Ship Overboard Achievement

  • Ship Overboard



    Discover the missing experiment

    This can be gained in Chapter 6.

    Just after the hidden metal door mentioned in Door Prize, walk and follow the corridor all the way to the end and walk through the blasted open door to the right. Once you're in the new area, walk down the walkway to your left and as soon as you get to the gate the achievement will unlock.

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  • Possible Half-Life reference?
  • 'The Borealis' I believe it's called!
  • Yeah if this isn't The Borealis I'll eat my hat.
  • Holy crap. I want it. NOW
  • Maybe there is a chance that ep.3 will poke its head out after this is released :) Doubt it though T_T
  • It must be the Borealis, what other experiment was Aperture working on? IIRC, it was time travelling in the Borealis? Or is that wrong...
  • Yeah, this is definitely the Borealis. It was an Aperture Science experiment, it was a boat, and the achievement picture is an anchor. There's no way it's NOT the Borealis. So here's hoping Episode 3 is on the way!
  • probably when people find this in-game it shows them that Episode 03 is FINALLY being being worked on!
  • @8; Just because they don't announce it doesn't mean they're not already working on it. Valve's 'Alien Swarm' used elements from Ep3, and was released months ago. They're at it. Just wait. My guess is that this achievement IS related to the Borealis, but it will probably be a let down to some (like me) and end up being a model of the ship or a picture. My guess. But what do I know? Valve could surprise us all.
  • I think we all have an idea of what the "missing experiment" is. Just in case, here's something that may jog your memory: "Destroy that ship! Whatever it takes!" ?Eli Vance
  • I think we all have an idea of what the "missing experiment" is. And i think all these theorys are correct. Just in case you aren't sure, here's something that may jog your memory: "Destroy that ship! Whatever it takes!" -Eli Vance
  • This Must be The ship from the Video in Half life! Portal and Half life are Very Close Half life is Future whereas Portal is Past
  • What Ep3 element were used in Alien Swarm?? Anyways, Portal were set in 2010, and Half-Life 2 at 2020, if I don't remember wrong.
  • So maybe chell the main character in portal 2 activates the borialus and thats how it gets lost then in half life 2 episode 2 they find it so maybe in portal 2 you go to the antartic... All these questions just make me want it more!
  • Well they DO take place in the same universe. A big crossover such as this would be sweet
  • I noticed that some of the Alien Swarm aliens, such as the Boomer, reminds me very much of the Gonarch from half-life 1. Search the diffrent types at google and compare them. Tey are very similar.
  • Also there is of course the parasites similarity to the headcrabs.
  • haha maybe we will get foreshadowing from ep 3 in Portal 2, where we see what Gordon was able to do to the The Borealis seeing as anything from ep 3 would have happened a long time ago in portal 2 timeframe.
  • Valve are such a tease.. :P
  • Portal was pre-black mesa incident. One of the calendars in a ratman's den has a date sometime in the 80's.
  • looks like someone needs a Portal history lesson.
  • If you search Half-Life timeline, you can see that the gameplay is set at 2010. Black mesa gameplay is at 2000.
  • Ok, we all know how EXTREMLY good Valve is about hiding and giving us hint about a new game, they aren't like other gamedevelopementers that got suckers who give out ealry beta's and stuff (Like Crysis 2 =) they are extremely talented and respects their bosses and they would most likely NOT post anything if they aint fired/mad at their bosses :P
  • It is in fact the Borealis that is being referenced. When you find the missing experiment (you go into an empty hanger), there is a life preserver propped against the fence that says "Boraelis" on it. This is somewhat hidden in one of the offices...well lets just say after your introduced to Cave Johnson. I don't remember the Chapter number off the top of my head. Just look through every office you have access to until you see a door behind a filing cabinet. Go through that and in the back you'll find the hanger.
  • I think the Borealis is one of the shipwrecks in Half Life 2. I remember something in a ship with a dead man sitting next to a dead rat. Rat Man reference, maybe?
  • to verify suspicions on a possible half-life 2 reference... it is :) the Borealis ***SPOILER*** Cave Johnson says in game that Black Mesa STOLE the ship! IF THE PUZZLE FITS!
  • how about instead of spamming "its the Borealis" "half life 2 reference" why not explain how to FUCKING get the achievement?
  • @XYMistman Check the second half on comment #24.
  • I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Above the control where you first meet potato glados in chapter 6, is another room. In this room in the left corner is a hallway where the last vitrified test chamber doors are. Keep following it to the end and you'll find what your looking for.
  • This is an egg, very special shows their is some connection btw Half-life and portal
  • very tricky :S
  • @xxxicewallxxx yeah, half life and portal are set in the same freaking universe. derp
  • on chapter " the fall "
  • Black Mesa can eat my.... LOL
  • I came across this by accident. I didn't pick up potato GLaDOS yet and I was just exploring and I found the secret room and got 2 achievements.
  • If you guys look at the floaty life ring thing by the gate, it clearly says "BORIEALIS"
  • Don't know how i missed this, I've been exploring everything! Grrr lucky I love the game so much :P
  • the Borealis was referenced in half life 2 episode 2
  • When I saw the Borealis with the Aperture logo in Ep2, I just about had a heart attack from the game crossover awesomeness.
  • do you have to play through chapter 6 until you find glados again?
  • All this talk makes me want to go back and play HL2 and finish it, along with the episodes. I got distracted and never got those done, all the hype over Ep.3 and now this really makes me want to go finish those games so I can join the fun.
  • Ok, obviosly portal 2 and half life 2 are connected since you find the borealis in half life episode two. Kliener: "its the borealis!" and mentions aperture science. And in the achievement room a life preserver has borealis written on it. Both games ARE in the same universe, and this is 100 percent confirmed when cave jhonson says "black mesa can eat my bankrupt..." although black mesa couldnt have stolen it because its crashed in the arctic. But chell comes out of suspension 99999999 years after she had her "episode" as GLaDOS calls it which is extremely further in the future than half life 2 AND have you noticed (SPOILER) when you beat the game and go outside everything looks nice and not ravaged by combine? That means in the time that chell was in suspension the rebels could have defeat
  • Continued from other post... Defeated the combine and rebuilt all of society.
  • class
  • episode 3!
  • I got this one when i got the Examine all the broken door things, When you get the last 3 doors walk out onto that platform ant it pops up :)
  • Not one comment here explained what to do. Gotta look somewhere else now.
  • Got this achievement without looking for it. Walked into the room and the achievement unlocked. I was quite surprised.
  • Chapter 6, Level PotatOS. Get this by portaling up to the room above where you find GLaDOS. You need to go up there anyway to jump off and gain enough momentum to get over to where GLaDOS is. Instead of jumping off, follow the catwalk to the office. In the back left corner is a door. Go through it and follow the hallway to the end. Turn right and you should see an empty and dry dock. Walk over to the life save that says "BOREALIS" and the achievement will pop.

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