Wake Up Call Achievement

  • Wake Up Call



    Survive the manual override

    This achievement is story related and is not missable. It unlocks during Chapter 1.

  • i'm not too sure if it was just me, but this achievement glitched on the first time; but then worked after i rebooted it again!
  • I laughed so hard at this one, my jaw was on the floor through this whole scene!
  • ive went through this level 4 times and still cant get this achievement. any suggestions?
  • @ kris that's really weird. Do you have an xbox live account? (silver or gold, doesn't mather) You see, when you normally play your games ONLINE(getting achievements, and makking progress), i don't know why, but it's possible to lose progress and not get any achievements when you play OFFLINE. So logging in, and do the level again would solve the problem.

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