Pit Boss Achievement

  • Pit Boss



    Show that pit who's boss

    This can be gained in Chapter 9 – Chamber 17.

    Wheatley tricks you as you enter this chamber and hit the launch pad. When you finally land on the platform surrounded by his death trap, aim and shoot a portal on the wall up ahead past him and then when the conversion gel hits you, put a portal under your feet.

    Now that you're on the walkway, start to walk away from Wheatley. He'll then ask you to come back and jump in the pit below. Doing so, and killing yourself will net you the achievement.

  • Hahahahaha.
  • I hope it means what I think it means
  • boss fight
  • @Malakra What do you bthink it is?
  • Just beat it, fairly certain it's at the part where it's the "Impossible chamber" With the extremely deadly pit.
  • At the start of the chapter "This is the part..." when you portal across the room to prevent getting crushed by the spikes, stand and wait around until Wesley said to come back. After acting surprised you came back, he'll tell you to jump in the pit. Do it, like a boss.
  • If I was thinking the same as Malakra, then it looked like a sarcastic achievement for falling down a spiked pit. Looks like it's not though.
  • HOW TO ACHIEVE: PIT BOSS ***SPOILERS*** after escaping from wheatly and his spikey crushy crushers, he'll say "NOOOOO, COME BACK" do what he says, and the achievement will unlock :)
  • I like how Randrage said how to get the acheivement, but two ppl after him clearly didn't read his comment..... /sigh
  • this achievement is interesting~
  • You have to jump to the pit for the achievement. Getting back isn't enough.
  • *********SPOILER****** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMCbuwNBjMo
  • Jump into the pit.
  • 30 ganerpoints to kill yourself lol
  • dude i was just havin fun my first time through so the guy is like "come back" so i came back and he said "jump in the pit" so i did and all of a sudden 30g Yay!!! XD
  • Before you jump in, listen to what he says to convince you! It's funny.
  • @16 Holy crap I know I laughed my ass off xD
  • What he says to try and convince you to go into the masher is freakin HILARIOUS. He goes on and on for a few minutes. Haha.
  • I love Wheatley.
  • Before you jump in just stick around an listen to his comments
  • He does actually make a pretty convincing argument...
  • When you escape from wheatley's death trap at the beginning of chapter 9 Just come back to the pit's edge wait he asks for jump and jump!! That easy
  • brilliant
  • @Randrage "Do it, like a boss." hahaha thanks for the tip. I was having trouble figuring this one out. ^_^
  • I love this achievement.
  • I got this one by accident. When he told to come back I went and stared at the pit, i wanted to see how far off the ledge i could go without falling. When i fell and heard wheatly say wow u actually did it and got 30g i lmao.
  • I was taunting Wheatly................before I slipped.
  • @Legoman That's awesome haha!
  • jump off the cliff in the part where he kills u
  • wheatley:jump in the pit chell:never wheatley:ok um... if you jump into that pit you get an achievement chell:ah... fine i do it (jumps in pit) xbox 360:achievement unlocked pit boss
  • This part was by far the most funniest part because if you wait on he edge Wheatley says a bunch of stuff like "Your parents are down there" or "A boy band is down there"
  • Before you jump in the pit, listen to Wheatly, it's hilarious
  • Dying from Wheatley talking xD
  • Lol, I loved listening to Wheatley plead with Chell to come back
  • Brilliant achievement.
  • Done this early today. Was very easy indeed
  • I just want to say that Valve makes the best names for their achievements. And their descriptions are just as funny.
  • Wheatley and his dialogue...
  • Can I acces this map in challenge mode or something? It seems like this part is skipped when I do it in challenge mode. I can play the Chamber before it and after it but not this one... NEED HELP
  • This one is almost as funny as GLaDOS escape advice. ;D
  • I was taunting Wheatly................before I slipped.

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