- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [highly skill and some luck dependent] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 33 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 4-6+ hours [highly skill and some luck dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 of each of the three modes, but plan on multiple attempts of each mode
- Missable achievements: None [arcade style gameplay]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Welcome to Polychromatic, a top-down shmup that is essentially a Geometry Wars clone - various colored enemies you need to fend off, surviving as long as possible. In my opinion, this game is slightly easier than Geometry Wars, mainly because there are no gravity wells that can completely screw with the movement and trajectories of everything. There are three game modes, and you'll need to perform well in all three to get all achievements. Much of this completion's time and difficulty will come down to skill, but there is a decent luck factor in this one, both with enemy spawns and with stuff flying at you from off screen and killing you. Even so, it thankfully shouldn't take too long to get enough practice to have enough skill for this completion. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There are three different and independent game modes, and while you could do them in any order you want, I highly recommend saving Endless Mode for last. It has the hardest achievements, and getting all of the achievements in One Life Mode and Timed Mode will better prepare you for Endless Mode. Of course, you could do Endless first, struggle quite a bit, and then when you're done the other two modes will likely feel like a breeze, but this roadmap is structured based on my recommended order.

Timed Mode:
I recommend starting with Timed Mode because it's the most forgiving - you have unlimited lives and a decent amount of blasts and dashes to start with. Because you have unlimited lives, it makes it relatively easy to get some practice early on. Right off the bat though, you should go for Peaceful Protest (22G). This will get you used to the handling and control of your square, and it's relatively quick and easy to do. With that done, your ultimate goal in this mode is to reach 850,000 points in one game for Timed Expert (85G). This will likely take a bunch of tries, but the good news is that you don't need to be anywhere near perfect to reach a score that high. I died twice and still reached it. Platinum Club (100G) has a lot of strategical and general advice to help with this (and all) game modes. Once you reach 850,000 points, you're done with this mode.

One Life Mode:
As you'd expect, this mode gives you one life to score as many points as possible. Your ultimate goal here is to reach 850,000 points again just like above, except in a single life, and this unlocks One-Life Expert (85G). While that may seem intimidating after you likely died plenty in Timed Mode, you should have gotten enough practice that it shouldn't take more than a handful of attempts to reach this goal. Once again, refer to Platinum Club (100G) for a rundown on strategy. Be liberal with your blasts and dashes, because all that matters is that you don't die. Along the way to unlocking One-Life Expert (85G), you will also unavoidably unlock Can't Touch This (25G) and Flawless Start (20G). Once you reach 850,000 points, you're done with this mode.

Endless Mode:
Endless Mode has all of the hardest achievements in the game in it, so all of the practice you got in the previous two modes will be of great benefit for the challenge you have here. While it's technically possible to do them all at once, it's much better to focus on each individually. I have ordered them in order of increasing difficulty (in my opinion), meaning you should try for them in this order.
  • Reach Wave 12 without dying and without using a blast or dash to unlock Stockpile (30G) 
  • Reach Wave 19 without using a dash, so you build up nine dashes and unlock Escape Plan (15G) 
  • Reach Wave 24 without using a blast, so you build up nine blasts and unlock Armory (25G) 
  • Reach Wave 18 without dying, so you build up nine lives and unlock Life of the Party (55G) 
With those four tough achievements out of the way, that should've gotten you a decent amount of practice in Endless Mode. Now it's time for the final challenge: reaching Wave 30 for Platinum Club (100G). I believe it's actually impossible to reach Wave 30 without also amassing 5,000,000 points, so Endless Wonder (95G) will unlock unavoidably, either during one of your unsuccessful or your successful attempt to reach Wave 30. This is the hardest achievement in the game by far, and will definitely take multiple attempts even after all the experience you already have. Refer to Platinum Club (100G) for much more strategy and tips to help with this task. Once you finally accomplish it, the hardest is behind you and every other achievement you have left will be a piece of cake after that task.

Mop Up:
After you've completed all achievements related to all three modes, there are still a handful of cumulative achievements that you may need to unlock, such as 100 blasts, 100 dashses, 100 games played, and 50,000,000 total points across all games. Refer to each achievement solution for how to quickly and easily grind out each one to wrap up your completion.

Like Geometry Wars and many other shmups, Polychromatic offers fun and addictive gameplay. While there isn't a whole lot to set it apart from other games in the genre, it's still fun and easy to play, with a good challenge in each mode to overcome, and a very satisfying completion. If you're a fan of the genre or enjoyed Geometry Wars, I definitely recommend giving this game a go for some relatively quick fun and a good challenge. Hopefully you survived until Wave 30, and if so, congrats on the completion!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Polychromatic Achievement Guide

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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Kill an enemy.

