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    Place a cube on a button without touching the cube


    This is just after Pturretdactyl. If you look to the left corner you'll see the button you need to get the cube onto. Look above it and place a portal on the ceiling slab. Now put a portal of the opposite colour on the first inclined slab.

    Push the button again, the cube will be released and will now land on the button without you ever touching it.

  • I smell some faith plate action
  • Or you could just place a portal above the button and one below the cube like you could do in the first portal.
  • @2 Or how it's shown in the picture.
  • Could you get your co-op partner to place it on the button for you or does it have to be you?
  • I think this is a single player achievement
  • I think i have seen this in one of the trailers
  • Can't you just grab it with the Portal Gun? That's not touching it. :D
  • This seems so easy, why would this be 20g? Unless all of the cubes in the game originate far from all the buttons...
  • yeah it's as easy as it sounds.
  • yeah it's as easy as it sounds.
  • Yep, just got this one. It's story related so nothing tricky needs to be done. First chance to get this in the story is Chapter 2, test chamber 6. You pretty much have to get the achievement here as there is no other way to complete it.
  • @11 Are you an idiot? Not even close for Test chamber 6. Its not "not tricky". And It is not story related and you do not NEED to do it there. You can easily beat chamber 6 without doing that. MOst people probably did it the other way
  • Yeah tc 6 isnt easy at all BECAUSE where the cube lands is random! and you have to shoot your portal at the last second. Maybe you got the wrong TC written down.
  • Yeah tc 6 isnt easy at all BECAUSE where the cube lands is random! and you have to shoot your portal at the last second. Maybe you got the wrong TC written down.
  • Well I found a way to do it FINALLY! But this definitely isn't anywhere close to being story related. It's not hard at all. But instead of letting the box bounce TOWARDS you, place a portal above where the button is and when the box is going towards the angled platform have another portal there. Simple, but I believe the game assumed most people would le tit bounce towards you instead of taking the short cut.
  • I think this one is being way over-thought. I got this in Chapter 1, right after getting the portal gun. There's an orange portal by the button and a cube in a pit. I just shot a blue portal under the cube so it came out the orange end, then by continuing to shoot blue portals under it, I was able to launch it on to the button. It took seven or eight portals, but it eventually got there. Just use inertia!
  • lol zombies
  • http://livestre.am/IFLk Sorry about the ads, but here's how to get it easily in test chamber 6 of chapter 2.
  • You can do it even easier than 16 said. If you rush in and shoot the blue portal before the cube falls, it launches right onto the button.
  • OR ... In test chamber 6, when the garbage gets flushed out of the tube grab a large piece that eventually passes by you on the platform by the exiting door (I grabbed a metal sphere). Then set up your portals for the cube to bounce across the water and let one land on the platform where your standing (it may take a few cubes to get one to land there, some over shoot the platform). When one lands there DON'T TOUCH IT. Put a portal against the column and one in the ceiling over the button. Pick up the trash piece you grabbed and use it to slowly push the cube into the portal. The cube lands on the button and bam, you get the achievement! ..... I think this might be less frustrating than timing the placement of a portal under a falling cube in chamber 6.
  • I did it in Chapter 6 with the cube you have to use repulsion gel on. I wasn't aware of the achievement for catching a cube with blue gel on it at the time so I just did this one instead.
  • In one of the early chambers, the one where smooth jazz is 'deployed', before the cube touches the ground, you can place a blue portal where it will land, and it will roll out through the orange portal onto the switch. If, for some reason this doesn't work, multiple tries should., but I got it in one try.
  • Or ya'll can do it in test chamber 6 but after the trash has been flushed out activate the cube to come and shot the second portal right above the button but leave the first portal on the first slope. It should fall right on it, but if it doesn't just attempt again. It worked for me
  • agree with the above. thats were I did mine too. That part you can get 3 chevos done.
  • Comments 23 and 24. Correctomundo.. If you're already here for the 'Final Transmission' and 'Pturretdactyl' achievements, might as well get this one too. After the garbage, hit button, have portal on first sloped wall, have portal on ceiling above button. Done. Repeat as necessary.
  • Here is a very easy way to get the Achievement in Test Chamber 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPrtP4e6ZDA
  • ok, somebody needs 2 explain this 2 me, when SOMEBODY says test chamber 6, or whatever, what chapter would it happen to be in
  • @ (anyone who believes that where the Cube lands in TC#6 is random): It's only going to be fairly random if you let the Cube go ALL the way to where you are standing. The first few faith plates will ALWAYS throw the debris (or the Cube) in the same direction. Simply put one portal on the first angled wall (it should already be there from your trip across the faith plates), but instead of leaving the other portal on the second angled wall, simply put it directly above the button. When you release the cube, it will trigger 3 faith plates, and then sore through the portal onto the button. I used this method and worked perfectly the first time.
  • @ #27 Test Chamber #6 is in Chapter 2 (I believe it's the second test that incorporates faith plates). This same Test Chamber can be used to unlock the "Pturretdactyl" achievement, and is also where you'll unlock the "Final Transmission" achievement.
  • Lovely, Test chamber six works well.
  • LOL at the name of the achievement... dropbox is actually really useful :p
  • The room where you first cross the turrets (I've forgotten which number it is) is pretty easy too - just take out the turrets, and you have three cubes to have a go with.
  • Just to follow up - it's probably a lot easier than trying for favourable bounce in chamber 6. Pop a portal above the button after taking out the roomful of turrets, then just head back round and shoot the floor out from under one of the cubes. It's in chapter three, and I think it's chamber 11 or 12.
  • horray for confusing achievements! D:
  • I agree with #16. I was thinking about that same part of the game but I just didn't remember what chapter it was. thanks 16
  • How about trying it in Chapter 8 when *SPOILER* You're put into Wheatly's first test chamber to solve his test, (also where you can get "You Made Your Point" achivement. ) There is no other way to solve the puzzle. You press the button and it drops right on top of the big red button. Easy.
  • #36, I just tried that. It didn't give it to me.
  • Does it possibly not count it if it's one of Wheatley's failure boxes with legs?

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