Stalemate Associate Achievement

  • Stalemate Associate



    Press the button!

    This achievement is story related and is not missable. It unlocks during Chapter 5.

  • Something tells me that this is gonna be harder than it sounds
  • for 15 gamerscore probably not. Its going to be story oriented IMO
  • Maybe the button drops a crown at Weathley :D
  • It's to make the tower smoke n glow. Or to release combines from he "hug tower"
  • *spoilers* this is story related ans is in chapter 5 when u sabotage the turrets and the neurotoxin and then, wheatley tells you to transfer glados and let him be the new glados. then, glados becomes a potato and he drops chell down..
  • to quick for you
  • You get this half way through the game, when you put Wheatley in charge and he goes crazy and turns GLaDOS into a potato (which you don't realise till later in the game).
  • So this has nothing to do with the other achievement for not pressing the button wheatly wants u to press?

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