    This will obviously be your first achievement and simply requires you to kill your first enemy in any of the three game modes. 
  • Kill 100,000 enemies.

    This is cumulative across all games in all three game modes. Unless you are highly skilled and lucky, and complete each mode's achievements very quickly, this achievement is virtually unavoidable on your path to this completion. Between learning the game and practicing, and the multiple attempts to reach Wave 30 for Platinum Club (100G), you will be killing thousands of enemies in each game. For me, this achievement unlocked during my attempts at Platinum Club (100G). If you do manange to complete all other modes and achievements without unlocking this, it's definitely best to grind this out in Endless Mode where you can play for a while in the later waves where there are many more enemies to mow down to add to your total.
  • Complete a game.

    Refer to Long Haul (30G) for more information. 
  • Complete 100 games.

    This is cumulative across all three game modes. Note that pausing and restarting your game will cause that game to not count towards this achievement.

    It is highly unlikely (although your mileage will vary significantly based on skill) that you'll unlock this achievement before finishing everything else. This was my last achievement and I had only completed 30-some games by that point (granted, I did restart a bunch of times). Once you're down to only this achievement, the fastest way to grind it out is to just keep loading up games in One Life Mode, and as soon as orange enemies spawn, make a beeline for one and hit it to kill yourself. Each game takes only a few seconds, so it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to grind out the rest of this achievement.
  • Get a score of 250,000 in Endless Mode.

    Refer to Endless Wonder (95G) for more information. 
  • Get a score of 850,000 in Endless mode.

    Refer to Endless Wonder (95G) for more information. 
  • Get a score of 2,000,000 in Endless mode.

    Refer to Endless Wonder (95G) for more information. 
  • Get a score of 5,000,000 in Endless mode.

    While a score of 5,000,000 will sound massive (and it is), it will happen virtually unavoidably while reaching Wave 30 for Platinum Club (100G). I don't believe it's possible to reach Wave 30 without also surpassing 5,000,000 points.

    The main thing that will get you a lot of points will be staying alive as long as possible in a single life. There is some sort of point multiplier behind the scenes (not visible anywhere to the player) that grows as you get more kills and advance farther without dying. Therefore, the longer you survive on a single life, the faster you will accumulate points.

    However, as noted above, this is practically impossible to miss during your successful game of reaching Wave 30. I did quite poorly, barely making it to Wave 30 and with deaths spaced out, and I still had just over 6,000,000 points. So refer to Platinum Club (100G) for an extensive explanation of strategy and tips, both of which will help you get to Wave 30 and achieve this score in the process.
  • Get a score of 250,000 in Timed mode.

    Refer to Timed Expert (85G) for more information. 
  • Get a score of 550,000 in Timed mode.

    Refer to Timed Expert (85G) for more information.
  • Get a score of 850,000 in Timed mode.

    Timed Mode starts you with two minutes, unlimited lives, and tasks you with scoring as much as possible before time runs out. What it doesn't tell you is that every time you advance a wave, you get more time added. You will therefore end up playing for closer to four or five minutes on each run.

    The trick to scoring as many points as possible is to go as long as possible without dying. While that may seem obvious, the game doesn't tell you or display for you the fact that there is some sort of point multiplier increasing in the background, so the longer you go without dying, the higher this multiplier gets and the more points your kills are worth. This means that, despite having unlimited lives, the most effective way to reach 850,000 points is to play without dying for as long as possible.

    That being said, on my successful run I had two deaths and still reached 850,000 points before time ran out, although just barely. So use that as a perspective. It probably also helped that both deaths were later on in the run (meaning my first life was pretty long and racked up a larger multiplier). So even if you do die early on, don't give up, because your second life could last the entire rest of the game and be enough to get you the necessary multiplier to reach 850,000 points.

    As for general strategy, refer to Platinum Club (100G) for strategy and general tips.
  • Get a score of 50,000 in One-Life mode.

    Refer to One-Life Expert (85G) ​​​​​​ for more information.
  • Get a score of 350,000 in One-Life mode.

    Refer to One-Life Expert (85G) ​​​​​​ for more information.
  • Get a score of 850,000 in One-Life mode.

    This one will feel pretty challenging because you'll need to score 850,000 points without dying. Hopefully, as the roadmap suggested, you worked through Timed Mode first, because that would give you some much-needed practice and experience before attempting this achievement.

    You're going to need to survive until around Wave 15 or 16 to get the required score here. That will likely be intimidating at first, because you probably died quite a bit in Timed Mode to get not even that far. However, it should feel within reach after a bit more practice. Platinum Club (100G) has a great general strategy and tips that will help you succeed. Just remember to use your blasts and dashes liberally, because you only have one life, so using them is never a waste.
  • Earn 250,000 points without dying.

