level with a lap time under 1:30. Once your best time is below that threshold, let the boost run down to end the level and continue to the next one. Overall time does not matter, just lap times on each level.

Step #1: Career Races
The most important thing you will need to do in Pocketbike Racer is to do the 12 races that are located in Career. There is one of each type on 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. Doing all of these races on 50cc will net you five of the achievements. Just go through one race of each type at first to achieve the "Standard Gold", "Cone Trial Gold", "Hard Core Gold", and "Battle Royale Gold" achievements. Then, each race is unlocked at 100cc. Go through all of those at 100cc, and then again at 150cc, to win the "Career King" achievement. This is by far the most time requiring achievement in Pocketbike Racer, and will take you an hour or two.

You should also win one race with each of the Burger King characters (the King, Brooke Burke, Whopper Jr, and Subservient Chicken) while you're completing races. Win one race with each of the characters to achieve the "Mascot Jr." achievement.

Step #2: Time Trial and 'Big' Achievements
Next you're going to want to do the Time Trial achievement. To achieve this, you need to get a lap time of under 1:30 on every track. There are only five tracks in the game, and the only one that might give you trouble is 'Under Construction'. To get around this, unlock the 150cc Zipper bike before going for this achievement and use that when going for lap times. Try to use your boost in straightaways, but make sure to manage it well.

After you're done with that, go mop up the 'Big' achievements if you have not achieved them already. To do a stoppie, get some speed, and hit and push forward on the . It must be held for half a second. To do a wheelie, get some speed on a straightaway - I recommend the Parking Lot track - and simply pull back on the .

Now, the achievement that gave me the most trouble is "Big Air". It is best to use the 150cc Zipper, and play a quick game in the Backyard track. Make it a cone trial race with nine laps. Now, there should be a big hill with a valley in between it and the smaller hill next to it. There's also a white cone marker in the valley. Once you get to this hill, reverse straight back until you hit trees. Accelerate and IMMEDIATELY hit to boost, and once you reach about halfway up the hill, hit again. You should easily clear 50 meters. I got around 60 on my first try using this method.

Step #3: Multiplayer
You should only have "Multiplayer King" and "Pro-Gamer" left now. The online is dead for this game, so find a boosting buddy in the forums, and play player matches of one lap races in the Parking Lot. It's the quickest way to achieve these achievements, and shouldn't take any longer than 20 minutes.

In conclusion, Pocketbike Racer is quite an easy and enjoyable 200 that shouldn't take you any more than a few hours. You may run into trouble with "Big Air" or "Time Trial Gold", but using the methods detailed here you should have no trouble. If you are still missing achievements, check out the achievement guide.
[XBA would like to thank Tenacious and Fighterspledge for this Roadmap]

Pocketbike Racer Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Achieve first place in a Standard Race Tournament

    Simple as the title says, easiest with the 50cc class. Just progress your way through the five maps and hope you end up with the most points.

  • Achieve first place in a Cone Trial Tournament

    Like the Standard Gold, 50cc's the easiest. The object of this game type is to be the first to go through a boost cone (20 times). Once someone goes through a cone, it will disappear for about 8 seconds. I found it easiest to turn around as soon as the race started and go through the map backwards.

  • Achieve first place in a Battle Royal Tournament

    For this achievement select the 50cc class (the easiest of the classes). Now, in race fill up your boost then select the shield weapon (use bumpers to change weapon). It takes the least amount of boost and IMO is the most effective. Just get in front of everyone, apply the shield, then hog the road. Once they hit you you'll get the point. It's a race to six.

  • Achieve first place in a Hard Core Racing Tournament

    In simple words, "hard core" means no boost or weapons. Just use 50cc and race through.

  • Win a multiplayer match

    Just start/join a multiplayer match of any type and win.

  • Win a race with each of the BK characters

    This one was super easy, select Free Play with the following options. Parking Lot - Standard Race - 1 lap - 50cc. Now, just complete a lap in first place with the following characters: King, Brooke Burke, Subservient Chicken, and Whopper Jr.

  • Complete all of the tournaments

    Hardest and most time consuming of the achievements. Place in all twelve of the tournaments.

  • Complete at least 25 Xbox Live matches

    Either do this legit and play games, or use the following method. Start a room and select Parking Lot - Standard Race - 1 lap - 150cc. When I did mine each race took anywhere from 20-30 seconds. Very quick achievement.

  • Wheelie for more than 2 seconds

    When you get some boost and a straight away, pull back on your left stick and boost. Try and boost again before your front tire touches the ground. I got this one my first try.

  • Stoppie for more than 0.5 seconds

    Get some speed, then push forward on your left stick and pull the left trigger (brake) balance it for at least half a second.

  • Jump for more than 50 meters

    Select Free Roam with the following options. Backyard Track - Standard Race - 10 laps - 150cc. Select any character and any 150cc bike. I recommend the Zipper. Now go to the spot with the two dirt jumps with the white boost cones between them. Hit the jump going super fast then boost at the last moment. I got 62 meters my first try.

  • Achieve a lap time of less than 1:30 on all tracks in Time Trial

    Go into Free Roam and select the following options. ANY LEVEL - Ultimate Time Trial - 150cc. Complete a lap in each level under 1:30.

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