Lunacy Achievement

  • Lunacy



    That just happened

    This achievement is story related and is not missable. It unlocks during Chapter 9.

  • This One is Easy I Think I read about a Rocket in The Game informer If I remember Correctly Its a Story Achievement and will unlock through natural Progression
  • you get it at the end of single player (final story achievement)
  • This achievement totally deserves this name.
  • That was awesome
  • This is a story related achievement... the most AWESOME ONE OMFG no spoilers but... seriously just amazing!
  • Did that seriously happen?
  • Well that just happened...
  • Lol, I loved the ending for this game.
  • at the end i was like... well now what, then remebering something mentioned earlier on in the game, and bam there was the answer right there. and yes... that was EPIC.
  • *POSSIBLE SPOILER* He sort is sort of foreshadowing when he says what the white goo is made of.
  • Greatest Game Ever!
  • My jaw actually dropped at this point. Awesome stuff. :)
  • I just loved the Talladega Nights reference. Aside from that, Great game and HILARIOUS all the way through
  • When I played through Portal 2 my first time and the roof panel flew of I was like "No way, I am gonna shoot the moon O.o"
  • Maybe the best ending to a video game ever.
  • this ending was so cool that i hit continue game just so i could see it again!! btw u can shoot the moon with either portal and it still works, a little glitchy but still totaly awesome!
  • The end of this game has to be the most epic ever. The moon, a symphony of turrets, COMPANION CUBE!, and a pretty good credits song. YES I LOVE THIS GAME! :D
  • I'm in space...
  • Space! Yes, we're in space, mate. haha Love it!
  • this one was nice ! verry funny done with the moon.
  • Does I get cake now??
  • wheatley and the space core is the first robots on the moon
  • Best story ever. If a game can beat this, then it deserves a freaking Nobel Prize. Or Grammy. Or whatever those famous awards are called. Oscar? Anyway, also love how the achievement name has two references to what happened.
  • yer in space..... yer in space..... yer in space..... that had me cracking up.
  • That. Was. Epic.
  • Great way to end the game :D

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