    This achievement can be done in any mode and will therefore unlock unavoidably while working toward One-Life Expert (85G)
  • Earn 50,000,000 points across all games.

    As implied by the description, this is cumulative across all three game modes. Just be aware that pausing and choosing to restart will mean the points from that game won't count towards this achievement.

    Your mileage on this achievement will vary tremendously, and will depend almost entirely on how many attempts it takes you to unlock Platinum Club (100G) in Endless Mode. Each attempt at that achievement saw me getting 2,000,000 to 5,000,000 points, and I ended up unlocking this achievement before obtaining Platinum Club (100G), but you may have better luck and reach Wave 30 sooner than me. If you do unlock all other achievements without unlocking this one, there unfortunately is no quick way to grind this out. All you can really do is continue repeating games of Endless Mode, getting as far as possible (preferably in one life) to maximize your score before you die. 
  • Reach wave five without firing the gun.

    This achievement is easier than it sounds. What you'll need to do is not shoot or use any blasts at the start of a new game for a while. Orange enemies will keep spawning in, so just dodge them and stay in open areas. Hold off as long as possible until it's pretty crowded with orange enemies, then use a blast near as many as possible. With luck, a single blast will kill enough orange enemies to take you right to Wave 5 (and unlock Mass Destruction (15G) at the same time), but if not, get near more orange enemies and quickly use another blast or two before the red enemies start coming after you. Two blasts should be plenty, and if three isn't even enough then that means you didn't wait long enough for enough orange enemies to spawn in. 
  • Reach wave 10 without dying.

    This will likely be tough at first, but you'll be doing this on virtually every attempt at Platinum Club (100G). This achievement is also essentially unavoidable while going for Life of the Party (55G), since it requires you to get to Wave 18 without dying, but Platinum Club (100G) has all the tips and strategy you'll need to do all of the above. 
  • Reach wave 20.

    Refer to Platinum Club (100G) for more information. 
  • Reach wave 25.

    Refer to Platinum Club (100G) for more information. 
  • Reach wave 30.

    This achievement is, by far, the hardest in the game. As the description says, you need to reach Wave 30. This must be done in Endless Mode.

    First, I will describe the strategy I used to get this achievement, followed by some general tips and advice that I feel will help you. 

    If you've played other shmups, especially Geometry Wars, you'll likely be tempted to do circles around the arena, shooting ahead of you and fanning your bullets, keeping enemies behind you. While this is a potentially viable strategy, I definitely don't recommend it. Instead, I recommend sticking to a single area of the arena and only moving back and forth. For me, this consisted of staying at the bottom of the arena. I stayed at the bottom and just went back and forth. If you picture a smiley face, I followed the path of the smile back and forth. It's counterintuitive to double back like that over and over again, but it works. That'll be your main phase: attacking. Do arcs back and forth and fan your bullets slightly (I'd say around 60-90 degrees in front of you). This will work most of the time, but sometimes you'll get overwhelmed. This is when you enter the fleeing phase. What I would do is finish an arc on the bottom and continue up around halfway up the arena, then cut across the middle. While you could go all the way up and around, I really tried to avoid going toward an area I couldn't see, since you never know what you'll be running into. Cutting across the middle ensured I could always see what enemies I would be heading toward. 

    The video below shows the general strategy I used. However, as noted above, when I'd go into fleeing mode I wouldn't go all the way up and around though. This is up to you if you're more comfortable doing that. If you find most of your deaths come during fleeing mode, consider trying the other option. Full credit to the creator of the video.

