The Part Where He Kills You Achievement

  • The Part Where He Kills You



    This is that part

    This achievement is story related and is not missable. It unlocks during Chapter 9.

  • This seems like that Part of Gladios looking ball will betray you like gladios did
  • @1 you mean Wheatley? Possibly...
  • Who else thinks Wheatley is going to screw you over in the end.
  • I bet it's Cave Johnson!
  • Yup, i know now that wheatley doesnt like humans. if you watch the video there a part where he say "i had to work with smelly humans" then tried to shove it off and apologize hahaha nope your caught buddy.
  • I'd like to think Wheatley wont betray us but time will tell
  • isnt wheatley you/multiplayer friend toon?
  • it`s not Wheatley because he is one of tham nice cores he would if he was an anger core!
  • Maybe it's Ratman! in all seriousness you realize there are going to be more personality spheres right? its too early to start guessing.
  • as I'm pretty sure I know who it is.
  • Cawe Johnson?
  • that's what I was thinking.
  • Does this happen at the end of the game
  • It's either, Cave Jhonson or Wheatly.
  • @8, if you played further enough to get to the end of Chapter 5, (SPOILER ALERT) wheatly and chell get to Glad0s and you press a button, and wheatly takes over, and becomes evil.
  • Sorry for triple posting, but I know how this achievement is earned, here is the link on how to get it. ****WARNING SPOILER ALERT****
  • easy..... it's definitely wheatley. he takes over in chapter 5 and a lot of sh*t happens and in chapter 9, it's named... 'This is the part'. until u reach wheatley it says 'this is the part when he kills you'
  • @17 dude put a spoiler alert on that thing you just ruined it for me!
  • i beat the game WHEATLY DOES BETRAY U
  • Wow guys, congratulations on ruining the game for anyone that hasnt completed it yet. Why coould you not just say this cheev is story related and you cant miss it.. :/
  • GLaDOS : Well, this is the part where he kills us... Wheatley : Hello! This is the part where I kill you! "CHAPTER 9 : THE PART WHERE HE KILLS YOU" Achievement unlocked! : The Part Where He Kills You This is that part.
  • Before you jump in, wait and listen to what he says to convince you! It gets pretty funny.
  • Er, sorry, wrong achievement... meant to post this under Pit Boss.
  • Oh man... this part was so epic xD
  • So good.
  • Best. Achievement. Ever.

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