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    Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds

    This achievement is easier than it sounds. The best way to do this is to practice the course over and over until you know it off by heart and complete it as fast as you can. Or you can watch the video on how to do this.

  • This is going to be a tough one to get. Gold standard run involved i'm guessing. At least its only one test chamber and not a group of them, thank god.
  • Turret Shirt avatar award attached to this as well… http://avatarawards.ninjasfate.com/retail/portal-2/ .
  • It Actually Depends Theres 3 Maps for Portal 1 I can Complete in less than 30 Seconds
  • this one isn't that hard, you need to just memorize the locations of where to shoot the portals and where to go. (must be done in story mode)
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahA2wc5GGGg
  • What chapter?
  • lol overclocked.. i thought it would be to do with wheatley hacking and he overclocks the cpu or soemthing..
  • Chapter 3
  • this isn't too hard. Just save before you enter the actual room, so you can repeat it if you fail. Took me two turns to get it right.
  • Took me 3 tries because it's a perfectionist cheevo, can't get hung up on anything and the timer doesn't stop till you drop the box on the button.
  • its pretty simple just takes a try or two
  • This is pretty easy if you know what you are doing.
  • it's easy, isnt it?
  • did it on first go it's easy
  • proper piss as fuck lads but if ur a fuckin syndrome uv got no chance dick ed
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  • ...took a few attempts but just about managed it...pretty tight though!
  • Can you pause during the run? When does the timing start?
  • Damn, how do you people find this so easy?? I've tried dozens of times, and still haven't got it. I checked the video posted here, too, and I'm doing the exact same sequence. The hardest part for me to do quickly is lining up the light-bending cube just right without knocking the other cube off in the process. Many times, though, I'm getting it pretty smooth, now, no bumbles... I'm just not *quite* fast *enough*, somehow! VERY frustrating. I really hate timed achievements. This is the last one I still have left to get in the individual game, too.
  • FINALLY! This took me about a million tries. Turns out I was missing one critical portal placement which was costing me an extra 10 seconds or so - putting me about 5 seconds over. Thanks for posting that video, finally got me through!
  • Got it on the second try. If you pause whilst watching the youtube vid and make sure you fire the right portals, you'll get this in no time. I even dropped the end cube once and still got it. :3
  • Isn't it funny how every one is saying 'easy, just try, try again.'?
  • took me a dozen attempts, kept forgetting something. tool!
  • i just made a video showing how to do it the easiest way http://www.youtube.com/user/xCoDxGameplayx?feature=mhee#p/u/8/78mMIoGTXy8
  • @#24 THANK YOU. I just got it on the first try. You're the best! :)
  • I was wondering if you could get this achievement in challenge mode, that comes with the free Peer Review DLC, playing the map Ricochet in Ch3 - The Return. Couldn't find the answer here, but turns out you can. I got it at a time of 1:19.64, so I guess it doesn't count the time from the elevator to the door, and it unlocks as soon as you drop the cube on the button.
  • Some of these puzzles are very difficult, but I LOVE THIS GAME
  • @26 You can get it in challenge mode.
  • This has been frustrating. I have the movements down, I follow the video exactly, I think the only part tripping me up is lining up the laser cube. Can't believe some of you got it in one or two tries lol.
  • Of course wouldn't you know, next attempt after I posted that I got it!
  • I made it on my 4th attempt. I reduced my time by 3 or 4 seconds on every attempt and finally finished in 68 seconds.

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