    Lastly are some general tips and advice that I feel will benefit you:
    • Never give up. Really all it takes is one great life to make significant progress, so even if you feel like you're short on lives, resist the urge to restart and continue on. You just might succeed. Take the video above, for example, where they take a pretty early death. Many would likely restart immediately, but they went on to get the achievement.
    • Don't be too conservative with your blasts and dashes. I had a tendency to save them and then ended up rarely using them. They aren't a waste if you use them, they're a waste if you die and still have some left. 
    • Prioritize the most dangerous enemies. Those are the pink teardrops, the green ones, and the light blue ones. They all move very fast, erratically and somewhat unpredictably, and can really catch you off guard. So while it may be tempting to mow down a swarm of tiny purples, they don't pose much of threat. Focus on the ones that can kill you the easiest. 
    • As far as when you use a blast or a dash, firstly, I tried not to use them much at all. That may be counterintuitive, but they can each give you a false sense of security. With the blast, it only hits enemies in a relatively small radius around you, and you might not realize while enemies charging you survived the blast and need to be shot. For dashes, you might end up dashing into an area where enemies are now all around you swarming you, leaving you worse off than before you used the dash. So for me, I only used blasts when green, light blue, or pink tear drop enemies got behind me and I had a group of enemies in front of me. The blast was always to clear out these erratic and unpredictable enemies so I didn't get a cheap death. For dashes, I only used them if I was in fleeing mode and a big cluster of enemies spawned in front of my path. I would dash through them. It's critical that you keep firing when you dash, so you immediately resume shooting enemies when you stop dashing. 
    • Lastly, just be aware that all the skill in the world won't save you from bad luck. Sometimes, a rogue bullet from a dark blue enemy will snipe you from off screen, or a light blue enemy will come flying from off screen right into you, etc. You can actually see this latter example happen in the video above. Unfortuately there isn't really anything you can do to combat this, other than be good enough to conserve lives elsewhere so that the cheap deaths don't completely ruin your run.
  • Have at least six extra lives, blasts, and dashes at one time.

    This must be done in Endless Mode.

    Assuming you don't use any blasts or dashes, and don't die, you will unlock this achievement upon reaching Wave 12. See Platinum Club (100G) for general strategies to survive this long. 
  • Have nine extra lives at one time.

    This must be done in Endless Mode. 

    Assuming you don't die, you will obtain your ninth life upon reaching Wave 18. This achievement is one of the toughest in the game, since you'll need to survive 18 waves without dying. As mentioned in the roadmap and other achievements, I highly recommend focusing on this achievement alone rather than trying to combine it with any other achievements, such as score or reaching a certain wave. Be liberal with your blasts and dashes, because all that matters is not dying. Refer to Platinum Club (100G) for a general strategy and tips that should help you succeed.
  • Armory



    Have nine blasts at one time.

    This must be done in Endless Mode. 

    Assuming you don't use any blasts, you will obtain your ninth one upon reaching Wave 24. This one is definitely a challenge, because while it is possible to use a blast, you won't get another to refill it until closer to Wave 30, so it's pretty risky to use a blast while going for this achievement. Surviving to Wave 24 is challenging as is, especially starting out, but without blasts is even tougher. You should focus on this achievement by itself (rather than trying to combine it with anything else), and be liberal with your dashes. You unlock dashes sooner anyway, so if you're ever in a tight spot, use a dash to try to break free. Aside from that, see Platinum Club (100G) for general strategy and tips.
  • Have nine dashes at one time.

    This must be done in Endless Mode. 

    Assuming you don't use any dashes, you will obtain your ninth one upon reaching Wave 19. This one is not too difficult to do, because in general, dashes aren't that useful. So even if you die and use blasts, all you need to do is survive until Wave 19 and you'll unlock this achievement. See Platinum Club (100G) for strategy and tips.
  • Earn an extra life while having no extra lives.

    This must be done in Endless Mode. 

    Extra lives are awarded for reaching certain waves and have nothing to do with points. The first extra life is awarded for reaching wave 3. Therefore, the easiest way to get this achievement is to immediately kill yourself by running into an orange enemy three times at the start of a new game, so you have no lives left. Then, simply kill some enemies to advance to wave 3, getting you an extra life and unlocking this achievement.
  • Kill 40 enemies with one blast.

    There are two pretty easy ways to get this achievement:
    • Use the method described in Alternate Means (15G) to build up a ton of passive orange enemies around the arena. Once they're everywhere, use a blast as close to the center of the arena as possible. 
    • Wait for a big cluster of the tiny purple enemies to spawn and then blast near them, hopefully with plenty of other enemies around. 
    Either method works, but I got it with the first option because I found this achievement happened naturally while going for Alternate Means (15G)
  • Kill 10 enemies with one dash.

    There are two pretty easy ways to get this achievement:
    • Use the method described in Alternate Means (15G) to build up a ton of passive orange enemies around the arena. Once they're everywhere, use a dash and steer into as many as possible. 
    • Wait for a big cluster of the tiny purple enemies to spawn and then dash right through them. 
    Either method works well, so do whichever you prefer. 
  • Fire off 100 blasts.

    Refer to Fast as Lightning (20G) for more information. 
  • Dash 100 times.

    This achievement is cumulative over all games in all game modes. You're unlikely to unlock this achievement naturally unless you take a huge amount of attempts to get the difficult achievements, so you'll likely need to grind this out. Obviously wait until you're done with the difficult achievements before bothering to grind this one though. Every time you start a new game you'll start with three blasts and three dashes, so you could just start a new game, use all three, pause and restart, and then repeat until this achievement unlocks. 

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