Schrodinger's Catch Achievement

  • Schrodinger's Catch



    Catch a blue-painted box before it touches the ground

    This can be gained in Chapter 6.

    Note: Save before attempting this

    You will enter a room and there will be a giant glass box with a cube in it. There is also a red button right beside it. You will have to put the repulsion gel on the cube and then the cube will bounce against the glass. Once it breaks though catch the cube before if touches the ground. The cube can bounce against the walls.

    Alternative way:
    When you cover the cube with the repulsion gel and hear it cracking the glass, shoot a portal under the water so it washes the repulsion gel off and the cube stops bouncing around. Keep repeating this until at least 1 glass wall breaks. There are 8 in total. When a glass wall is broken go to the side it is broken on. Now use your portals to put some repulsion gel near that side so you can bounce into the glass box. Now grab the cube and the achievement will unlock. Even if it is not painted blue.

    Refer to the videos below for visual examples of both methods.

  • Nice name! Haha!
  • Lol. I wonder if radioactive substances are involved? Good that we are robots and not cats then! Google "Schrodinger's cat" to see where this play on words came from. :D
  • LOLOLOLOLOLOL this is amazing bahahahahaha
  • #2 Lol I catch your Reference Cause its a Box and Cats and yea xD
  • the blue paint is called repulsion gel it make things bounce higher
  • at the first block you can cover with the blue goo just fire the portal under the cage and shoot the other portal at the goo then quickly shoot the portal you fired at the goo at the water spraying it off before it can fall out then just pull it out of the cage
  • Worked like a charm xpeanutman. Thanks!
  • Chapter 6, the level with the cube elevated in a glass structure. It's a matter of luck and time. I got it on the second try.
  • Got this on my first playthrough without even attempting to. It can flying right at my face so my first instinct was to hit X. Awesome 20GS that was!
  • Err I meant *came right at my face*. It was 4/20 today so that explains that one. Anyway super glad Valve went with 50 achievements instead of same games only using 36. Even small things like this make the whole package even sweeter.
  • #6 works great, just did it that way.
  • can someone upload a save from this test or close to it? i missed the achievement and i dont have any save from chapter 6..and i dont feel like playing the chpater all over again..
  • well nevermind, i just played chapter 6 again. didnt take long as i thought it will.
  • wait, do u need to catch it before it bounces at all or when it bounces and u can catch it
  • I caught it just before it hit the ground, I knew about the achievement but I wasn't thinking about it when I got to this part and then I was like, "OH SHI-" and caught it.
  • Theres a glitch to do this, where when it breaks a bit of glass, put water on it, then bounce into the place where it is, then pick it up.
  • blue gate above the glass cage with the block inside yellow gate below the falling blue gel (gets block bouncing, now quickly switch...) yellow gate below the water grab block through broken glass no "catch" required
  • Comment #6 is the easiest way to do it. It worked and only took 1 try!
  • Agreed - comment #6 worked perfectly first time!
  • Thanks, xpeanutman! Worked perfectly!
  • Comment #6 helped out alot :D
  • Took me a try or two, had to get the timing right on when to switch from repulsion to water, and it broke the upper-level glass the second try, so I put repulsion gel in front of the broken side and sprung up into the box, then used the cube to smash my way out.
  • take two secs between squirting the blue goo and then the water, still requires a bit of a lucky bounce though.
  • #6 Works like a charm!
  • Even easier way to do it: get a quick second of blue, then rinse it off, then walk under the cage (crouch with b) and just pick it up from underneath. Much easier than anything else
  • @xpeanutman Thank you so much, I tried to catch that stupid cube for almost a half hour then tried it your way and gt it on the first try.
  • #6 helped me, even though I still needed a good amount of luck to get the quick catch.

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