Good Listener Achievement

  • Good Listener



    Take GLaDOS' escape advice

    This can be gained in Chapter 5's escape.

    While escaping GlaDOS with Wheatley, you'll come to a part where she'll reveal the 'last test chamber' and a light bridge will form. Instead of going right and following Wheatly, take the left route and into the 'last chamber'.

    Once inside you'll be confronted by a nice surprise and the achievement will unlock.

  • Ahhhh, GLaDOS. Doing everything she can to try and kill us, including rewarding us with an achievement! :)
  • "Ahhhh, GLaDOS. Doing everything she can to try and kill us, including rewarding us with an achievement!" Better than cake made by a sentinant AI anyway. :D .
  • Remember that time we pretended we were going to murder you and I said "goodbye" and you were like "nO WaY"
  • @3 that was great
  • We pretended we were going to kill you and we were like "goodbye" and you were like "no WaY" that was fun.
  • THIS is the GLaDOS I knew. Killing you with a smile.
  • IT'S a TRaP!!!
  • When GLaDOS asks you to stop escaping and continue the test be a good listener and you'll get this achievement.
  • lol I did this knewing it was a trap but I wanted the box ..... for the companeion cubes memory
  • Chapter 4
  • but theres a heart on the wall which mean she wont hurt you right? lol
  • i cant get this...
  • what a bad advice
  • this achievement should be worth more since it's forcing you to die
  • now im stuck in the room and i cant get out :(
  • Perhaps someone could actually explain how to get this ;)
  • as mentioned before chapter 4
  • #17 "The irony is that you were almost at the last test." When you hear that line, pay attention to what happens next.
  • @ CATATON1C *small spoiler ahead* You can get this in the part where you're escapping from GlaDOS with Wheatly. (not sure where that is). There's a part where, while you're escaping, GlaDOS will open one of those beam-bridges, and she'll ask you to come back and do "more testing". The only thing you gotta do is take her advice. You'll end up in a testroom where you can't escape, while she's filling the room with gas. You die, you get the achievement, you respawn on your last checkpoint and that's it.
  • great achievement
  • complete 3 puzzles from the start of chapter 4 to get to this point
  • thanks #20. even though i had to weed through 20 pointless responses
  • Its in the level Jail Break in chapter 4, not the escape (Just go to chapter 4 challenges and Jail Break, its about 40seconds into the level.)
  • I got this by complete accident. Had not looked at the achievements, first time playing and the audio on my tv was out. So, when I was on that level, I turned and thought, "Test chamber (didn't notice the heart at first), must be the way out" ... *dies*
  • I couldn't stop laughing when I found out what I was supposed to do to get this. XD
  • The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie.

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