Pturretdactyl Achievement

  • Pturretdactyl



    Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret


    This, Final Transmission, and Drop Box can be gained in Chapter 2 - Advanced Aerial Faith Plate Test Chamber 6. Read ahead a bit, so you don't make any mistakes or miss them.

    When you get to this chamber, play through it until you come to the switch on the other side and make sure both your portals are still on the inclined slabs. Now press it once and the tube back where you started will shoot out loads of junk. Wait for it all to settle around the chamber, near you or down below behind you and then look for the turret.

    Once you've found it, and if you can from your current position, pick it up and make 2 portals so you head back to the start. Head over to the launch pad with the turret in hand and drop it on it.

  • I smell 5 free G!
  • Yeap, pretty much :). All you have to do is carry a turret over to an Aerial Faith Plate and drop it on there. Doesn't even have to be an active one.
  • Where is a easy place to get this one?
  • test chamber six
  • in addition to #4 it's chapter 2, when you get to test chamber six (also where you can get the final transmission achievement) glados will throw garbage in the air after you push the button the first time. Catch the flying turret, portal back to the beginning of the level and place it in the faith plate.
  • i hv been finding this 4 a long time!
  • This was tricky for me because I couldn't find a way to get the turret to me. It fell off the faith plate a lot. But I finally got it to work by launching the garbage to the entrance.
  • Is 2-6 the only place you can get it

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