No Hard Feelings Achievement

  • No Hard Feelings



    Save a turret from redemption

    This can be gained in Chapter 5.

    During this chapter you'll come to a part with 2 conveyor belts which are the full of dead turrets. Its on the second one where you'll find the 'not so dead' one.

    Make your way from the first belt across to the second and work your way down. You'll notice the turret as it still has a flashing laser light. When it gets close, simply pick it up to unlock the achievement.

  • Hmmmm I wonder if this has any Relevance to Story
  • I doubt it.
  • if it been in fire it will be red and dead
  • story based pick it up along the way "its different"
  • You can't miss it. You walk on a treadmill, cover up by some stuff, and a turret wich speak. Just take it with X ;)
  • What chapter is this one?
  • 5 I think, there will be a convey belt with broken turrets on it and one flashing turret, just pick up the flashing turret, you will get the achievement right away, do whatever you want with the turret. I put it through the fizzler.
  • i missed this, guess i just bypassed the turret and didnt pick him up
  • It's in chapter 5, right after the first load area. You will hear the announcer say something about redemption lines. Get on the second conveyer belt and pick up the only active turret.
  • #4 It's not story based. Story based means it's required and you will get it just by playing normally. This achievement can be missed if you decide not to pick up the turret because you don't have to. If you do, listen to it. It says some intelligently funny stuff.
  • my first run through i was just walkin along and then i saw and heard it say "I'm different" so i just had to save it. 10g is a nice bonus
  • Oops. I missed it
  • isnt that the same turret that wheatly said just to ignore?
  • what chapter is this in?
  • Nice to get these unexpected achievements. A bit like 'Scanned Alone'. No big deal in gameplay, just something you try along the way and get a little reward for it. I was quite surprised.
  • Those broken turrets are friggin hilarious
  • @7 You are a horrible person. The turret isn't important to the game but it gives some hints at what is shortly to come, as it quotes some messages you hear later in the game.
  • I didn't even know picking it up was an achievement before I found it.
  • @#16 I agree, I just sat there and listened to the turrets talk.. "bang bang bang bang... uhh"
  • I picked it up and listened to it for a while and it said "Thank you." "Good man" "I don't like lemonade." "Prometheus was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the Earth and picked by birds." "It won't be enough." "There's nothing left." "The answer is beneath us." "Her name is Carolyn." "Remember that" "That's all I can say.".....So I'm like, creeped out haha. I don't know if this has to do with the story at all but I'm gonna remember what this little dude said just in case.
  • These turrets are so adorable I wanted to save them all :(
  • My girlfriend loved it when the turret thanked her :)
  • I love this! I saw it and picked it up just because I could. I like listening to them for the fun of it.
  • "I'm different." "Don't be mad." "Make lemonade!" How could you not pick up the turret? :)

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